Silkair Flight from Lombok to Singapore: An Honest Review

I recently had the pleasure of reviewing SilkAir’s journey from Lombok to Singapore and I wanted to share my overall experience with others. Through this post, I’ll be providing an overview of the route and aircraft types used, discussing pros and cons of travelling with SilkAir between these two destinations, fare prices and availability, onboard experience, amenities, quality of customer service, ground services in both arrival and departure airports, impressions from other passengers who had travelled this route, food options and recommended hotels near the airports at both locations. With this information, readers can better evaluate if this route is right for them. I hope this post is helpful to you!

Overview Of the Route & Aircraft Type Used By SilkAir For This Journey

SilkAir’s direct flight from Lombok to Singapore offers convenience and comfort for passengers looking for a stress-free journey between the two countries. Operating daily, the 2-hour flight departs from the Praya International Airport in Lombok and arrives at the Changi Airport in Singapore.

Depending on the day, the flight is usually operated with the latest Airbus A320 or Boeing 737 aircraft. The aircraft are modern and well-maintained, with plenty of legroom and overhead storage space. Plus, depending on the aircraft type, there are USB ports available to charge devices while in flight.

Gallery Class & Seat Selection Options

SilkAir offers ‘Gallery Class,’ which is an upgrade to the standard economy class service. This upgrade comes with a selection of premium services and all the amenities that come with a more luxurious experience. The seats found in the Gallery Class cost a bit more, but they definitely make the journey more comfortable, offering extra legroom.

For passengers who can’t afford to upgrade, there are always options when it comes to selecting your seat. SilkAir offers its passengers economy and exit row seating for particularly tall travelers or those who need extra legroom.

And for those who prefer the window seat, there is the option to select them when booking the flight. But, do keep in mind that Gallery Class offers the best view, with seat selection prioritized for those who have opted for the upgrade.

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Pros & Cons Of Travelling With SilkAir Between These Two Cities

Travelling from Lombok to Singapore can be a daunting prospect for those who have never been to the area before. Fortunately, SilkAir offers a range of short, two-hour direct flights between the two cities, making it an ideal option for those who are looking for a convenient and stress-free experience. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the various pros and cons of travelling with SilkAir between Lombok and Singapore.

Comfort & Luxury

One of the biggest advantages of flying with SilkAir between Lombok and Singapore is the level of comfort you’ll experience on board. With reclining leather seating, an impressive range of amenities, plentiful legroom and complimentary refreshments, you can be sure that no matter how long the flight, you’ll have an enjoyable journey.

Fast Flight Duration

The two-hour flight duration between these two cities is also an attractive prospect, as it’s possible to save time without sacrificing comfort. Whether you’re a business traveller looking to make a meeting in Singapore or have plans to explore something during the weekend, the speedy transport means that you can make the most of your time while en route.

Personalised Service

The cabin crew at SilkAir are renowned for their helpful nature and friendly attitude. From offering recommendations on the best food for leisure or business travellers to offering advice on arriving in the destination city, the highly-knowledgeable staff go above and beyond to ensure that your journey is stress-free.

Entertaining Options

A flight, no matter how short, can seem like a lengthy venture and become a bore if you’re not entertained. Fortunately, SilkAir has an impressive collection of entertainment options that are sure to keep your attention for two hours. From classic films, TV-series to a variety of music, podcasts and gaming options, there’s something for everyone’s tastes on board. However, it’s important to remember that no Wi-Fi connections are currently available on-board SilkAir flights.

Price Value

When it comes to price, SilkAir often offers discounts and promotional offers that can save money on your next flight. While it’s important not to judge a carrier solely on its price, it’s worth noting that it is one of the factors that can potentially save you money.

Inconvenient Delays & Cancellations

It’s important to highlight the fact that, while SilkAir tends to be reliable, there may be instances where flights are delayed or cancelled. When this happens, it can be both inconvenient and stressful, especially for those travelling for business. Those who are flying with a lot of personal belongings may also find that the experience is particularly disheartening.

Travelling with SilkAir from Lombok to Singapore has its advantages, from the convenience of being two hours long, to the great service, luxurious accommodation and in-flight entertainment. Nevertheless, there can be certain drawbacks such as delays and cancellations or the lack of Wi-Fi. As such, it’s important to take all factors into consideration before deciding on your next journey.

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Fare Prices & Availability For This Route

Booking flights from Lombok to Singapore with Silkair can be extremely affordable and convenient when taking advantage of their discounts and deals. As one of the leading airlines in Southeast Asia, Silkair has a massive selection of flights for varying budgets and preferences. Passengers have the choice to fly in Economy, Business, and Premium Economy classes―each with their own perks, amenities, and prices.

Fare Structure

Travelers opting for Economy receive complimentary meals, drink refreshments, and checked baggage allowances of up to 20kg. Business class includes more room to stretch out, leather seats and even bigger checked baggage allowances. Premium Economy seats feature more space and comfort, upgraded meals, and extra perks to spoil travelers. Each class guarantees the same superior flying experience with Silkair’s renowned safety regulations and attentive service.

Discounts & Loyalty Programs

On top of its already affordable fares, Silkair offers numerous discounts through various memberships and seat sales. First-time fliers can save big bucks with their promotional fares and exclusive bonuses. Silkair members and frequent flyers receive further reductions on already reduced fares.

Select travelers may be eligible for discounted seats such as military personnel and students. With student discounts and easy-payment schemes, young people can enjoy traveling with Silkair at a much reduced cost.

There are a variety of ways to save money with Silkair when booking flights for Lombok to Singapore or vice versa.

How to Save Money

For example, instead of booking an Economy ticket, a flight-seeker can opt for a Premium Economy fare that is discounted. Seat sales are also a great way to save on airfare while still experiencing Silkair’s superior services. Those who regularly fly with this airline can join its membership programs to access better ticket prices, receive more air miles, and benefit from special promotions.

Booking & Payment Channels

Whether its Economy, Business, or Premium Economy, Silkair offers an effortless booking experience with its online channels. After finding the right flight, passengers can use Silkair’s payment methods like Visa, Mastercards, American Express, or even PayPal for secure and hassle-free purchasing.

In conclusion, booking flights with Silkair from Lombok to Singapore is much easier with its range of exceptional fares and discounts. With their various ticket types and loyalty programs, travelers can easily book their perfect Silkair flight at cost-friendly prices.

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Onboard Experience, Amenities & Customer Service Quality Offered By SilkAir

Flying with SilkAir from Lombok to Singapore was an unbelievably pleasant experience. Here, I provide a detailed review of the onboard experience offered by SilkAir and the amenities provided by them.

In-Flight Entertainment

The in-flight entertainment offered by SilkAir was top-notch. There was an extensive library of films, TV shows, music, and books. Some of the most popular films available during flights included The Martian and Iron Man 3, as well as classic Disney films and a variety of international films. I felt like there was something available for all tastes, which was great.


The seats provided a comfortable and relaxing environment during the flight. The adjustable headrest, the adjustable lumbar support, and the climate control allowed me to stay comfortable throughout the flight. There was also plenty of legroom and space between the seats, which was great. I heard stories of other passengers who found the environment to be very comfortable, as well.

Onboard Food and Beverage

The onboard food and beverage options were great. There were plenty of meal choices to choose from, and the quality and taste of each dish were consistent throughout the flight. Additionally, special dietary options such as vegan and vegetarian were available. The meal selection was both varied and adequate for all passengers.

Flight Staff

SilkAir has great customer service. The staff was always polite, friendly, and professional. They were quick to respond to any requests or inquiries that I or other passengers had. As a result, my overall experience on the flight was extremely pleasant.

Overall Customer Satisfaction

SilkAir has consistently been rated positively by its customers. Surveys administered after flights are often filled with ratings of 4 and 5 stars, with many passengers praising the airline for its quality of service, comfort, and onboard amenities. Overall, SilkAir is an excellent airline that garners tremendous customer satisfaction.

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Ground Services At Both Airports (Arrival & Departure)

I had the pleasure of taking a SilkAir flight from Lombok International Airport to Singapore Changi Airport. This SilkaAir flight is a great way to travel between these two countries with excellent ground services at both airports.

At my arrival to Lombok International Airport, I was absolutely impressed with its first-class ground services. It was incredibly fast and convenient with transfers and the staff were always informative and let us know if there were any disruptions or changes in the flight schedule.

When I was departing from Singapore Changi Airport, I was delighted at the fully automated, electronic check-in system which had significantly reduced the queues. The immigration was also lightning-fast, making for a seamless boarding experience.

Experiencing The Flight In Comfort

Once I set foot into the plane, I was welcomed by Silkair’s hospitable and efficient cabin crew. The check-in process was quick and organized. All the amenities in the aircraft were spot on, creating a comfortable experience for all passengers. From the snack bar and magazines to the television channels — SilkAir had it all!

The flight to Singapore was made even more enjoyable as I could control my personal entertainment system with an array of selections. From music to films and TV shows, I was never bored and also had snacks served as extra services. Not to mention the adjustable headrest and extra legroom was incredibly comfortable.

Exciting Possibilities

Furthermore, Silkair offers their Fly-Thru services at Singapore Changi Airport which allows passengers to travel beyond Singapore while in transit. I could take advantage of this offer and continue to another destination without having to go through the hassle of customs and performing check-ins again and again.

All in all, SilkAir made my flight from Lombok to Singapore a career success from beginning to end. The ground services were top-notch, the food selection and in-flight entertainment made the experience worthwhile, and the staff could not have been more accommodating and kind on the flight.

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Impressions From Other Passengers Who Have Travelled This Route Previously

Passengers who have taken the Silkair flight from Lombok to Singapore have had mostly positive experiences. In interviews, they’ve described the quality of service, food, and on-board amenities as being of an excellent standard. The staff on board have been praised for their friendliness and attentiveness. According to a traveller who flew in business class, they felt they had been given top-notch treatment with both the in-flight entertainment and facilities posing no problems. Another first-class passenger recounted having the excellent experience of a full-stocked duty-free shop available on board.

Overall, the majority of people talking about their experiences with Silkair have had nothing but good things to say with some claiming it to be one of the best carriers they have flown with. People noted that the flight was comfortable and enjoyable, with little turbulence and no delays.

Unfortunately, not all travellers have had positive experiences. One passenger interviewing mentioned that the check-in process was unnecessarily difficult, taking twice as long as the other airlines’ check-in. Additionally, this passenger noted that the service and food were mediocre, with only average quality offerings. Furthermore, the entertainment on board was said to be lacking TVs, music, and movies, leading to an unenjoyable flight.

Challenges Experienced By Silkair on this Route

Multiple passengers have experienced problematic issues while travelling this route with Silkair. One passenger noted that the in-flight entertainment was terrible, with limited access to movies, music, and games. Additionally, this passenger reported that the service left much to be desired and the food had become inedible by the time it got to them. Furthermore, the wifi connectivity was said to be weak, making it difficult to perform even basic tasks.

Other passengers have complained about in-flight delays, uncomfortable seating, and unfriendly flight staff. In one instance, a passenger was left stranded at the airport for several hours due to the flight being delayed. The passenger noted that they had not been given a clear reason for the delay, leading to an increased level of frustration and dissatisfaction. Additionally, they complained that the seating was incredibly cramped and uncomfortable throughout the flight.

Are Changes Needed to Improve The Quality of the Flight?

Yes, changes do need to be made in order to improve the quality of the flight. Silkair should work to ensure that the check-in process is smoother and more efficient, that all flight staff are friendly and accommodating, and that any in-flight entertainment options are up-to-date and enjoyable. The airline should also take steps to ensure that delays are few and far between, with the majority of flights leaving and arriving on time. In terms of food, Silkair should work to ensure that their meals are of a high standard in terms of taste and temperature. Lastly, the airline should offer strong and reliable wifi connection on board.

Response to Passengers Complaints

Silkair has responded to the feedback given by its passengers on the Lombok to Singapore route. The airline states that they are constantly working to make improvements in terms of safety and comfort. To address delays, the company has stated their commitment to ensuring that all flights depart on time, while they have also improved the boarding process to make it more efficient and streamlined.

For complaints about the food, Silkair has improved their menu to provide greater flavour and texture. Additionally, they have upgraded their in-flight entertainment to provide more options and an overall more enjoyable experience. As a result of these changes, pending customer feedback has been more positive with passengers noting an improved level of service and amenities. Lastly, the airline has increased the number of staff on-board to provide more support throughout the flight.

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Food Options During The Flight

If you’re taking Silkair from Lombok to Singapore, you’ll definitely be spoilt for choice when it comes to food. On your way to Singapore, you can enjoy a hot breakfast, light snacks and a meal box with your choice of sandwiches or wraps. As a standard, most passengers receive the meal box shortly before landing, due to the typical flight duration.

Quality Of Food

Feedback and experiences of Silkair’s in-flight dining have been positive and have proven their meal quality to be worth the time and money. Most passengers have found the ingredients and seasonings of the meals to be fresh and filling.

Special Dietary Requirements

For those with dietary needs, they can opt to ask for special arrangements such as vegan, or gluten-free meals. Those who do opt for these meals will not be left wanting in terms of taste.


Passengers can also enjoy a drink of their choice which is either ordered or already served. The drink selection includes water, soft drinks, juices, beer and wine.

Other Amenities

To make the flight even more comfortable and enjoyable, Silkair also provides each passenger with a complimentary pouch of snacks and a bottle of water for them to enjoy during the flight.

An Example Of A Positive Experience On Silkair

A passenger on a recent Silkair flight from Lombok to Singapore commented that the flight was great, with a delicious meal box, drinks served upon request, and plenty of snacks throughout the flight. She mentioned that she was so impressed by the quality and variety of the food, and was really glad she chose Silkair to take her back home!

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Recommended Hotels Near The Airports At Both Locations

Being in the middle of a trip from Lombok to Singapore can often be exhausting, so having a great place to stay the night is more important than ever. Here we’re going to give you some advice on recommended hotels near both airports.

Singapore Airport

For those visiting Singapore, there are several great hotels to choose from located near the airport. One popular option is Park Hotel, which offers an impressive outdoor pool, and a gym and spa for those looking for a little pampering.

Lombok Airport

In the city of Lombok, Novotel Lombok is a great option for those staying near the airport. The hotel offers free Wi-Fi and a fitness center, as well as a large swimming pool and sun terrace.

Other Amenities And Activities

Many of the hotels in both Singapore and Lombok offer easy access to a variety of nearby attractions, including beaches, entertainment activities, and shopping experiences. In Singapore, Mustafa Centre and Singapore Shopping Centre are both within easy reach. In Lombok, you’ll find many beachside restaurants and areas to explore with local cultural activities.


The cost of these hotels can vary greatly, depending on the type of amenities you’re looking for and how close you are to the airport. Generally speaking, mid-range hotels are more cost efficient and give you more for your money close to the airport.

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Overall, flying with SilkAir from Lombok to Singapore is an enjoyable experience filled with wonderful amenities and stellar customer service. The aircrafts used for this particular route were comfortable, clean and spacious. Plus, I found the fare prices and availability of flights to be quite satisfactory. Onboard, I found the selection of amenities to be quite impressive and the food options were surprisingly tasty. The ground services at both airports were excellent too. It’s clear why other passengers who have previously taken this route had nothing but good things to say about SilkAir. With all these points in mind, I highly recommend flying with SilkAir between Lombok and Singapore.

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