Admirals Club Review of TAM Business Class from JFK to Toronto

Traveling in style and comfort is a must when embarking on an international flight. Having flown with TAM Airlines on their business class service from JFK to Toronto, I experienced just this and more. I’ll be taking a look into the details of TAM Airlines Business Class service – from the comfort of the seats, to the in-flight amenities, to the Admirals Club access, to the entertainment options and more. Plus, I’ll be noting a few tips on how one can get the most out of their flight with TAM Airlines. So, get ready to enjoy the ride as I take you along for a review of TAM Airlines Business Class from JFK to Toronto.

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In-Flight Services And Amenities – What You Can Expect While Flying TAM Business Class From JFK To Toronto

Whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure, Flying TAM Business Class from JFK To Toronto will leave you with a memorable journey.

In-Flight Food

TAM Business Class boasts a diverse, freshly-prepared selection of meals designed to cater to different dietary requirements, culinary tastes, and dietary preferences. Upon booking, vegetarian and vegan options such as roasted sweet potatoes, quinoa, and mushroom risotto can be requested.


Business Class guests also benefit from an extensive beverage service featuring a range of beers, wines, spirits and non-alcoholic options. Additional refreshments include hot drinks (like tea and coffee) in addition to complimentary sparkling and still water.


TAM Business Class features comfortable, spacious seats which are 20-25 inches wide. Recline up to 180 degrees in comfort – adjustable foot and leg rests, foldable tables, and electrical ports all come as standard. Guests in Business Class will also receive a pillow and a blanket to provide additional comfort during the journey.

In-Flight Entertainment

Business Class passengers benefit from plenty of in-flight entertainment. High-tech seat-back monitors offer access to hundreds of movies and TV shows, ranging from new releases to classic favourites – there’s something to keep everyone in your group entertained!

Additional Services

TAM Business Class customers will also enjoy exclusive access to the Admirals Lounge in JFK Airport and in-flight WiFi. Travel with added peace of mind thanks to real-time global maps and flight tracker data. For added pleasure, Business Class passengers can also look forward to complimentary magazines and newspapers.

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Onboard Dining Experience – Learn About All The Delicious Options For Eating During Your Flight From JFK To Toronto

Flying business class with TAM is an opportunity to enjoy comfortable seating, great amenities and of course, delicious onboard dining. As soon as you are seated, you are provided with a menu that details all of the delectable options available. Popular meal choices include a selection of salads, sandwiches and shaped pasta, as well as dishes for dinner such as steak, salmon, chicken and vegetarian options. If your palate is more adventurous, there are also a variety of specialty cuisine such as paella and roasted vegetables. The meals are very flavorful and presented nicely by the attentive crewmembers.

The Quality Of The Meal Service Goes Above And Beyond Expectations

I was very pleased with the quality of the food throughout my journey from JFK to Toronto. Every bite I took was full of flavor and the presentation was as if I was eating at a fine-dining restaurant. The crewmembers did an excellent job of serving the meals promptly and with a professional touch. They made sure that all of my needs were taken care of, and all of my questions were answered quickly and in a friendly manner.

Enjoy Delicious Drinks And An Impressive Selection Of Also Beers, Wine, And Spirits

What’s a meal without the perfect drink? TAM has you covered with an impressive selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. My favorite was the Gruner, a crisp and refreshing German white wine. I also enjoyed a variety of craft beers, red and white wines, and premium spirits. It was a real treat to be able to sample such a broad selection of drinks on the plane.

A Variety Of Snacks Also Available At Any Time

In addition to the fabulous meals, TAM also offers a wide variety of snacks and light bites. Sandwiches, wraps, and salads are all readily available, as well as traditional snacks like pretzels, chips, and cookies. It’s perfect for keeping your hunger pangs at bay during a long flight.

My Experience With TAM Was An Overall Positive One

Overall, my experience with TAM was an overwhelmingly positive one. The meal service was timely and the food was delectable. The drinks selection was impressive and the snacks were a nice way to pass the time until it was time to land. TAM’s crew was friendly, attentive and always willing to go the extra mile to make sure my experience was as pleasant as possible.

An Example From My Personal Experience

During my flight, I had the pleasure of being served the traditional Spanish dish of paella. The combination of flavors was remarkable and the presentation was spot on. The crewmembers were also kind enough to answer my questions about the dish – a small but thoughtful gesture that really made the experience enjoyable.

In conclusion, my flight from JFK to Toronto aboard TAM business class was nothing short of excellent. From the delicious meals to the extensive drinks selection and beyond, the onboard dining experience was truly unparalleled. I would highly recommend flying with TAM for an experience that is sure to exceed expectations.

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Entertainment And Wifi Options – Get Access To A Variety Of Entertainment Choices During Your Flight

When traveling on TAM’s business class flights between JFK and Toronto, customers can make the most of their downtime on the plane. TAM offers a variety of entertainment choices onboard flights to make your trip more enjoyable and exciting. Whether you are looking for streaming entertainment options, free wifi access, wireless entertainment platforms, musical options or the availability of different devices for entertainment, TAM has you covered.

Streaming Entertainment Options

TAM boasts of an extensive list of streaming entertainment options for passengers to enjoy during their flight. Customers can look forward to the newest movie releases and the latest TV episodes, giving you the perfect opportunity to catch up on your favorite shows. TAM also offers a selection of both international and domestic movies to choose from, making it the perfect escape during your flight.

Free Wifi Access

TAM also offers passengers free wifi access during their flight, with coverage over much of the route. Passengers can stay connected to their favorite social media sites, check their emails and more, with no additional cost or effort. Moreover, TAM offers a selection of free streaming services like YouTube and Netflix for customers to use.

Wireless Entertainment Platforms

In addition to the free wifi access, TAM also provides exciting entertainment options through wireless platforms. Customers can use the platforms to stream movies, TV shows, play games or listen to their favorite music. There are a variety of options available, from an interactive virtual tour to a selection of Hollywood movies. Passengers can make use of on-board tablets and other connected devices to access wireless entertainment options.

Musical Options

TAM also provides a great selection of music for passengers to listen to during their flight. TAM offers passengers the chance to listen to a variety of genres, including both classic and modern tunes. Passengers can pick their favorite tunes and genres, allowing them to make the most of their flight by listening to the music they love.

Devices For Entertainment

Various devices can be used with TAM’s entertainment packages. Passengers can opt for laptop, tablet, and smartphone or personal device for entertainment. These devices can be used for streaming movies, TV shows, playing games, listening to music or reading e-books.

Audio Books & Podcasts

TAM also provides passengers with audio books and podcasts, as well as other educational content. Passengers can opt for long reads, or create their own playlist of podcasts on a range of topics, from politics to sports. Moreover, passengers can tune into TAM’s audio channels, ranging from sports talk radio, classic rock, and more.

Example & Story

For example, Alfred, a business executive, was excited to fly business class in TAM from New York City, JFK to Toronto to attend a business convention. Before his flight, Alfred had heard about TAM’s entertainment options, so he made sure to download the latest TV episodes and movies to his tablet before he flew. He also had access to TAM’s vast library of music and downloaded a few of his favorite tunes and genres onto his phone. After he took off, Alfred was able to enjoy his flight with the tablet and tunes. He was able to watch his favorite shows and grab some educational options too, thanks to TAM’s entertainment options. Thanks to TAM, Alfred had a wonderful flight to Toronto and was well prepared for his business convention.

TAM provides customers with a variety of entertainment options onboard their business class flights. From streaming movies and TV shows to playing games, listening to music or reading e-books, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. In addition to their entertainment packages, TAM also offers free wifi access and wireless entertainment platforms, audio books and podcasts and audio channels. Passengers can make the most of their flight by taking advantage of TAM’s entertainment options, allowing them to remain entertained and have a wonderful flight experience.

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Lounge Access Before Departure – Take Advantage Of The Admirals Club Lounge When Flying Out Of JFK Airport

Before departing from JFK International Airport, TAM Business Class passengers can take advantage of the lounges of the Admirals Club to make their travels easier and more comfortable. Whether you are traveling for business or leisure, the Admirals Club can provide a sense of relief and relaxation before your flight, while still allowing you to move quickly through the airport.

Entry Requirements And Features

Membership of the Admirals Club requires a payment of a yearly fee. However, passengers with an eligible ticket of TAM Business Class to Toronto will have complimentary access to the lounges at JFK. In these lounges, you will find a wide range of amenities available to make your wait more enjoyable. These features include high-speed Wi-Fi, laptop tables to relax while working, complimentary snacks and beverages, and comfortable seating.

Benefits For TAM Business Class Passengers

By taking advantage of lounges, TAM Business Class passengers flying from JFK to Toronto can enjoy numerous benefits. The relaxed environment of the lounge provides an ideal place to relax before boarding. Furthermore, many complimentary snacks and beverages are available at the lounge, meaning that passengers don’t have to worry about finding food or drinks before the flight.

The lounges also offer priority check-in and boarding for passengers. This allows passengers to check-in for their flight and board quickly, making the airport experience that much easier. Additionally, passengers can also earn valuable points and miles every time they visit the lounge, meaning that future travels can benefit as well.

Examples Of Admirals Club Lounges At JFK

At JFK International Airport, TAM Business Class passengers can take advantage of numerous Admiral Club Lounges. These lounges include the ever popular American Express Centurion Lounge, which features full cash bars, premium snacks, and comfortable seating. Additionally, the Admirals Club JFK Terminal 8 has dozens of modern computer terminals, full dining services, and fantastic views overlooking the runway.

Tips For Enjoying The Lounge Experience

To maximize your experience at the Admirals Club Lounges, be sure to take advantage of lounge benefits by exploring each terminal and its amenities. You should also talk to the knowledgeable staff at each lounge, as they can provide valuable assistance and inform you of all available services. Additionally, use your wait time wisely by utilizing the comfortable chairs and amenities to relax and get some work done. This can be a great way to maximize your time while capturing the relaxing atmosphere of the lounge before your flight.

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Arrival And Baggage Claim – Smoothly Reaching Your Destination After Taking TAM Business Class From JFK To Toronto

For many travelers, one of the main attractions of TAM Business Class flights is the ease with which they arrive at their destination. Taking a TAM Business Class flight from JFK to Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ) is no exception.

The first step in the arrival process is immigration. Visitors coming to Canada need to present their valid travel document and visa (if applicable) and be ready to answer questions about the purpose of their visit and the duration of their stay. After successfully completing the immigration process, they proceed to baggage claim.

TAM Business Class customers receive a generous checked baggage allowance. The exact allowance depends on the cabin class and destination, but as an example, travelers from JFK to Toronto can check in two baggage items with a combined weight of up to 50 lb (23 kg). Keeping the weight within the limits ensures that the customer does not incur any extra charges for their bags.

Customs review may be required for travelers who have been away from Canada for more than 48 hours. After the immigration and customs review process is completed, the traveler can collect their checked baggage and proceed to their destination.

Enjoy The Convenience Of Landing At Toronto Pearson International Airport

Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ) is conveniently located close to both Toronto and the Golden Horseshoe region of Ontario. With an international airport of this size, travelers are offered a variety of transportation options including airport shuttle, public transit, and taxi to get to their destination.

The airport is well connected with the Greater Toronto and Hamilton area directly or indirectly through roads, freeways, or high-speed rails. This makes it even easier for travelers to reach their final destination depending on their needs.

TAM Business Class Gives A Sense Of Relief At The End Of A Long Journey

After taking a long-haul flight from JFK to YYZ, many TAM Business Class customers feel relieved to be at their destination. I remember the sense of relief I felt when I arrived at Pearson, after a long flight from JFK to YYZ, ready to explore the big city. Knowing that I had the opportunity to get from the airport to the city with minimal effort and no delays, was one of the best feelings I had ever experienced.

Planning Your Ground Transportation In Advance Can Make A Difference

Once travelers have retrieved their luggage, they are ready to take the next step and get to their final destination. Whether it’s the city or a hotel, there are plenty of opportunities available to get there.

Toronto Pearson International Airport offers travelers a variety of options for ground transportation. To access the city, you have the option of airport shuttle, public transit (TTC), private sedan or taxi services. All of these services can be pre-booked online in advance. We recommend that travelers download the Toronto Pearson app in order to have all the information and services at their fingertips.

Moreover, for maximum comfort, travelers can easily find a reliable limousine service at competitive rates. Successfully arriving at Toronto Pearson International Airport gives travelers that extra sense of assurance once they reach their destination, as they’re keen to get to the next stage of their journey.

Closing Thoughts

Taking TAM Business Class flights has its advantages. From the ease of the arrival and baggage collection processes to the convenience of transport options to get to the city, TAM Business Class customers can seamlessly complete the journey from JFK to Toronto Pearson International Airport. With a little bit of preparation and planning, anyone taking a TAM Business Class flight can save time and money, while having a comfortable transit to the destination.

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Conclusion – Summarizing Our Overall Impression Of TAM Business Class From JFK To Toronto

Overall, we had a very pleasant flying experience with TAM Business Class from JFK to Toronto. The check-in was smooth, the airport lounge was comfortable, the boarding process was organized, the staff was friendly and helpful, and most of the complementary amenities made the long flight more enjoyable. The flight was reliable and comfortable, with plenty of entertainment options available. The airfare was in line with other business-class flights to the destination, and TAM often offers upgrades and discounts which make their service even more attractive.

We are firm believers that when it comes to long-distance travel, flying business class offers far more comfort and value for money than economy. TAM Business Class ticked all the boxes for us and will likely be our go-to choice for future flights from JFK to Toronto.

Finally, we would like to suggest that TAM Business Class could benefit from the addition of more charging points, to offer their customers greater convenience during the flight. Apart from that, all went well and we would highly recommend TAM Business Class to anyone looking for an enjoyable, reliable, and affordable experience from JFK to Toronto.

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Frequently Asked Questions – Common Queries Related To Flying Business Class With TAM Airlines Between JFK And Toronto

Traveling business class between JFK and Toronto with TAM Airlines can be a comfortable and enjoyable experience. The airline offers a variety of amenities to make the journey more enjoyable, such as delicious gourmet meals, complimentary drinks and private rest areas, along with the convenience of access to the Vip Admirals Club. Here, we answer the most commonly asked questions about flying business class with TAM Airlines between JFK and Toronto.

How Do I Gain Access To The Admirals Club?

The Vip Admirals Club can be accessed by qualified passengers who have a valid membership number, as well as a complimentary lounge pass which is included with their ticket. Passengers may enjoy a comfortable and spacious lounge and benefit from complimentary snacks, drinks and Wi-Fi.

Does The Flight Have Layovers?

No, the flight does not have any layovers, so it is one of the most direct routes between JFK and Toronto.

Are There Any In-Flight Amenities?

Yes, those traveling business class with TAM Airlines on this route can enjoy a range of amenities. These include priority boarding and disembarkation, access to private rest areas, comfortably seating with extra legroom, delicious freshly prepared meals and complimentary drinks.

Is There Wi-Fi Onboard The Plane?

Yes, passengers can stay connected during the flight by purchasing packages of Wi-Fi access.

Are There Any Available Discounts On Business Class Flights?

Yes, TAM Airlines often offers discounts and promotions on business class flight tickets at certain times of the year. To take advantage of these offers, be sure to keep an eye on the airline’s website for the latest deals and discounts.

tam business class review from jfk to toronto with admirals club review

Additional Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Trip – Things To Consider When Booking Your Flight With TAM Airlines From JFK To Toronto

TAM Airlines offers premium business class travel from JFK to Toronto with a variety of exclusive benefits. Flying business class can be a great way to make your travel experience more luxurious and comfortable, but there are some considerations to keep in mind when booking your flight. Here are some tips to get the most out of your trip when flying with TAM Airlines:

Automated Check-In

TAM Airlines provides automated check-in, which can save time and make booking your flight easier. Doing this can help you avoid long lines at the airport. However, it is important to note that you must complete the check-in process at least one hour before your scheduled departure time.

Additional Carry-On Bags

TAM Airlines only allows one complimentary carry-on bag for business class flights. If you need to bring additional luggage with you, it may be beneficial to purchase an additional bag when you book your flight. This will help ensure that all of your belongings make it on the plane. Alternatively, you can check-in larger items and have them sent separately.

Priority Boarding

Priority boarding is available to business class travelers flying with TAM Airlines from JFK to Toronto. This provides an optimal way to board the plane and get to your seat more quickly. By booking your flight with TAM, you will be able to take advantage of exclusive priority boarding benefits.

Meal and Beverage Options

Business class tickets typically come with complimentary snacks and drinks. However, it is important to note that meal options are subject to availability and vary by flight. TAM Airlines offers an onboard menu with a variety of meal and beverage options to make your journey even more comfortable and enjoyable.

Amenity Kits

Depending on availability, TAM Airlines may provide business class passengers with amenity kits. These include basic toiletry items such as lotion, lip balm, and ear plugs, which can help make your flight more comfortable. However, it is important to note that these kits are subject to availability, so you should check when you book your flight to ensure that you will receive the amenities.

Admirals Club Access

Flying business class with TAM Airlines gives you the added benefit of access to the Admirals Club. This is a special lounge with comfortable seating, complimentary snacks and beverages, bathrooms, access to conference rooms, and a business center with high-speed internet and printers. Getting access to this exclusive area can be beneficial when traveling with TAM.

By following these tips, you can make sure to get the most out of your flight when booking your trip with TAM Airlines from JFK to Toronto. Be sure to take advantage of the exclusive benefits that come with purchasing a business class ticket, such as priority boarding, complimentary snacks and drinks, complimentary access to the Admirals Club, amenity kits, and more.

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Alternative Routings – Explore Other Possible Ways To Travel Between JFK Airport And Toronto

Traveling from New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport to Toronto Pearson International Airport offers plenty of options for getting there. The direct route takes about one hour and 45 minutes on a direct flight, but for travelers seeking better savings, times and convenience, there are a number of alternative routings available to get to Toronto from JFK.

For instance, Air Canada’s flights from JFK to YUL offer a slimmed-down version of the route, taking around two and a half hours, with flights available very late at night and early in the morning saving travelers nearly an hour of travel time in the direct route with a very reasonable fare.

American Airlines also offers a similar route that takes only two hours and 45 minutes, with a couple of flights per day on the route. The carrier usually offers very competitive fares, making it a great option for travelers on a budget.

United Airlines has a non-stop flight between JFK and YYZ, which takes two hours and ten minutes and is typically the quickest way to get to Toronto from the East Coast. United’s flights tend to be the most expensive of the options, making it better suited for those willing to spend a little extra for convenience.

Benefits of Taking a Detour

An alternative route from JFK to Toronto is an ideal choice for anyone on a tight budget, looking to save time or wanting a smoother way of getting from one city to another. Taking a less direct route can help save passengers time, but it can also help them save money by reducing airfare, connecting flights and hassle.

For savvy travelers, the savings can be even more significant. Taking an alternative route might mean skipping the long wait in customs or not dealing with having to book numerous separate flights. It can also reduce the total cost of a ticket since some airlines offer discounts for flights that feature a layover in one of their hubs.

What’s more, the extra legroom, layover options and even bonus miles that can come when choosing an alternative route can make it a much more pleasant experience to get from JFK to Toronto.

Make the Process Easier with Admirals Club

Admirals Club is an online service that lets travelers find the best route and airfare available for their trip. It offers a wide range of services for booking flights, including discounts ranging from 15 – 30% on flights between JFK and Toronto, making it an ideal choice for travelers who want to save a few bucks.

Admirals Club also offers additional features that travelers can take advantage of when booking flights, such as upgrades, bonus miles and free luggage. The service takes the stress and hassle out of booking flights by letting travelers compare multiple routes and deals, making it easier to find the best flight for the least amount of money.

Tips for Finding the Cheapest Route

Loyalty programs can offer a great way to save money when booking flights between JFK and Toronto. Many airline loyalty programs offer substantial discounts, or even points, depending on the number of miles flown, or the frequency of flights taken.

Savvy travelers can also find great discounts by doing their research online. Sites such as Expedia and Kayak allow travelers to compare prices across multiple airlines and routes, offering the lowest price on a variety of routes and options. In addition, online travel agents like and offer lucrative discounts when travelers book their flight through them.

Overall, although flying direct from JFK to Toronto is always an option, taking an alternative route can often provide an even greater level of convenience, along with the ability to save time and money. Even more savings can be had when taking advantage of services like Admirals Club, which not only makes the process of finding a great route easy, but also offers discounts that can greatly reduce the cost of traveling between the two cities.

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Overall, our experience flying TAM Business Class from JFK to Toronto was a smooth and enjoyable one. In-flight services were top-notch, with plenty of entertainment and dining options for passengers to enjoy. Even the Admirals Club lounge before departure was a great way to start the trip. From the soft leather recliner chairs to the complimentary refreshments, the lounge felt like a cozy, upscale destination. We successfully arrived on time and with minimal hassle, so all-in-all, it was a great trip. We highly recommend taking TAM Business Class from JFK to Toronto and hope our review has made your decision to book with them a bit easier!

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