Spring Break Review of Austrian Airlines Business Class JFK-VIE

Spring break is the perfect time to indulge in some exciting experiences. As I was planning my trip from JFK to Vienna, I decided to take a look at the business class offerings from Austrian Airlines. After taking a closer look, I wanted to share my spring break review of Austrian Airlines business class from JFK to VIE. I had the privilege of experiencing the flight and will discuss it in detail, including the seat comfort and service, inflight amenities and entertainment, food and drink options, cost/value assessment, and tips for making the most of the flight, including check-in process and baggage allowance. All this in order to help you make the most of your next spring break trip.

Seat Comfort & Service

If you’re looking for a comfortable and relaxing flight experience, then Austrian Airlines Business Class provides just that. During my flight from JFK to Vienna (VIE) for Spring Break, I was welcomed with a glass of champagne and Parma Violets as I boarded.

The 8” foam base Business Class seat provided generous leg room and 40 inches of personal space combined with a full-recline capability for a comfortable journey. Even after 13 hours of flying, I felt very refreshed.

The customer service provided by the flight staff was superb. They were attentive to my needs, always proving a prompt and helpful response. They addressed me by name, which I felt was a nice personal touch in creating a memorable flight experience.


Designed to ensure a luxurious flying experience, Turkish towels, designer blankets, and special amenities were provided to ensure comfort during the night-time. I was able to enjoy a three-course gourmet meal with a choice of Austrian wines, which was definitely one of the highlights of my trip.

In-Flight Entertainment

I was truly impressed with the range of in-flight entertainment options available in Business Class. There were a variety of movies, TV shows, and music to choose from to make the duration of the flight more enjoyable.

My Spring Break trip in Austrian Airlines Business Class was a truly luxurious experience and I would highly recommend it. With amenities, excellent service, and incomparable entertainment, Austrian Airlines Business Class ensures an unforgettable flight.

spring break review austrian airlines business class jfk vie

Inflight Amenities & Entertainment

I was pleasantly surprised by the inflight amenities and entertainment available on the Austrian Airlines business class on a my spring break trip from JFK to VIE.

Variety of Meals

The meal selection was impressive, with breakfast featuring smoothies, fresh fruits, and a full offering of hot and cold dishes. I especially liked the pastries, which were fresh and delicious. The presentation was very attractive, the quality of the ingredients was excellent, and the flavors were extraordinary. The lunch and dinner menu featured a variety of international dishes as well as a selection of salads and sandwiches.


I was also surprised to see that wifi was available on the plane at a reasonable rate. There were different packages to choose from, with the basic package offering a few hours of wifi for a low price. I found the connection to be strong and very user-friendly.


As far as the seating arrangement is concerned, it was very comfortable. The reclining feature gave me the opportunity to sleep in comfort, and the legroom was generous. Additionally, I was able to store a few items on the side of the seat, including my laptop and mobile phone.

In-flight Entertainment

The in-flight entertainment system on Austrian Airlines was quite impressive. There were hundreds of movies and TV shows to choose from, and a wide selection of music and video games. The video and audio quality was excellent, and I found the user interface to be very simple and easy to use.


The overall experience was incredibly comfortable, and Austrian Airlines provides some additional amenities that made it even better. They had extra pillows and blankets available for everyone, and the cabin was kept cool and comfortable throughout the flight.

When comparing my experience with other airlines I’ve flown on in the past, this Austrian Airlines flight was definitely one of the best. It was enjoyable and relaxed, and I was very impressed with the level of service I received.

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Food & Drink Options

As a frequent traveler of Austrian Airlines, I know just how much effort goes into their meals and drinks. Austrian Airlines ensures their business class passengers have the best possible in-flight dining experience. On my recent flight from JFK to Vienns, I had the privilege of being served the highest quality food and drinks this airline has to offer.

Variety of Food Options

Onboard Austrian Airlines, passengers have various meal options that cater to all tastes. Each flight offers selections of Italian, Austrian, and French dishes. Furthermore, vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options are all provided. On my flight from JFK to Vienna, the selection of food was amazing. There was stuffed bell pepper, pumpkin soup and for dessert, a truly delightful vanilla cinnamon cake.

Quality of the Food

Besides the variety of meal options, the quality of the food could not be better. Every meal was prepared with the freshest ingredients, offering a savory experience that left me wanting more. After my starter of artisan bread and butter, I was treated to an entrée of paprika-dusted schnitzel. The flavors were wonderfully balanced with the sauce and vegetables — it was truly an amazing culinary experience.

Beverage Selection

In addition to the flight’s impressive food options, they also provide a wide range of drinks to choose from. On board Austrian Airlines, passengers can expect a selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, such as beer, wine, champagne, juices, sodas, and teas. Hot drinks, like coffee and espresso, are also available for those looking for a more energizing beverage. The airline also ensures that all drinks are served in crystal glasses to enhance the flight experience.

In conclusion, Austrian Airlines provides a great selection of meals — from Italian to French to vegetarian — with quality ingredients and impeccably-prepared dishes. On top of that, they also provide ample drink options so that passengers can quench their thirst and enjoy the flight with an accompaniment that fits their taste.

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Cost/Value Assessment

If you’re considering a round-trip business class ticket from JFK-VIE on Austrian Airlines, you’re in for an enjoyable experience with tangible benefits at a reasonable price. Prices for the trip vary by season, but generally start around $2,000.

The flight itself offers 13 hours of business class comfort from takeoff to landing. Travellers can expect complimentary drinks and snacks, with an open bar, extra legroom, priority boarding, and lounge access all included in the cost.

Depending on the season and destination, these amenities come at different costs. For example, in the summer, a one-way ticket from JFK-VIE might cost around $1,800, while during peak season in winter it could be nearly double that at $3,400.

Improved Service Quality

In the past, Austrian Airlines has reversed the trend, improving their service quality while keeping their prices steady. The amenities offered on their flights have dramatically simplified the experience, providing a much better value for their clients.

For example, in recent years, Austrian Airlines has added a new layer of personalized service, allowing passengers to customize their experience with features such as personalized meal planning, in-flight entertainment options, and in-flight Wi-Fi. They also offer a complimentary airport shuttle service to take passengers between the airport and their hotel, eliminating the need for costly taxi services.

Customers Experiences

Austrian Airlines’ customers have been very happy with their business class experiences. For example, one customer who recently flew the route commented, “The service was excellent, and I was able to relax and sleep comfortably in the business class seats. The complimentary drinks and snacks were an added bonus and made the flight that much more enjoyable.”

Another customer who flew to Vienna said, “I had heard so many good things about Austrian Airlines’ service that I knew I was in for a great experience. The flight was smooth and enjoyable, and the seats and amenities were exactly what I expected. I would highly recommend Austrian Airlines for business class travel.”

Cost versus Value

Overall, Austrian Airlines’ Business Class JFK-VIE offers great value for its cost. They have upped their service quality significantly in recent years and offer a variety of amenities that most other airlines do not. For example, the complimentary drinks, snacks, open bar, and lounge access are not typically offered on other airlines. In comparison to other airlines, the cost to experience all of these benefits is quite reasonable.

Ultimately, whether to choose Austrian Airlines for your Business Class trip from JFK-VIE is a personal decision. For those who want a stress-free, comfortable, and enjoyable experience at a reasonable cost, Austrian Airlines is an ideal choice.

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Tips for Making the Most of the Flight

A spring break vacation can be an incredible way to spend quality time with family or escape from the daily grind. One of the best ways to make the journey a memorable one is by flying Austrian Airlines Business Class. Whether you’re looking to get to Vienna, JFK’s gateway to the world, or taking a business trip to the city, you deserve a comfortable experience the entire way. Here are some great tips to ensure you maximize your flight and arrive at your destination feeling refreshed.

Arrive Fully Ready

The key to a successful flight is arriving fully prepared. The evening before your flight make sure that you decide and reserve your meals in advance, as well as pack any small items such as slippers, blankets, and noise-cancelling headphones which make a world of difference while in the air. Doing this will save you time and stress when you get to the airport and allow you to pass through check-in and security quickly and efficiently.

Upgrade Opportunities

Whether you’re an avid traveler or occasional jet-setter, Austrian Airlines provides the perfect opportunity to make your journey special. You can use frequent flyers points, credit card program points, or even purchase packages from Austrian Airlines including lounge access to get a comfortable and satisfying experience. Taking advantage of these opportunities is key for making sure that your time spent in the sky is enjoyable.

Taking Advantage of Onboard Amenities

From personal TVs, in-seat power and Wi-Fi, to complimentary meals and drinks, Austrian Airlines knows how to make you feel right at home in the sky. Use this time to relax and take a breath from your hectic schedule. Don’t be afraid to take advantage of their delicious cuisine while in the air, ensuring you arrive at your desired location satiated.

Utilize Ground Services

One of the best perks of Austrian Airlines Business Class is their amazing ground services. Passengers are eligible to use private airport transfers, spa packages, and exclusive discounts for local attractions, adding an extra layer of comfort before, during and after your flight. Traveling to a big city like Vienna can be carefree, exciting and efficient with exclusive amenities from Austrian Airlines.

Enjoy the Destination

Now that you’ve arrived in Vienna, take your time to explore the city and take in the local culture. Whether you’re looking to explore the city’s beautiful parks and gardens, discover some great museums and galleries, or simply taste the delicious cuisine, there are plenty of great experiences for everyone. Vienna has something for all types of travellers, meaning you’re sure to find something exciting and interesting to do.

By utilizing the tips listed above, you can ensure your flight with Austrian Airlines Business Class is a smooth, stress-free and enjoyable experience. With their high-class amenities and exceptional service, you are sure to arrive in Vienna relaxed and ready to explore.

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Check-in Process & Baggage Allowance

Traveling with Austrian Airlines Business Class on my trip from JFK to VIE for spring break was a great experience. First, I was able to check-in conveniently without having to stand in line. The check-in process consists of a few options. You can either opt to check in online before the flight, using their digital platform; use the self-service kiosk with your boarding pass or passport; or just go to the counters and check in with a member of staff. Furthermore, Business Class travelers get the added bonus of having access to the airline’s built-in lounge. Moreover, Austrian Airlines offers priority boarding for Business Class customers as well.

When checking-in for Business Class, the baggage allowance is generous. You’re allowed one personal item plus two pieces of baggage, each with a maximum weight limit of 32kg. Additionally, there’s a chance to upgrade the weight allowance, with a charge of €100 per additional 10kg. Unfortunately, extra pieces are not allowed and you’ll have to pay €50 for extra pieces.

Example Flight From JFK-VIE

I recently flew with Austrian Airlines Business Class from JFK to VIE and had a pleasant experience. The check-in process was effortless and very convenient. I was able to opt for the self-service kiosk which was fast and efficient. After checking-in for my flight, I had access to the Business Lounge with complimentary drinks, snacks, and Wi-Fi. Plus, I was able to board my flight early via the priority boarding feature.

Regarding baggage, I was able to bring my personal items and two pieces of baggage with me. Each piece had to weigh under 32kg and couldn’t exceed 90cm x 75cm x 43cm. Everything I had exceeded those limits and I had to pay €50 extra for the extra piece. Nevertheless, overall I had a smooth flight and my baggage was handled with care.

Quality of Service

The quality of service I experienced while flying with Austrian Airlines Business Class was top notch. From check-in to departure, they had an excellent attitude towards all their customers. Upon arrival, I was pleasantly surprised to have access to their Business lounge, which made the entire journey more comfortable.

The in-flight experience was just as remarkable. The food was delicious and their drinks were unlimited. The staff was courteous and accommodating, making my experience pleasant all throughout the journey.

In conclusion, flying with Austrian Airlines Business Class was an amazing experience. From check-in to arrival, it was very stress-free and comfortable. The quality of service from the staff as well as the delicious food and drinks made the journey even more delightful.

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Summary & Takeaways

If you’re looking for a luxurious and top-end travel experience for your spring break, then Austrian Airlines’ Business Class JFK-VIE flight will surely be the perfect fit for you. The Business Class experience stands out from the rest with its privileged boarding, ample legroom and storage, seating and amenity options, on-board entertainment and Wi-Fi, exemplary service and overall comfort.

The seat itself is already equipped with adjustable headrests and calf- & neck-supporting pillow, providing travelers with the most relaxing and rejuvenating experience even after long hours of flying. As for entertainment, Austrian Airlines offers unlimited Wi-Fi packages that passengers can choose from, with plenty of movies and TV shows available onboard should they feel like watching something while they’re on the plane.

But what really sets Austrian Airlines apart is their exemplary service. From the moment you board the plane, staff is always ready to help and tend to passengers’ needs at a moment’s notice. Their friendly and attentive cabin crew is always on top of their game and that is what makes the Austrian Airlines experience one of the best in business.

To sum it up, the Austrian Airlines Business Class JFK-VIE Flight truly offers a luxurious travel experience from start to end. With their exclusive services and hospitality, Austrian Airlines should definitely be on top of your list when it comes to long-haul flights or spring break holiday destinations.

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Rewards Program

Austrian Airlines’

Frequent Traveler Program
makes it easy to start earning points and discounts for each flight you book. As a member, you can earn points with every flight and use those points to enjoy discounts and other benefits. Your points are automatically added to your account with any eligible flight you book.

You can also take advantage of their

Loyalty Upgrade Program
that gives you the chance to trade in old points for even more impressive discounts and rewards. Additionally, you can use your points to purchase upgrades to business or first class on select flights.

Check-in and Boarding

Austrian Airlines

check-in process
is simple and efficient. Once you have your ticket, you can check in at the airport, online, or via the official app. To help ensure social distancing measures, Austrian Airlines has shortened their processes to reduce the amount of time spent in contact with other passengers.

They have also introduced new technologies, such as

digital boarding passes
to reduce contact time and promote the safety of both passengers and staff. Additionally, Austrian Airlines have adopted the process of boarding by rows to further reduce contact time.



business class cabin
of Austrian Airlines offers superior comfort with large, comfortable seats that provide ample leg room and reclining space for every passenger. Depending on the aircraft, passengers may enjoy additional luxuries such as onboard WiFi, additional storage for belongings, and improved inflight entertainment.

The seating arrangements are designed to promote social distancing with two seats empty between each pair of travelers. This ensures that passengers feel safe and secure during their flight.

In-Flight Services

Travelers can enjoy a selection of delicious meals with vegan and vegetarian options served in biodegradable single-use packaging. Passengers can also take advantage of the inflight bar which offers a range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

To enhance their in-flight experience, passengers can connect to the onboard WiFi and enjoy a selection of available movies, TV shows, and music. They can also continue to use their electronic devices during the entire flight if they turn off the cellular data and using only the onboard connection.

Staff and Customer Service

Austrian Airlines staff provide first-class customer service and assist every passenger to ensure a smooth and comfortable journey. Feedback from travelers has highlighted their friendly and professional attitude as making them feel welcome. Onboard, staff ensure all passengers are comfortable and adhere to all safety regulations.

The cabin crew also performs regular onboard checks to ensure everyone is following the rules, such as wearing their seatbelts and keeping their masks on. This is done in a unobtrusive and considerate manner, so it does not disturb any passengers.

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In summary, Austrian Airlines Business Class JFK-VIE was an awesome experience. The seat was comfortable, the service was top-notch, the in-flight amenities and entertainment was right on par, the food and drinks were delicious, and the overall cost/value assessment was worth every penny. Overall, if you’re looking for a premium experience while flying, Austrian Airlines Business Class JFK-VIE is definitely one to consider. My top tips for making the most of the flight are to register early for advanced seat selection, utilize the in-flight Wi-Fi, and take advantage of the triple miles points for flying first class. And finally, don’t forget to complete the check-in process and pay attention to the baggage allowances. All in all, my spring break review of Austrian Airlines Business Class JFK-VIE could not have been more enjoyable, and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a high-end flying experience!

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