Review Qantas First On An A380 Part 3 Return From Sydney

If you’re looking for a luxurious experience, you can’t go wrong with Qantas First on an A380. From food and beverage service to amenities and entertainment, I was truly impressed with my return trip from Sydney. From the cabin layout and seating options to safety and comfort measures, I found that this airline offers a great service for travelers. In this blog post, I’ll be reviewing Qantas First on an A380, focusing on the Part 3 return from Sydney. I’ll be discussing the overview of the airline experience, the cabin layout and seating options, food and beverage services, in-flight entertainment and wifi accessibility, luxurious amenities provided, customer service and overall experience, how to score discounts for your flight, best routes to take on your journey, safety and comfort measures during the flight, and tips for making your flight enjoyable.

Overview Of Qantas First On An A380 Part 3 Return From Sydney

Returning from Sydney back home was just as luxurious with Qantas First on the A380. With attentive, helpful staff and the highest quality in-flight amenities, the experience was unforgettable.

In-Flight Amenities

Qantas offers a range of amenities for their First Class passengers, starting from the pre-flight lounge access, through onboard dining and drinks, to the in-seat personal entertainment and Wi-Fi. For sleeping, the passengers in First Class are provided with a luxuriously comfortable mattress pad, plush pillow, and blanket for a relaxing sleep.

In the pre-flight lounge, passengers can enjoy a complimentary selection of snacks, drinks, and newspapers. Onboard, they are obviously treated to an extraordinary dining experience. In addition to the delicious Australian-style cuisine, the should definitely take advantage of the complimentary selection of beers, wines, and spirits available.

To keep them entertained (or connected) during the flight, they are provided with iPads and in-seat personal entertainment. Selected films, TV shows, and music can be streamed directly to a passenger’s laptop or iPad. They also have access to pre-loaded magazines and newspapers.

In addition, Qantas provides a turn-down service for their first class passengers. This means that when it’s time for their rest, the cabin crew can help make the absolute best of their sleep with a little extra personal care.


The Qantas First onboard experience on the A380 is designed to be peaceful and enjoyable from the moment they board. The large, quiet cabin and ample storage space gives passengers a chance to relax in total peace and quiet. Additionally, the love their SkyBed seats – the long-haul aisle seat especially is something else.

The SkyBed seats are a thing of absolute luxury. With an adjustable headrest and massage function, curl-up blankets, pillows, and mattress pads – sleep deprivation due to long-haul flights is definitely a thing of the past! And with flexible seating, passengers can choose to be alone or with a companion. This is really something worth talking about!

Cleanliness And Safety

Qantas takes cleanliness and safety by the utmost importance. In the era of COVID-19, paramount importance is placed on stringent protocols and procedures to ensure that their A380s are sanitised and safe for everyone. On-board the aircraft, a comprehensive cleaning process is conducted prior to takeoff, continuous disinfection is done by cabin crew and HEPA air filtration systems are used to ensure that the air onboard is fresh and purified.

Passengers can remain sure that they are safe while they are on board as Qantas also implements stringent check-in procedures, such as temperature checks and Passenger Health Declarations, to keep those travelling with them safe.

Flight Experience

The Qantas First experience is all about comfort, convenience, and luxury. From starting their journey in the lounges and boarding the plane with priority check-in, to return home after a long flight in a stress-free and luxurious environment, everything is tailored for their convenience.

Whole experience of flying First Class with Qantas is designed to be seamless and stress-free. The attentive staff, the impeccably clean aircraft, the sumptuous meals, and the wide range of entertainment options, all come together to make the flight an enjoyable experience.

The experience on an A380 with Qantas First for those travelling long-haul is absolutely unbeatable. There’s plenty of room, the seats are comfortable and adjustable, the crew are helpful, the food and drinks are served to global standards, and there’s a great selection of entertainment means starting your journey or return home isn’t something you’re dreading!

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The Cabin Layout And Seating Options

My experience flying Qantas First Class A380 was one of the most remarkable journeys I have ever taken and it all started with the amazing cabin and seating layout. The reverse herringbone layout offers a total of 14 suites in this class. Each suite offers a 1-2-1 configuration with 22-inch wide seats, 1.5 metres of bed length and 10-inch HD Entertainment Screen. There is also plush carpeting and comfortable furnishings that make it feel like a home away from home.

When I flew, I had the option of choosing between Window Suite and Middle Suite. While I chose the Middle Suite for easy access to the aisle, many customers opt for the Window Suite for a greater sense of privacy.

In-Seat Power Sockets and Beverages

No matter which suite I chose, I had the pleasure of experiencing the amazing amenities and service that Qantas First Class A380 offers. On board, I had access to In-Seat Power sockets with USB ports. Additionally, I was provided a wide range of complimentary beverages and amenities. These included amenity and dining kits, slippers, eye masks, ear plugs and much more.

An Unforgettable Experience

One of the most memorable experiences I had during my travels with Qantas First Class A380 was my return journey from Sydney. This return journey was in many ways the highlight of my entire trip. During my flight, I experienced great service from the personnel on board and an atmosphere that felt as though no one had ever come before.

The sense of luxury, comfort and privacy that I experienced during my return leg was something that I will never forget. Qantas First Class A380 made it feel like I was living a dream and the staff on board were friendly and attentive throughout.

Flying Qantas First Class A380 is an experience that will last a lifetime. The cabin and seating layout, in-seat power sockets and beverages, and the amazing service from the personnel on board create an unforgettable experience. From the moment I stepped into the cabin, I knew that I would remember this journey for years to come.

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Food & Beverage Service

The food and drinks onboard a Qantas first class flight on an A380 are of a superior quality. Qantas offers a range of hot and cold dishes, which are created daily and are inspired by the freshest, locally sourced ingredients. A selection of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are available, and custom orders can be requested.

The staff were attentive and prompt with their delivery of food and beverages. They had a friendly demeanor, which really added to the overall experience.

Upgrade Options

Qantas offers several unique upgrade options for its first class passengers. These include free refills of alcoholic drinks, complimentary snacks, and priority boarding.

Qantas Lounge Access

The Qantas Lounge that is located at Sydney Airport is an oasis of luxury. The lounge area is beautiful and soothing, and it is equipped with state-of-the-art amenities such as complimentary Wifi, spa services, and food options.

Entertainment Options

The entertainment options onboard a Qantas flight are top-notch. There is a wide selection of movies, TV shows, and music available. Each seat has an iPad with touchscreen selection options, allowing passengers to quickly find and enjoy what they want to watch. Additionally, the new, cloud-based streaming system makes it even easier to find and watch whatever movies and shows passengers desire.

Review Qantas First On An A380 Part 3 Return From Sydney

In-Flight Entertainment & Wifi Accessibility

When taking a Qantas Flight on an A380, I was presented with a number of choices in what to entertain myself with during the flight. Qantas provides seatback television featuring a range of movies, TV shows, music, and podcasts for passengers to enjoy their journey. For passengers who like to stay connected to the outside world, there is also access to wifi aboard the plane via the Qantas Wi-Fi Hub. With this, I was pleasantly surprised to find a wide selection of high-quality content to choose from, along with innovative interactive features such as a movie director tour and destination guides.

The wifi provided by the Qantas Wi-Fi Hub was reliable, allowing me to easily stay connected throughout the flight. The Wi-Fi Hub included unlimited streaming of popular apps and fast browsing speeds for surfing the web. On one of my flights, I was even able to use the Wi-Fi Hub to Facetime my friends and family, which was an enjoyable and convenient experience.

Having experienced the satisfaction and convenience of Qantas’ in-flight entertainment, I can definitely recommend this service to all travelers. On my return flight from Sydney to Auckland, I was able to easily find the movie I wanted to watch, and the Qantas Wi-Fi Hub provided quick and reliable connections for my streaming needs. It was a truly enjoyable experience and I look forward to my next Qantas flight.

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Luxurious Amenities Provided By Qantas

For those First-class travelers who yearn for nothing but the best onboard air travel experience, Qantas Airways is the ideal airline to fly with. Its First-class private suites come with ultra-luxurious amenities and services, ensuring your journey is as comfortable, enjoyable, and relaxing as possible.

Private Suites

The Qantas A380 First-class private suites take air travel to the next level. Each suite comes with an extensive range of features and amenities, such as full flat-beds with adjustable lighting and privacy dividers, contemporary leather and fabric upholstery, as well as personal LCD screens. In addition, passengers also receive comfortable sleep suits and five-star dinner menus, along with access to 1000+ entertainment options.

To experience the luxury of the private suites for yourself, consider this example. One passenger, Matthew, took a return flight from Sydney to London, a distance of 17,358 miles (27,905 km). After he checked into the exclusive Qantas First-class lounge, he had the opportunity to personalize his private suite and take advantage of the meals and entertainment options available. Conceivably, Matthew could have spent over 24 hours in the private suite enjoying all the amenities, arriving in London feeling refreshed and relaxed.

Exceptional, Personalized Service

Qantas First-class service is all about providing the most personalized experience possible, designed to make an already luxurious journey even more convenient and comfortable. Every attendant strives to make each passenger feel truly special, and they go the extra mile to make sure that the needs and desires of each traveler are met.

The Qantas First-class experience starts the moment you check into the exclusive Qantas lounge, where passengers can customize their seating on the plane and make meal preferences. This personal touch can make an otherwise complicated situation feel more manageable, and a great example of this is Jack, one of Qantas’s returning customers. With Jack’s disability, he often finds traveling difficult, but the personalized service from check-in to disembarkation made his journey much smoother. With the help of the cabin crew, he was able to select a seat and make special requests that more comfortably accommodated his needs.

In-Flight Entertainment

To make the journey more captivating, Qantas provides a wide range of interactive in-flight entertainment options. These cutting-edge features range from the latest blockbuster movies, live sporting matches, television shows, and children’s programming, to a comprehensive library of music albums, podcasts, and games. This expansive selection gives travelers something new to look forward to on their every trip.

Take Judi, for instance. On her return flight from Sydney to London, she was thrilled by the generous selection of movies from the latest blockbusters. Although the flight was enjoyable, Judi couldn’t help but admit that the in-flight entertainment made the journey even more special for her. Thanks to this wide range of options, she was able to watch some of her favorite films and shows right at the comfort of her private suite.

Flying with Qantas Airways’ First-class service grants you access to some of the most luxurious amenities and services the airline has to offer. With its private suites, exceptional personalized service, and in-flight entertainment selection, you can be sure that your journey will be incomparably comfortable and uniquely memorable.

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Customer Service & Overall Experience

Travelling with Qantas First on an A380 has been a positive experience. The priority check-in process was efficient, and the staff was warm and friendly. The staff was also available during boarding, ensuring a seamless entry onto the plane.

Boarding: Priority Boarding

Qantas First has a priority boarding protocol. As soon as I stepped onto the plane, I was directed to the First Class lounge. At the lounge, I received a warm welcome from the staff who were more than happy to answer all my queries about the flight. The lounge also offered snacks, water and juices, allowing me to unwind before the flight.

Cabin & Seats

On board the A380, I settled into the comfortable Sky Bed business class seat, which has a memory foam mattress, a side bolsters and premium bed sheets. Additionally, the seat was equipped with noise-cancelling headphones as well as USB charging ports and a mini-bar. I was also provided with slippers and full-size pillows with pillowcases.

The cabin layout was modern and luxury with all the trimmings. It included a full-service bar where I could enjoy not just drinks and snacks, but also meet other travelers.

Meal Services

Meal services on the return flight were excellent. I was offered a range of hot and cold meals, as well as snacks and drinks throughout the flight. I also had the option of pre-ordering my meals prior to the flight.

The meals were of high quality and delicious. Some of the dishes I savored included creamy rock lobster with artichoke mousse, seared chicken with sweet soy sauce and porcini mushroom risotto. I also enjoyed a range of wines, both international and domestic, as well as a selection of spirits.


The entertainment options on board were endless. The in-flight entertainment system offers a wide range of movies, TV shows and music. I particularly enjoyed the interactive games, which kept me occupied throughout the flight.

Crew Service

Throughout the flight, the cabin crew was extremely attentive and responsive. They were all very friendly and helpful and did their utmost to ensure the comfort of all the passengers. They were always available to answer any queries and help out with any tasks.

I definitely had an outstanding experience with Qantas First on an A380 and would highly recommend it for overseas travelers.

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How To Score Discounts For Your Flight

Qantas Airways offer world-class service on their A380 planes, equipped with all modern amenities to make your journey comfortable, relaxing and super luxurious. To ensure a cost-effective travel plan, here are a few tips for scoring discounts for your Qantas First flight:

Research for Promo Codes

: For Qantas First on A380 flights, research online for various coupon codes and promotional deals. These are all available on various sites, blogs and forums. Make sure to check the validity of the code and if it’s applicable for your flight.

Watch Deals

: Monitor travel websites and social media networks like Twitter for any sale alerts or discount offers for Qantas flights. To stay updated, sign up for their newsletter or follow the official Qantas accounts.

Book Early

: Beat the rush and book your tickets as early as possible, at least several days or weeks prior to the departure date. Doing so may result in discounts and other promotional benefits which are exclusive to early birds. Qantas Airlines even offer discounted rates for business class bookings prior to the flight date.

Redeem Points

: Are you a frequent flyer with Qantas Airlines? If so, you’ll earn points whenever you use their services. These points can be redeemed at any time and you can enjoy amazing discounts on your Qantas First flight on A380 with these priviledges.

Stay Connected

: The final tip is to stay connected with the official Qantas website or their social media accounts. Most of the times, these channels are the first to notify their flying customers when there’s any upgrade or sale deals going on. So keep an eye out and you could just miss a chance to book yourself a really great deal or a special flash sale.

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Best Routes To Take On Your Journey

Itching to take off and start your journey? Whether you are looking for the fastest route or the most luxurious experience, Qantas has the A380 flights you need. Let’s delve deeper into 3 of the most popular routes you can take on your way back from Sydney:

Sydney To Dubai On The QF1 Flight

This Qantas flight is offered as one-way or round-trip and takes you to Dubai with a stop en route. From this hub, you can take off to explore the wonders of the Middle East. The flight schedule is tailored to what suits you, with daily departures so you can take the opportunity to extend your stay away or just drop in for a day.

Sydney To Los Angeles On The QF12 Flight

The next leg of your journey is the QF12 flight that takes you from Sydney to Los Angeles. This route is one of the quickest, taking a mere 16 hours gate to gate, and is offered as one-way or round-trip. On board, the first class cabins are packed with luxurious amenities that you can take advantage of along the way, such as private suites, entertainment, and extra-comfy seating options.

Sydney to London On The QF2 Flight

Finally, the longest of the three routes is the QF2 to London from Sydney. Again, you can book a one-way or round-trip, and the flight time is around 25 hours gate-to-gate. Before takeoff, you can settle into the largest in-class first-class seating available, complete with recliner chairs and extra privacy curtains for those long-haul flights.

No matter which route you choose, Qantas’ A380 Qantas First service ensures you get the best possible journey to your destination. From the delicious meals to the generous baggage allowance and a selection of fine wines, they have thought of everything to make your trip a luxurious one. With Qantas, your return journey from Sydney is sure to be a comfortable and unforgettable experience.

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Safety & Comfort Measures During The Flight

I flew with Qantas First on A380, and it proved to be an incredible experience. The overall safety and comfort level during the flight was better than expected. The cabin crew were responsive and available to help throughout the journey. They provided timely attention and ensured that all passengers had attained their seat belts and luggage before take-off.

On the flight, there was an ample amount of legroom, with comfortable partitions between rows which allowed for extra privacy and comfort. The added quilts and pillows provided additional comfort throughout the flight. There was adequate oxygen supply, and proper emergency exits and masks were available in case of any emergencies.

During take-off, there was a moderate amount of noise coming from the airplane. But it was not too loud as to be uncomfortable. After take-off, the noise gradually reduced and gave way to a calm ambience inside the cabin.

Cabin Staff & Customer Service

The cabin staff were friendly and knowledgeable. They welcomed passengers on board and provided an efficient boarding process. Furthermore, they made sure to answer all queries related to our seat preferences, in-flight entertainment and meals with punctuality and thoughtfulness.

I had a great experience on board. Once, an elderly passenger asked for help in finding a seat closer to the front of the plane. The cabin staff quickly attended to her request, much to her appreciation. This example goes to show that Qantas has competent cabin staff who provide good customer service to ensure a comfortable journey for all.

In-Flight Entertainment & Recreation

On-board, there was ample room for recreation. Qantas provided a range of in-flight entertainment options, including movies, music, games and more. The entertainment ran for the duration of the flight, giving everyone the opportunity to choose what pleases them.

Additionally, the airline offered other exciting options for passengers to enjoy during the journey, such as podcasts, magazines, books and newspapers. For those who wanted a peaceful break from the hustle and bustle of the plane ride, there was a pleasant zone for relaxation.


The third and final leg of my flight with Qantas First on A380 was nothing short of fantastic. From the smoothness of the boarding procedures to the comfort and hospitality of the cabin staff, the airline left no stone unturned to ensure that my journey was unforgettable.

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Tips For Making Your Flight Enjoyable

Flying in Qantas First is quite a luxurious experience, and you should make the most of it. Here are some ways to make sure your return flight from Sydney to your destination is enjoyable and stress-free.

Book a Seat With Additional Space

Flying in Qantas First, you can upgrade to a seat with more legroom and lumbar support by booking Economy Skybeds. These seats are 20 inches wide and offer 5 inches of extra legroom. With this added comfort and space, however, comes an added cost. But if you’re looking for a more comfortable and relaxing flight, it may be worth it.

Opt For Priority Check-In

Priority check-in is a great way to reduce stress and make your check-in experience smoother. Especially for a longer flight, it’s great to be able to get through check-in quickly, ensuring that you can get some rest and be well rested before the flight. You can usually sign up for priority check-in in advance on the Qantas website.

Bring Your Own Entertainment

Onboard, you can enjoy movies, games and even books through the Qantas inflight entertainment system. If you know what you want to watch, you can plan ahead and find out what is playing before boarding. You could also bring your own entertainment in the form of books, movies, or games. Just make sure you comply with the airline’s restrictions on portable devices and don’t forget your headphones.

Be Prepared for the Time Change

You will be on the return flight from Sydney for a few hours, so you should plan ahead for any time changes you might experience. Using the time change calculator tool on Qantas’ website, you can see how long the flight is time wise. It’s best to start preparing for the time change a few days before your trip. Start setting your lifestyle routine to a clock that is closer to the destination time zone. This will help ease any jet lag you may experience.

Take Advantage of Airport Amenities

At the airport, you can take advantage of a range of amenities. Airport lounges offer a more relaxing atmosphere and can often be found at discounted rates. Additionally, there are often discounted shops and restaurants in the terminal. Sign up for Qantas’ lounge membership ahead of time to take advantage of their great deals.

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Traveling on a Qantas A380 flight is a luxurious and comfortable experience, and a great way to explore Australia and beyond. From the generous cabin layout and seating options, to the quality food and beverage service, to the fantastic in-flight entertainment and wifi accessibility, Qantas truly provides first-class travel. What’s more, their customer service is second-to-none, and they always go the extra mile to make sure their passengers have a great journey.

The best part is that it is possible to score great discounts on your flight if you shop around. All in all, Qantas offers luxurious experiences with the best routes to get to your destination safely and comfortably.

Nothing can beat the experience on board a Qantas A380. Whether you’re traveling for leisure or business, you’re sure to have an unforgettable journey.

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