The Third Part Of My Story: Reasons to Avoid Turkish Airlines

My third and final encounter with Turkish Airlines was even worse than the last two. After being promised timely flights and reasonable accommodations, I was met with additional fees, lost luggage, and a lack of apology or compensation for my team’s delayed trip. After three trips with Turkish Airlines, I know that I can no longer support them and I will never fly with them again. In this blog post, I’ll explain my unfortunate experience with this airline and provide my final thoughts on why to avoid Turkish Airlines. To start, I’ll provide a brief recap of my first two trips and move on to the events that led to my final decision.

Part 1 Recap

In the first part of my Turkish Airlines saga, I highlighted the overwhelmingly bad customer service offered by the airline. Despite receiving good reviews in the past, passengers reported numerous issues they experienced while flying with Turkish Airlines. These issues include unhelpful flight attendants, lack of response and communication, long delays, and generally poor customer service. Furthermore, the airline’s outdated planes and bad economy class options have been the bane of many customers. Thankfully, the airline has shown some signs of improvement in terms of customer service, with the introduction of new policies and procedures aimed at improving the customer experience.

Unreliable Customer Service

Unfortunately, despite the airline’s efforts to improve its customer service, many passengers continue to report issues and problems with Turkish Airlines. On numerous occasions, dissatisfied passengers have found its representatives to be unhelpful and unsupportive. In fact, some customers have been left feeling helpless and angry after being deboarded from their flights due to the airline’s poor customer service.

Apart from unhelpful customer service representatives, Turkish Airlines has also been criticized for its lack of flexibility when dealing with flight changes and cancellations. This includes its notoriously slow response times when dealing with any changes or requests. With such unreliable customer service, it’s no wonder that many passengers have voiced their complaints about the airline online.

Poor Reviews and Perception

Turkish Airlines has been the subject of numerous negative reviews from customers and critics alike. The airline’s reputation for poor customer service has left many passengers feeling frustrated and helpless. While there have been some reports of improved customer service, the majority of customers remain unconvinced. The airline’s outdated planes and bad economy class options have also failed to impress passengers. This has resulted in a declining perception of the airline among passengers and critics alike.


In conclusion, it is evident that Turkish Airlines continues to struggle with meeting passenger expectations in terms of customer service and flight options. Despite the airline’s efforts to improve its customer service and flight options, passengers still experience numerous issues while flying with the airline. Furthermore, the airline has received numerous negative reviews from passengers and critics alike, further damaging the airline’s reputation. Until the airline is able to address the ongoing issues surrounding its customer service and flight options, it is unlikely that these negative perceptions will be changed.

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Lost Baggage and Extra Fees on Trip 2

My recent experience with Turkish Airlines has been a nightmare, and it’s been difficult to get ahold of anyone at the company to get a response or explanation. On my trip to Istanbul, my baggage was lost and I wasn’t able to retrieve it for five days. The whole experience was a hassle, to say the least.

On top of paying exorbitant baggage fees, I ended up having to pay extra due to the fact that my baggage was lost. I had to pay for all my new clothes to replace what was in my baggage and I had to pay the late fee for returning the suitcase. Of course, during this whole experience, Turkish Airlines never took responsibility for the issue.

No matter what happened on my flight or how long it took for them to investigate and retrieve my baggage, I was never reimbursed for any of the extra costs I had to pay. It felt like the company was almost punishing me for having my baggage lost without actually admitting that it was their fault.

What’s worse is that in so many cases, Turkish Airlines forces its customers to pay a forced fee for lost bags, regardless of whether it was their fault or not. It’s an unnecessary charge that’s taking advantage of those who don’t have a lot of money.

One way to avoid these baggage fees is to choose an airline that has more reasonable fees. After my experience with Turkish Airlines, I was very hesitant to fly with them again. There are some services that have better customer service, fewer baggage fees, and more reliable tracking methods in case something goes wrong. It’s worth shopping around and doing some research to find the right airline for you.

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No Apology or Compensations For Delayed Flight on Trip 3

On my third Turkish Airlines flight, my connecting flight was delayed again due to unforeseen circumstances. After waiting at the gate for three hours, there was no information provided and no customer service attendants as to why the flight was delayed. My fellow passengers and I were left in the dark. I had a connecting flight already paid for but all we were given were empty promises that were broken again.

It was only when the airline found a substitute flight that we were told about it. When no apology or compensation was offered for the incessant delays we experienced, which left us feeling disrespected. To make matters worse, the substitute flight was accompanied with usurious prices.

Negative Customer Experiences

We were delayed again due to a change in the original flight plan, but no explanation was given. Furthermore, when the problem with the flight was eventually noticed, no effort was made to rectify the situation or even provide an apology.

What made this experience even worse was the lack of customer service personnel and the disorganization of the staff. The last thing I needed was to be taken advantage of by the airline. I felt neglected because there was nobody to help us with our issues regarding the flight and its delays. Additionally, the changes were made too late and none of the attendants offered assistance or an explanation for the delay.

Isolated and Stranded

What made this ordeal even more frustrating and painful was the feeling of being isolated and stranded with no assistance. I was packed in my seat like a sardine and compelled to just wait for the flight to take off and no way out. Just like that, I was being forgotten about as soon as the plane left the ground.

The passengers of Turkish Airlines were left without a flight or any type of compensation, even with our connecting flight already paid for in full. We were even more surprised to find out the airline thought it was polite to insult its customers with usurious prices. This was surely an experience I would never forget, and I had had enough. Despite my gratitude for having some place to go and despite the good overall ratings I can’t help but make a mental note to avoid Turkish Airlines again in the future.

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To conclude, it is clear that avoiding Turkish Airlines has become a wise decision for travelers. Turkish Airlines may be cheap, but that comes with a cost. Overall, its services, customer support, and policies leave much to be desired when compared to other airline companies. With unreliable flight schedules, unsatisfactory customer service, concerns about safety, and a poor overall experience, one should do better in entrusting their safety and comfort to reliable companies like Delta, British Airways, and Qantas. Instead of booking with Turkish Airlines, it is better to invest into a better overall experience with airline companies that are known for their superior services, customer support, and safety.

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Final Thoughts On Why To Avoid Turkish Airlines

My experience with Turkish Airlines has made it clear that there are a number of reasons why travelers should avoid this airline. At the top of the list is the unreliability of their flights and the ensuing flight delays, cancellations, and missed connections caused by a lack of maintenance. The poor customer service from the airline’s staff only exacerbates this already frustrating experience.

The safety concerns surrounding Turkish Airlines and their aging fleet of planes have left many passengers scared of what could go wrong. Moreover, the difficult and time-consuming process it takes to obtain the necessary documents needed for flight can further add to the stress of flying with Turkish Airlines.

When it comes to choosing an airline, travelers should always prioritize their safety and comfort above all else. While Turkish Airlines may offer some of the cheapest flights in some cases, the chances they’ll experience flights delays or cancellations, poor customer service, and aging planes are too high to risk another bad experience.

For travelers looking to experience an enjoyable and safe flight, it’s best to avoid Turkish Airlines—the benefits of doing so far outweigh the costs.

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All in all, I can happily say that my decision to avoid Turkish Airlines has been the right one. After my disastrous experiences over three trips, I can confidently say that they are in no way up to the standard I would expect from a reputable airline. The losses I have suffered due to their sloppy service and systems are too big for me to risk going with them again. Going with them comes with a large risk of losing time, money, and your most important possessions. It is disappointing to see an airline have such problems still after so many years, especially one that has so much potential. I cannot recommend going with them without being apprehensive of the same troubles I encountered.

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