Review: Singapore Airlines A380 Suites

Our way back from Frankfurt was probably the highest-quality flight that we took: the legendary Singapore Airlines A380 Suites. Essentially your own comfy cubicle room with a door (and window shades!), the service is amazing, the food is fantastic, and the in-flight entertainment is hard to beat.

We took a cab to Frankfurt International Airport and quickly found our check-in counters. On the way we were impressed to see a sign for a Jewish Prayer Room. We didn’t get a chance to check it out but were glad it was there. We also saw the massive board with all the flights listed: it was quite extensive and impressive to look at.

img_6790 img_6791 img_6793

Once checked in and through security we went to check out the two lounges we had access to: the Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge and the Lufthansa Senator Lounge. Interestingly, the Senator Lounge is actually for its Business class passengers; the First class passengers have their own terminal in Frankfurt airport. We did not have access to it.

Both lounges were quite spacious and had wonderful amenities. We could sit back and eat breakfast at either (we chose the Maple Leaf Lounge as I had done some research and read the food was better; it seemed similar enough to us that it didn’t matter). The chairs were comfortable and there was plenty of space. There were separate sleeping areas in each lounge, presumably for those in transit; they were not whole rooms but separated areas with beds or lean-back chairs. They looked comfortable enough.


img_6801 img_6803 img_6804 img_6805 img_6806 img_6807 img_6808

We then took some time to look at the Lufthansa Senator Lounge. It was much larger than the Air Canada lounge but had similar food and drink options. The chairs were quite comfy and there were plenty of power options. Probably the biggest difference is that Lufthansa offered actual beds to sleep on while you waited between flights. They were not as private as in the Air Canada lounge, but looked much more comfortable. Additionally, there was a spa you could use for various fees.

img_6814 img_6818 img_6819 img_6820 img_6821

Then we boarded the plane. On our passes it said boarding was going to start at 8am but when we arrived at that time we were almost the last ones on! We found our Suites and enjoyed how luxurious they seemed. Wow – so comfortable and all the amenities right at your fingertips. The chair was leather and high-backed to support your head. There were storage areas everywhere: by your hips, on the desk area, under your footrest, etc. The TV was an amazing 23in big! There would be no way not to enjoy this flight.

img_6868img_6831 img_6832 img_6833 img_6834 img_6835 img_6836 img_6837 img_6838 img_6839

We were given a luxurious three course meal once the plane was in the air. We used Singapore Airlines signature Book the Cook service from which we chose a few specific options ahead of time. I had some lamb rangoon which was quite tasty. My wife had ordered fish but for some reason they didn’t have it recorded so she had an omelette instead. She was still quite impressed. We watched a movie while eating and chatted a bit before putting on our pajamas and getting ready for a quick nap.

img_6849 img_6850 img_6851img_6853

While we were in the bathroom changing the flight attendants brought the beds down. Singapore Airlines uses a chair whose seat back folds all the way down to provide the most comfortable style of bedding. We each had our own place to sleep but the beds were right next to each other. Still, it is not the same as a true double bed because there is a wooden divider in the middle and you are supposed to keep your seatbelt fastened while in flight. We slept for a good portion of the trip (although I woke up earlier than my wife and watched some TV due to stomach pain).

img_6863 img_6864 img_6865 img_6866

Upon arrival into JFK our passing through security was easy and uneventful. Because we have Global Entry we had an easier time getting through customs and immigration as well. That being said, I imagine it would be quick for many First Class passengers in general due to disembarking from the plane before the other passengers.

I don’t know when the next first class experience like this will be but my wife and I have already started to accrue more points. Check out this blog for more info on travel hacking as well as the next post which will compare exactly how much we should have spent on these flights/hotels and how much we actually spent!

4 hour travel and 15 hours in Frankfurt

For the last stop on our honeymoon journey we took one more train ride to Frankfurt and a plane home from there. While Frankfurt was surprisingly amazing the real reason we travelled there was for the flight home: Singapore Airlines A380 (I’ll write a post soon). We only spent 15 hours so we could explore a bit, stay overnight at a local Hilton Hotel, and fly out the next morning.

The train over was amazingly fast, as most European trains tend to be. We opted to take it for more comfort and because a plane would have been a bit more time due to security and waiting at the gate. It traveled incredibly fast, breaching 300 kmh (somewhere around 185 mph) while still being a smooth ride. We watched as the fields passed by.

img_6729 img_6734 img_6737img_6742

Upon arrival we had our first unexpected fun interaction: our cab driver spoke Russian! We were planning to depend on Google Translate using a SIM card that we purchased in Paris but instead my wife talked about finding a good woman for him and how we would enjoy our stay! Sufficed to say it was a fun cab ride.

We arrived at the Hilton Hotel City Centre Frankfurt and were immediately upgraded due to my status provided by my Hilton Surpass Amex Card. It would have been convenient to have access to the lounge and for free breakfast there but since we had such little time it was almost inconsequential. We opted to drop our stuff off and go explore.

We walked around quite a bit and window-shopped until we ended up at the Frankfurt Archeology Museum, which just so happened to have a special exhibit on where Lego pieces were used to depict the local history. My wife got an English audio guide but I relied on Google Translate to take photos of blocks of text and translate it for me on the fly. It was interesting to learn about the local history that way.

Our walk from the museum brought us back through to a part of Frankfurt called Old Town that models what it looked like in the 1800s. It was definitely touristy but so worth it to explore, souvenir shop, and have some tea and and cakes at a local coffee shop. It was such a funny little place.

img_6767 img_6768 img_6770

On our walk back to the hotel before dinner we stopped off at a local square celebrating something called Apfelwein, a distinct alcoholic drink from cider. It tends to be drier than cider and there was a whole festival to its exploration. We purchased some at a local shop but had a true taste when a local started explaining the history of apfelwein and his dream of opening a museum to it in Frankfurt. He had his own home-brewed that he provided us and it really was tasty!

img_6784 img_6785

Our last stop before bed and the flight was for dinner. We listened to our hotel and ate at a local eatery that had steak for me and fish for my wife. It also had some great beer! I ordered a local brew (can’t remember the name) which tasted divine and it turned out to be a great conversation starter with the locals sitting next to us. We had a wonderful chat with them about their travels, the end of our honeymoon, and our desire to return to Europe in the future. They were so kind and it was a great way to end our trip.

Our way home was really exciting but I’ll have to wait on that until the next post!