Small Business Week with The Points Guy

A few weeks ago I received notice that Brian Kelly – also known as The Points Guy (or TPG for short) – was hosting a small gathering at the WeWork facility in the Financial District in order to share points and miles tips and answer questions by local business people. Since I have recently started consulting with friends/acquaintances on how to maximize their use of points (or gather some on their own) I signed up to attend. Boy, was it fun!

When I entered I was greeted by a sign informing me of consent to be filmed and photographed as well as by some small appetizers to satiate me for a small while. The WeWork common space was fairly large and their kitchen had lots of snacks for sale (and beer on tap!).

                                 img_7305 img_7306

TPG got started with a 20-minute presentation covering topics I pretty much already knew – how to maximize credit card bonuses; which cards to hold onto and which to get rid of; what options there are for earning miles outside of flying or simple swiping of the card; etc. The new piece of information I learned was EVRewards, a website devoted to sharing with you how to maximize your points-earning based on what store you are buying from. It’s a cool site that I will add to the list I go through before making a purchase.

After that he started taking numerous questions. He probably did this for about 45 minutes. I was lucky enough to be called on and made a quip about being a math teacher so I appreciated when he said “do the math” as he often does for his monthly valuations of points. I became known as “the teacher” and even had a brief conversation with his Chief Operations Officer. There may be some relationship brewing there that becomes fruitful and interesting in the future.

Finally, before I left I got a chance to get a photo with someone I’ve been trying to meet for almost a year now. I’m so grateful for the opportunity and can’t wait to get more involved!


Oh, and we got an awesome swag bag, too!


WeWork is Tru-ly cool (Get it?)

Right now WeWork has a promotion with JetBlue for a variety of levels of TruBlue points depending on how you participate.

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 10.51.17 AM

As you can see, the most lucrative bonus is of course for the most expensive item (that makes sense). Considering pricing depends on the location (Brooklyn Heights rates found here), that may or may not be worth your while.

That being said, a tour is the one item that only requires time. Since I am on Spring Break this week, I decided to take a look!

I was met by a lovely guide who took 20 minutes to show me around the (as-of-yet not complete) space in Brooklyn Heights. He walked me around the common shared space (which has free coffee, tea, fruit, and on-tap beer) as well as the key-card-required private space. They have a variety of office sizes from 1-person to what looked like 12-person offices. While the Brooklyn Heights location is new so has plenty of space (opened April 1st) their largest space in the US – NOMAD – is almost out of room! Suffice to say the benefits are pretty awesome and the prices seem workable for start-ups and small companies alike. There were even a few tutoring companies based there.

In conclusion, I’d highly recommend taking the tour – even if only to earn 500 TruBlue points. After all, when JetBlue has deals, that can be worth 1/7 of a flight to Florida!

Stay warm.