Take Advantage of Small Business Week With The Points Guy

As a small business owner, I’m sure you’ve heard of Small Business Week – an annual event celebrated by millions of business owners around the world. Of course, at The Points Guy, we wanted to give something extra for entrepreneurs and small businesses this week – so this blog post will be all about the amazing benefits, discounts and resources available through The Points Guy during Small Business Week. I’m also excited to share with you my personal advice on taking advantage of some of the best practices, tech solutions and financing options available to further your small business success. Whether you’re looking to optimize your current credit card rewards program, leverage automation tools to streamline operations, or find a mentor in the small business community, you’ll find it all here. So without further ado, let’s celebrate by diving right in to the ever-growing world of small business success – Small Business Week with The Points Guy!

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What Is Small Business Week?

Small Business Week is an annual event that celebrates the accomplishments of small businesses. This event brings together entrepreneurs from across the nation to network and learn from peers, receive professional advice, and find new resources to help run their businesses more effectively.

Every year, the Small Business Administration (SBA) hosts this nationwide celebration that draws attention to the many unique challenges, opportunities, and successes of small business owners. It’s a great way for new entrepreneurs to get advice and inspiration as well as recognize their efforts and gain recognition.

What Are The Benefits For Businesses?

Small Business Week provides many benefits to businesses of all sizes. It’s an opportunity to share success stories and recognize the hard work of entrepreneurs. It’s also an opportunity to network and build meaningful relationships with peers, investors, and stakeholders. In addition to networking, businesses can get valuable advice from experts on topics like finances and marketing, as well as discover new tools, strategies, and resources that can help them succeed.

Participating in Small Business Week can also provide promotional benefits. It’s a great way to raise brand awareness and reach new customers with advertisements, events, and special offers.

What Are The Offers Available During Small Business Week?

During this week, businesses can take advantage of offers from a variety of providers. These can include discounts from retail stores, exclusive deals from financial institutions, and mentorship programs from industry experts. Additionally, businesses can get access to webinars and workshops, receive special recognition for their accomplishments, and get exclusive access to networking opportunities.

What Are Some Examples Of Businesses That Have Benefited from Participating?

There are countless examples of businesses that gained valuable resources and recognition from Small Business Week. One example is a Milwaukee-based business called Milkrema, which received attention and investment capital after participating in the event. Another example is a San Francisco-based business called Cut & Envelope, which got press coverage and customers after taking part in the event.

What Are Some Of The Financial and Promotional Benefits of Participating In Small Business Week?

Small Business Week can provide both financial and promotional benefits. On the financial side, businesses can tap into new sources of capital and funding, as well as receive discounts and special offers from providers. On the promotional side, businesses can get invaluable press coverage, as well as access to powerful networking opportunities and events. All of these benefits can ultimately help businesses increase revenue and gain brand recognition.

Overall, Small Business Week is an excellent opportunity for businesses of all sizes to access key resources and gain valuable recognition. It’s a great way to connect with peers, gain advice from experts, and get access to special offers and discounts. Businesses that participate can reap the financial and promotional benefits of doing so, and they may even find themselves featured in press coverage or gain access to new sources of capital and investment.

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What Benefits Does The Points Guy Offer?

The Points Guy (TPG) is a travel and lifestyle brand providing readers with news, advice and tips to help them maximize their points, miles, and cashback experiences. Founded in 2010 by Brian Kelly, the company has become an industry leader in helping people take advantage of the opportunities that travel and dining have to offer.

The Points Guy loyalty program offers many benefits for members. These include access to exclusive experiences and deals, discounts and freebies from over 1,000 partners, and expert advice to make the most out of points and cashback. Additionally, members get access to frequent flyer programs, other loyalty programs, and rewards credit cards.

Cashback Options

TPG offers a great cashback feature to help members get the most out of their money. Members can earn a percentage of their purchase, such as 5-20% cashback on travel and dining expenses, hotel stays, car rentals, and more. To get started, members need to activate the cashback feature and then shop through TPG’s specialized website to receive the best offers. Additionally, members can increase their savings by using promo codes or taking advantage of special discounts.

For example, the Points Guy Cashback option allows members to earn $20 cashback when spending $100 on car rentals from Avis. With this offer, members are effectively getting a 20% discount on a car rental.

Customer Support

The Points Guy team is dedicated to ensuring customers have a great experience with the loyalty program. They provide customers with over-the-phone assistance and can assist with any questions about their loyalty program points, cashback features, or any other related topics. Additionally, the team provides personalized advice to help customers get the most out of their points and cashback deals.

For example, if members have any questions regarding their points, they can reach out to the customer support team and they will help them understand the process better and provide additional advice on how to maximize their points and maximize savings.

Taking Advantage of Small Business Week

Small Business Week is the perfect opportunity forPoints Guy members to take advantage of great offers and earn rewards. Small Business Week offers many valuable deals and discounts, such as access to discounts on flights, hotel stays, car rentals, and more. Additionally, members can take advantage of special offers from TPG partners and earn additional discounts.

It’s important to take advantage of Small Business Week as it can help bring in much-needed savings. This is a great time of year for businesses to save on travel expenses and use their points and cashback rewards to have a more enjoyable experience.

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Credit Card Rewards Programs & Discounts Available This Week

Small Business Week can be a great time to take advantage of Credit Card Rewards Programs and discounts. Doing so can help you maximize your benefits, save money, and support small businesses in your area. Here, we’re taking a look at some of the different kinds of rewards programs and discounts you can use this week to help your business.

Types of Credit Card Rewards Programs

When it comes to Credit Card Rewards Programs, there are 3 main types you should consider.

  1. Cash back programs

With a cash-back program, you’ll get a percentage back on each purchase you make. Be sure to read the fine print — some programs might have limits or expiration dates.

  1. Points-based programs

With points-based programs, you can use your hard-earned points to purchase items, and even redeem them for travel rewards.

  1. Discounts special to the program

Cardholders often need to stay loyal to the program — meaning using the card regularly — to take advantage of special discounts exclusive to the program.

How to Utilize Rewards Programs & Discounts This Week

Getting the most from your rewards programs and discounts this week can be a great way to save money, as well as support small businesses in your area. Here are some suggestions:

  • Purchase supplies and equipment with discounts.
  • Research small businesses in the area and support them with the points and discounts they offer.
  • Make the most of points, discounts, and bonuses that can be used on expected Small Business Week purchases.
  • Look out for special offers and reduced rates on products or services that are available this week.

Using Credit Card Rewards Programs and discounts during Small Business Week can be a great way to save money and support small businesses in your area. Being aware of the different kinds of rewards available, and taking advantage of the offers you can get by being loyal to the program, can help you maximize your rewards and make the most of your purchases during Small Business Week.

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Business Travel Tips & Resources

Small Business Week is a great time to find discounts and savings when it comes to business travel. As travelers, there are many opportunities to find deals on travel accommodations, business class flights, and much more. To get the most out of travel during Small Business Week, you’ll want to know how to capitalize on sales and take advantage of the available resources. Here are some essential tips and resources that will help any business traveler navigate the complexities of the modern travel landscape.

Utilize Travel Hacking Strategies

Travel hacking is a great way to take advantage of rewards programs, frequent flier miles, and credit card perks. With the right strategy, you can unlock lower prices on business trips and often get more value for your money. Some examples of travel hacking include using loyalty points, reserving flights with cashback rewards, or taking advantage of airline partnerships to get better rates. You can also combine loyalty points with credit card perks to stretch your budget further and maximize savings.

Research and Select Top Business Travel Destinations

To get the best value for your money when it comes to business trips, it’s important to research the destination. Find out what transportation options are available, lodging, attractions, and other activities. Additionally, compare the cost of flying into a different airport or even staying at a different city to get better rates. As you search, check out customer reviews and be mindful of any local activities that could help you save money.

Hire a Professional Travel Agent

Hiring a professional travel agent can be a great resource when booking business trips. These professionals know the ins and outs of the industry and may be able to negotiate better rates on lodging and flights. Additionally, experienced agents have insider knowledge on deals and discounts, giving you access to exclusive promotions. When you work with an agent, schedule an appointment to explore different options and discuss budget considerations during the planning process.

Ask for Travel Discounts

When it comes to business travel, some destinations offer discounts for large groups. These discounts can be a great boon to businesses that need to send several people on a business trip. Examples of discounts can include packages for meeting planners, members or alumni getaways, and business incentives. Checking with the destination beforehand is the best way to find out if discounts are available.

Utilize Subscription Services

Subscription services are a great option for stress-free travel. These services can be used to secure airport or hotel shuttle services, car rentals, mobile Wi-Fi and data, or anything else you may need for your trip. For example, you can sign up for a car rental service membership to save money and avoid the hassle of searching for a car upon arrival.

Take Advantage of Business-Only Airfare Sales

Another great time to book business trips is during Small Business Week. During this time, you can often find discounted rates for business class flights and it’s also the perfect time to look for last-minute deals. Don’t forget to check out domestic and international itineraries to find the best deals available.

These are just a few useful tips and resources you can use to capitalize on savings during Small Business Week. With the right strategy and research, you’ll be sure to find the best travel accommodations that fit both your budget and travel needs. Remember, staying informed and knowing all your options will put you in the driver seat when it comes to business travel.

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Leveraging Tech & Automation Solutions For Your Business

In this digital age, businesses of all sizes must embrace technology and automation solutions which can help them become more efficient, save time and money, and ultimately increase their bottom line. Small business owners in particular can benefit greatly from integrating various automation solutions, specifically in the marketing, accounting and customer service areas.

Example of Time Savings

Take, for instance, the story of ABC Company, a B2B organization that specializes in providing software services. ABC Company invested in an automated customer service solution to handle incoming inquiries. They were able to take the manual labor out of the equation and instead leverage an automated system that responded to 2,000 customer inquiries within the first week. This led to a time-saving of 50% in just one week, which allowed their team to focus on other more pressing needs for the business.

Identify Automation Opportunities

Small business owners can easily identify opportunities in their business to be automated, saving them time in the long run. Many companies employ automation solutions like automated accounting systems or cloud-based customer service tools, which allow business owners to manage customer inquiries and transactions more effectively and efficiently. By taking a holistic approach to embracing automation solutions, businesses can generate significant savings.

Benefits of Automation

Using automated solutions for their business can yield many benefits for small business owners. For one, increased efficiency can lead to better customer relationships. Automation solutions allow businesses to provide more accurate, real-time feedback to customers and improve the overall customer experience. Additionally, automation can lead to cost savings, since businesses can cut back on the time and resources required for manual tasks.

Moreover, automated solutions give small businesses the ability to be more efficient with specific processes and operations. By leveraging automation solutions, businesses can create a more comprehensive and comprehensive model for their customer service, operations, and accounting processes, resulting in more efficient operations.

Next Steps for Small Business Owners

The way forward for small business owners is to research what automation solutions are available and how they can be implemented into their existing operations. Many automation solutions providers offer free trials, which can help business owners get familiar with the capabilities of the software and how they can benefit the business. Additionally, small business owners should reach out to partners or vendors who are proficient in automation technology. This will help them gain a better understanding of the different solutions available and how they can be integrated into their individual business.

By embracing automated solutions, small business owners can save time, money and resources while being able to provide the best possible customer service. Automation solutions can provide invaluable solutions for small business owners, and utilizing them can ensure their business runs efficiently in the long run.

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Accessing Financing Options For Your Small Business

As a small business, managing your finances and accessing capital can be a daunting task. This is especially true during Small Business Week, when entrepreneurs are challenged to make the most of limited resources. Fortunately, there are several strategies you can use to meet the financial demands of your business.

Assessing Your Financing Needs

The first step to accessing funds for your small business is to assess your financial needs. Calculate the funds needed for your business operations, pay your suppliers and employees, as well as cover any short-term debts or expenses. Then, investigate which type of financing is best suited to meet your needs.

Eligibility Requirements for Financial Assistance

Once you have a better understanding of your business’s needs, you can start exploring different financing options. Traditional private and public funding, such as loans and grants, are all options. Do your research to figure out which programs you can qualify for and what their criteria are.

Reaching Out to Small Business Banks and Credit Unions

Local banks and credit unions are often good places to start looking for capital. Reach out to your local financial institutions to see if they offer any loan programs that could help your business. In addition, ask about any other financial services or advice they might provide to support your business goals.

Considering Alternative Financing Options

These days, there are more innovative ways to access capital for your small business. Platforms like crowdfunding, peer-to-peer lending, and online loan services can offer unsecured funding with fewer credit requirements. Even if you don’t qualify for traditional loans, these options should be considered.

Forming and Maintaining Relationships with Lenders

It’s important to stay organized when trying to secure funding for your small business. Make sure your financial information is up-to-date, and have a thorough understanding of lenders’ credit criteria. This will help them see you as a trustworthy borrower and can result in a beneficial relationship.

Example of a Successful Financing Story

Take the success story of Joe’s Pizza for example. Joe needed some additional capital to buy a pizza oven and hire more staff. He spent time researching different financing options and eventually, secured a loan from his local credit union. Joe and his business have since gone on to reach phenomenal success.

By taking the time to assess their financial needs, explore the various options available, and form relationships with lenders, small business owners can achieve the same success story. During Small Business Week, entrepreneurs are presented with an opportunity to expand and grow their business by staying informed and taking advantage of available funding sources.

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Building Your Online Presence & Networking Opportunities

We know that as a business owner, especially during small business week, it can be difficult to create connections, build relationships further your presence. However, there are a multitude of tools and resources out there to help entrepreneurs get to know their customers better, reach new potential customers and increase the visibility of their business. Here are some strategies you can deploy to leverage your online presence and network with others.

Leverage Social Media

Social media is an invaluable resource for entrepreneurs and small business owners. With popular platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more, you can get involved in industry conversations, promote your business and even collaborate with other entrepreneurs.

The key to managing and utilizing social media is identifying relevant hashtags used in the industry and connecting with like-minded business owners. Regularly tweeting and posting on your accounts is important but getting involved in meaningful conversations with other industry leaders and customers is even more valuable. This engagement not only shows you’re keeping up with trends and current events but also positions you as a trusted industry leader.

Develop an Effective Website

Your business website is a major part of your online presence. It is crucial to ensure your website is easy to navigate and contains the information customers expect. Using a modern theme and implementing user-friendly design conventions can make your website both aesthetically pleasing and informative.

Make sure to add up to date information about your business including a concise ‘About Us’ page as well as a portfolio showing what your business has to offer. It is important to outline specific services and features that differentiates you from the competition. Also consider configuring web search tools on your website to guarantee customers receive the most relevant results for their inquiries.

Use Online Resources to Research & Connect

In the internet age, entrepreneurs have the opportunity to connect with like-minded business owners at the click of a button. Sites like Eventbrite and Facebook can help you find business related events and networking opportunities in your local area or industry. Following successful entrepreneurs, attending events, participating in relevant conversations, and discussing current topics and trends can help you grow your network and collaboration potential.

Another tool to consider are community-based sites that link professionals and provide an opportunity to connect further. Examples of such platforms are Fan Gear, Accudat and Trade Events. These sites provide an ideal platform to display your skills and qualifications and build relationships with customers and other entrepreneurs.

Embrace Brand Communication

As a business owner, it is important to be able to effectively communicate your brand’s mission and message. Establishing a company voice and getting in front of the right audiences can help you better express your message, engage customers and build trust. Develop relationships with reporters and publications that cover small business, start an email newsletter and make sure to post regularly on all your social media accounts.

Expand Your Reach

When leveraging these resources to reach a larger audience, it is important to focus on creating quality content. If you are limited on time, consider automating posts and scheduling content to consistently reach customers. On the other hand, if you have extra time, consider creating video content and producing podcasts which is more engaging and can have a larger reach depending on the topic.

Reap the Benefits

Overall, by taking advantage of the right online resources and embracing brand communication, you can significantly increase visibility, foster growth, and lead to increased customer engagement, positive press and more opportunities to collaborate. During Small Business Week, or any other time of year, utilizing such strategies can help your business thrive and stand out from competing organizations.

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Finding Mentors & Inspiration in the Small Business Community

As a budding small business owner, the relationships you have make all the difference. Not only will they hold you accountable, but mentors and inspirational people can help your business reach the next level. During Small Business Week, use this time to find the vital mentors that can help take your business to its goal.

Understand the Value of Mentorship

Having the right mentors is integral for small businesses, as these experienced individuals provide insight into the business world that can’t be replicated in textbooks. They’re there to offer feedback, provide advice and to provide mentorship. Mentors can also promote your business and lend their contacts for referrals.

It is important to choose mentors who really understand your business and industry, as it will only make their advice more valuable. Such people can give invaluable advice that can truly shape the trajectory of your venture.

Locating Inspirational People

Finding mentors and inspirational people is the first step to optimizing the potential of your small business. The internet is a great starting point. LinkedIn, with its robust network and online community, is a great platform to find mentors and to create relationships that can extend far beyond Small Business Week.

You can also look to SCORE, an organization that provides free mentorship, and seminars, both online and in person. Finally, don’t forget about the importance of networking, attending meetings and conferences to meet like-minded people who can provide insight and advice.

Examples & Reflection

One of my most inspiring mentors is a long-time friend who is a successful business lawyer. Through his insights, I’ve learned the application of deeply-rooted business legal and management principles. His advice pushed me out of my comfort zone and his enthusiasm pushed me to seek out more mentors and experts in the industry.

I also learned the value of entrepreneur networking. I was amazed to see how the insight of a fellow startup founder provided a massive new perspective. His passion and innovation inspired me to use my resources differently for greater efficiency and results.


As Small Business Week comes to a close, you should reflect on the relationships you developed and how you can expand them. One way to do this is to attend workshops, conferences, and events that cater specifically to small businesses, as this will give you a wider range of resources and people who can help.

Another great way to find a mentor is to approach those who have business models the same or similar to yours. You’ll find the advice and insight especially useful, especially if the mentor has been in the business for a long time.

Sharing Your Insight

Finally, it is just as important to remember to share what you have learned. Approach budding entrepreneurs and give them the same advice that has been offered to you. Being a mentor to someone who is starting their first business will help you understand the experience from a different perspective.

By engaging with mentors and those within the small business world during this Small Business Week, you can use the resources and people at your disposal to take you and your business to the next level.

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Advice From Industry Experts On Growing Your Business

In recent years, Small Business Week has become a popular event for companies of all sizes to drive their businesses forward. As an entrepreneur, you want to make sure that you are well-equipped with the right resources and strategies to grow your business during the event. Here some valuable advice that industry experts have to say on the subject.

Identify Experts Who Are In the Field

One way to make sure that you are taking advantage of the potential offered by Small Business Week is to search out industry experts who specialize in small business growth. Reach out to these individuals for career and business advice as well as personalized tips on how to maximize your impact during the event. Get in touch with successful entrepreneurs and gather knowledge from their experiences. Prominent names and contact info of these experts can easily be found online through various business-related forums and websites.

Analyze & Use Available Resources

Small businesses are faced with an array of options when it comes to using available resources that could give their business the much-needed boost. Utilize social media such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to promote your business venture. Create email campaigns to announce your offers and reach out to potential clients. If you have the budget, you can also enroll in advertising and marketing agencies that specialize in digital marketing and web development.

Utilize Support Groups

Tapping into local small business networks and chambers of commerce is also a great way to build relationships and connect with other small business owners. Having a group of peers to share your challenges and successes with can be a great advantage. You may even consider forming part of a local Hubspot Community or participating in an annual event. Doing so can be a great networking opportunity and help keep your business updated with the latest trends in the industry.

Have a Flexible Business Plan

As with any business venture, having a detailed yet flexible business plan is essential. You need to understand that changes may be necessary for the well-being of your business, especially during Small Business Week. Have an action plan for the various industry trends and be prepared to pivot if things don’t go as expected. Monitor the progress of your strategies and adjust or adjust them in accordance with the situation.

Tell A Story

People respond better to stories and case studies. Let’s say you have previously conducted a successful Small Business Week event and your business flourished as a result. You can narrate your story to other entrepreneurs and show them how you were able to take advantage of the opportunities offered by networking and social media. This would be a great way to motivate business owners and provide them with useful strategies and tips.

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Best Practices For Building Your Brand

As a small business owner, taking part in Small Business Week is an excellent opportunity to showcase your business and your skills. Whether you’re a freelancer, a solopreneur or a brick and mortar business, building your brand will help draw attention to your business and get customers interested in what you have to offer. Here are some tips and strategies to help you get the most out of Small Business Week.

Establish a Professional Identity

Creating a professional brand is essential to setting your business apart from the competition. It starts with a clear mission statement and having a recognizable company logo that can be seen across all your platforms. A website and social media profiles are also necessary components of any professional brand, and you will want to make sure all your branding is consistent across all channels. Demonstrating your knowledge and expertise in your specific field will also help you build credibility and make potential customers feel comfortable working with you.

Utilize Social Media Platforms

Social media offers an incredible outlet for communicating with potential customers and generating interest in your business. From sharing relevant articles and posts to hosting giveaways and contests, it’s a great way to engage your target audience and spread the word about your company. Additionally, you may want to consider collaborating with other professionals in your field. This is a great way to help each other reach a wider audience and create content that resonates with viewers.

Engage All Stakeholders

Connecting with customers is key to building any successful business. Word-of-mouth referrals are powerful, and engaging with influencers who can help spread your message through their own channels is also a great way to reach a larger audience. Don’t forget to also connect with other small business owners – forming partnerships with like-minded entrepreneurs is a great way to mutually grow your respective businesses.

Determine Ways To Add Value

It’s easy to get caught up in promotions and discounts for Small Business Week, but creating a sustainable plan to add value to your product or services is key to long-term success. Quality products and services are always important to any customer, so offering personalized touches and additional services can help you differentiate yourself from the competition. Posting thoughtful blog posts and content that is beneficial and relevant to your readers can also help draw customers in and build trust.

Invest in Marketing and Advertising

Marketing and advertising are essential components of any successful business, and should not be overlooked. SEO-optimized website content will help your website rank higher in search engine results pages, while social media advertising can help you target the right customers. Finally, PPC (Pay-Per-Click) ads can be used to reach more people, although they may require a more substantial investment.

Ask For Help

Never be afraid to ask for help when you need it. Many local small business advocates and organizations are available to provide additional support, and connecting with your social network can help power the connection to potential customers. Similarly, never be afraid to reach out to like-minded business owners for tips and advice.

Develop a Customer Service Strategy

A strong customer service strategy is essential for any business. Not only does responding quickly and professionally to customer inquiries create trust with customers, but feedback from customers can also help you make improvements to your products and services. Additionally, creating a pleasant shopping experience can go a long way in keeping customers returning for more.

Keep Learning and Growing

The best businesses are those that stay informed on the latest trends and industry developments. Attending workshops and webinars, reading relevant blog posts, and conducting market research are all excellent ways to keep your business ahead of the competition. Keeping yourself educated and innovating your products and services to meet customer needs will ensure your business will always remain relevant and successful.

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As we wrap up Small Business Week with the Points Guy, I’m thankful for all that I’ve learned. As a small business owner, I now have the tools and strategies to ensure my business’s success. From leveraging technology and automation solutions to utilizing credit card reward programs and discounts, I have the framework to create a successful and inspiring business. Additionally, I’m equipped with the best practices for building my brand, accessing financing options, and networking with other businesses. Furthermore, by connecting with mentors and industry experts, I can continue to grow my business and reach new heights of success. Small Business Week with the Points Guy provided me with valuable resources and empowered me to continue on my journey of success.

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