Review Qantas First Class on an A380 Part 1: An Overview

This post will provide a comprehensive review of Qantas’ A380 First Class service, with a focus on the amenities, dining options, luxury features, in-flight entertainment, extended legroom, and privacy features. I will also share my overall impression of flying first class on Qantas’ A380 aircraft, highlighting the pros and cons of this experience. Whether you plan on taking a business trip in the near future, or are just curious about the luxuriousness of first class, you’ll be sure to find something of value in this review. So let us now explore the heights of first class comfort on board a Qantas’ A380!

Overview of Qantas’ A380 First Class Service

Qantas’ A380 First Class services offer travelers an elite, luxurious, and enjoyable experience in the skies. The A380 is a double-decker airplane and traveling in the First Class cabin of this aircraft provides passengers with a truly immersive experience. From their reclinable-seats-turned-beds to the dining and entertainment options, Qantas has gone the extra mile to ensure a comfortable and fun flight.

Seat Design

The A380 First Class cabin is designed with an intimate and personal feel in mind, providing suite-like private cabins with comfortable seating, ample storage space and privacy features for passengers. The fully-reclinable seats have individual air vents and adjustable lighting, plus ample legroom and space to lay down flat. There are also two large, comfortable ottomans which can be used as a space for another person to sit, or to store extra luggage. In addition, each seat is equipped with power and USB ports, allowing travelers to remain connected and charging during the flight.

Bedding and Amenities

Qantas offers First Class passengers a selection of en-suite amenities to make the flight even more enjoyable. These include a selection of on-demand entertainment options, noise-cancelling headphones, feather-soft pillows and duvet, and a complimentary blanket and eye mask for each passenger.

In addition, passengers can choose from a range of on-board amenities, such as priority boarding and disembarkation, in-flight mobile connectivity with multiple Wi-Fi networks, an amenity kit, and an abundance of pre-selected reading material.

À La Carte Menu

Qantas A380 First Class passengers can enjoy a variety of à la carte menu offerings, featuring the freshest seasonal ingredients and flavors. Guests can choose from a gourmet selection of entrees, sides, and desserts all prepared in small batches by their on-board chefs. From classic Australian dishes like grilled Cape Grim beef tenderloin and Darling Downs lamb cutlets, to more global options like curried sea bass and eggplant ragout with quinoa, there’s something for everyone.

In addition to the à la carte menu, Qantas’ A380 First Class passengers are also offered an assortment of buffet-style foods, from salads and sandwiches to pastas and fresh seafood.

In-Flight Entertainment

Qantas A380 First Class passengers can enjoy an array of entertainment options on demand, including a selection of movies and television shows, music albums, and games. Passengers can also access a number of audio and video channels, radio stations, and podcasts.

In addition, passengers have access to the Qantas In-flight Entertainment System. This system allows passengers to control the content they watch and listen to, while keeping track of their favorite shows and movies in the MyQ app. Passengers can also use the in-flight Wi-Fi to work remotely or connect with their family and friends.

Customer Experiences

Customers who have recently flown on Qantas’ A380 First Class have shared stories of their experiences, which paint an overall picture of comfort and luxury. Many have shared that the A380 is one of the best ways to travel in the sky, citing its comfy seats, international cuisine, and superior entertainment options as among the highlights of the trip.

Customers have also praised the attentive and friendly service of the staff and have noted their willingness to cater to the needs of passengers. These included offering hot towels for freshening up during the flight, helping with meal selections and arranging for any additional amenities.


Overall, Qantas’ A380 First Class service is an excellent option for those seeking the ultimate luxury experience in the skies. It offers customers an impressive selection of amenities and services, all while keeping them comfortable and connected to the world below. Those who want to feel pampered and indulge in an unforgettable flight can do so with Qantas A380’s first-class service, as it is certainly worth the extra cost.

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Amenities Included in First Class

Qantas First Class is the ultimate travel experience. On board Airbus A380s, flying First Class comes with an array of amenities designed to make your trip as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.


The First Class cabin promises an undeniably luxurious experience. Oversize leather seats with adjustable leg rests make flying First Class surprisingly comfortable, with ample legroom and even the option to transform your seat into a flat bed for sleeping when you need it.

Food and Beverage

Your trip won’t be complete without sampling some of the delicious options offered in the First Class menu. Enjoy a three-course meal to satisfy your appetite, made with fresh ingredients and sourced from local Australian suppliers. And be sure to celebrate with a selection of top-shelf alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages from around the world.


Unwind with a private 15” touchscreen monitor, equipped with on-demand movies, television shows and an extensive selection of online magazines and newspapers for your enjoyment. Your entertainment needs will be taken care of during the whole trip.

Personal Amenities

Qantas provide pillows, blankets, headphones and pajamas for all First Class passengers. You’ll have access to a variety of high-end skincare, haircare, and dental hygiene products, ensuring you feel and look your best before, during and after the flight.

Other Benefits

In addition to the in-flight amenities, Qantas First Class passengers are in for a few extra perks. Before and after the flight, you’ll have access to the First Class lounge, giving you an exclusive space to relax and unwind. While on board, benefit from complimentary Wi-Fi to stay connected. And when you arrive at either end of the journey, take advantage of the complimentary chauffeur service to and from the airport.

Qantas First Class offers a luxurious and unforgettable experience to get you to your destination in comfort and style. Next time you want to travel in the lap of luxury, you know where to look.

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Onboard Dining Options for First Class Passengers

Qantas A380 First Class flights truly offer the ultimate in luxury travel. Passengers will be able to enjoy a high-end culinary experience from the moment they board the plane. Qantas offers a selection of award-winning Australian and international cuisines available for their first-class passengers.

Taste the Best Australia has to Offer

Australian cuisine is recognised worldwide for its distinctive flavours, beautiful presentation, and seasonal ingredients. Qantas offers a delicious menu of Western-style dishes that range from light and refreshing salads to succulent cranberry-glazed lamb chops.

Pass passengers can also enjoy exquisite Chinese dishes like garlic

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Luxury Features in the First Class Seats

Qantas Airlines first class on A380 is a truly luxurious, comfortable experience. The ergonomically ­designed leather seats are a step above ordinary aircraft seating. The seat reclines to a full 180 degrees which is like having a luxurious bed you can relax in.

High-Tech Entertainment System

Every first-class passenger has a personal entertainment system with a wide range of movies, television shows, music, and magazine options. Plus, Qantas adds additional luxury with noise-­canceling headphones and mood lighting.

Delicious Food and Beverages

When you fly first class with Qantas, you’ll enjoy gourmet meals prepared by award-winning chefs. The menu includes the finest main course and side dishes available, as well as delicious drinks to enjoy from champagne to red and white wines, and a selection of spirits. The airline also provides antipasto and cheese platters to indulge in during the flight.

Private Airport Lounge Access

First class passengers receive exclusive access to private airport lounges. The lounges include comfortable seating areas where passengers can relax, dine, and enjoy free Wi-Fi before their Qantas flight. Qantas offers an excellent example of such a private lounge experience, featuring a full-service restaurant, bar, shower facilities, and business facilities.

Making the right choice for a long-haul flight can be tough, but Qantas makes luxurious first class on A380 a no-brainer. With its comfortable seats and added entertainment, fine dining options, and private lounge access, this is the first class experience that dreams are made of.

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In-Flight Entertainment System for First Class Travelers

With the introduction of Qantas’s A380 First Class experience, travelers now have access to an immersive and tech-savvy in-flight entertainment system. The system is designed with the latest high definition touch screen unit powered by Panasonic, providing first class travelers with a selection of movies, music, TV series, and audio channels.

For added convenience, the in-flight entertainment system also comes with Bluetooth headphones and USB charging ports, which allows travelers to stay connected with their own devices. Furthermore, the system offers an interactive map with world-wide coverage, a variety of interactive games, and access to the internet via Wi-Fi.

Testimonials From Real Travelers

The in-flight entertainment system has received positive reviews from travelers who have experienced it firsthand.

One traveler stated that with the in-flight entertainment system, she felt like she was transported to her own home theater. She said that the selection of movies, music, and TV shows available was great and that the interactive features made the flight entertaining and enjoyable.

Another traveler praised the interactive functions offered by the in-flight entertainment system. He said that he was able to stay up-to-date with all the world-wide news and that the online games and interactive maps kept him entertained throughout the flight. Lastly, he said that the convenience of having a USB charger, power outlets, and Bluetooth headphones added to the comfort and enjoyment of the flight.

An Exceptional First Class Experience

Qantas’s in-flight entertainment system is an exceptional addition to the First Class traveler experience. This immersive entertainment system provides travelers with a selection of movies, music, and TV programs, along with access to the internet and interactive features. The system also offers USB ports, power outlets, and Bluetooth headphones for added convenience.

Overall, travelers who have experienced the First Class entertainment system have consistently praised it for its rich selection and interactive features. This system helps to make flights comfortable and enjoyable, contributing to a more pleasurable traveling experience. For travelers seeking an exceptional in-flight experience, the in-flight entertainment system provided by Qantas’s A380 First Class is an ideal option.

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Extended Legroom for First Class Customers

When flying First Class aboard the Qantas A380, customers are provided with an extra-special experience that starts from the moment they embark at the airport. Not only do they get priority boarding, but they also get the added benefit of having extended legroom with lie-flat beds designed to create a better night’s sleep.

The lie-flat beds can be adjusted between 78 inches and 86 inches in length, so that even tall passengers can stretch out and get comfortable in the air. All seats are also fitted with lumbar and adjustable headrests, so the customer can further ensure their comfort throughout the flight.

In-flight Entertainment

The in-flight entertainment options provided during First Class flights on the A380 are absolutely top-notch. Customers are provided with a 10.4-inch touchscreen which allows them to access over 600 movies, 130 television shows and 230 music albums. Each seat has its own custom-built media console so that customers can watch what they want without being distracted by fellow passengers.

A range of amenities are also provided on board, including noise-canceling headphones and a blanket, so that customers can relax in comfort.

Personalised Service

Personalised service is a hallmark of a First Class flight with Qantas. The experienced crew on board is dedicated to ensuring that customers get the best possible experience throughout the journey.

For example, one customer with a disability was given priority boarding and extra space to accommodate her needs. She was also provided with a wheelchair for her to use after boarding and disembarking. She was extremely grateful for the friendly and attentive service aboard a Qantas First Class flight.

Overall, customers who choose to fly First Class aboard a Qantas A380 can expect to have an unforgettable experience of ultimate comfort, luxury and personalised service.

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Enhanced Privacy When Flying in First Class

Being in a separate cabin from the rest of the aircraft, First Class passengers can experience extra privacy due to the special screens and curtains which are used to separate them from the other passengers. Sitting in the luxury of your own section, the environment has been thoughtfully designed to make you feel relaxed and comfortable.

Spacious Seats with Exceptional Comfort

The seats are incredibly spacious, with added height and width compared to those in Economy Class cabins. Plush seat fabrics and leather-faux leather upholstery provide super comfort and ultra-soft padding to ensure maximum comfort during the flight.

State-of-the-Art Noise Reduction Technology

The sound insulation and sound dampening technology incorporated in the cabin is designed to minimize background noise and provide a quiet environment. Noise from the aircraft’s engines and other cabin disturbances are both greatly reduced due to the special material which has been installed in the roof and walls of the aircraft.

Enjoy Personalized Service

The cabin crew staff of Qantas has set their own standards when it comes to customer service and are always eager to provide personalized attention to First Class passengers. The team is attentive, professional and friendly, keeping things running smoothly and efficiently throughout the flight.

Luxury Amenities

The amenities on offer are well beyond what you would expect in your average Business or Economy Class cabin. With custom lighting, noise cancelling headphones and complimentary toiletries, you will have everything you could possibly need during the flight.

Try out the Unique Food and Beverage Offering

The menu goes above and beyond, with a wide variety of options for meals and snacks. The ingredients used in the dishes are sourced from only the finest producers in Australia, assuring the highest quality of food for travelers.

Relax in Spacious Lavatories

The lavatories have been designed with First Class passengers in mind, featuring larger countertops and additional storage space. The cabin staff have also stocked them with items such as refreshment towels and amenities packs.

Overall, flying with Qantas First Class on an A380 is a luxurious and memorable experience. From the comfort of your seat to the personalized attention of the cabin crew staff, you will truly feel the difference of a premium airline.

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Overall Impression of Flying First Class on Qantas’ A380 Aircraft

From the beginning of the flight experience, it’s obvious that flying first class in Qantas’ A380 aircraft is an affair which will surpass the expectations of any traveler. Upon walking in, the cabin’s unparalleled design stands out with mahogany walls, leather chairs and stylish details that create a luxurious yet cozy atmosphere. At the same time, the flight experience is nothing short of extraordinary due to the 66” pitch and 21.5” wide seat in a 1-2-1 configuration, allowing for optimal comfort during a long-haul flight. Little details such as 23-inch personal TVs with on demand entertainment and personal mini-bars add to the magic of the journey.

Comforts and Noticable Differences in Flying First Class

Being able to settle into the seat of a first-class flight allows for a comfortable and effortless experience. It starts with being able to stow away personal items like purses and laptops in the ottoman compartment right away. During the flight, passengers can rest easier knowing that they have access to a variety of amenities typically associated with first-class flights such as pajamas and eye masks, a Salvatore Ferragamo beauty kit, a pillow menu, and even a mini-bar with sparkling wine, beer, and snacks.

In terms of entertainment, the Qantas’ A380 aircraft offers a wide selection of movies, television shows, and music. The personal TVs provide a pleasant distraction during long flights and are quite large, coming in at 23-inches. The movie selection is regularly updated, making sure passengers can watch the latest releases.

Quality of Service on Qantas’ A380

One of the most appreciated features of flying first class is the quality of service this flight experience provides. The flight attendants are highly professional, efficient and attentive when it comes to meeting any passenger’s needs. Whether it is help with more difficult tasks like navigating the meal options, or smaller things like topping off a drink, the flight staff takes care of all the details during the journey.

Perhaps one of the most famous features of Qantas’ A380 is the access to its highly-lauded lounge room on the lower deck. This unique amenity gives passengers the chance to relax, converse, or watch a movie in a more spacious environment.

Overall, flying first class with Qantas’ A380 aircraft leaves travelers with an experience they will never forget. From the cabin design and seating arrangement, to the comforts, entertainment, and top-notch quality of service, passengers are sure to be completely satisfied with their flight.

review qantas first class on an a380 part 1

Pros and Cons of Flying First Class with Qantas

Qantas has long been regarded as one of the best premium airlines in the world – but what is it really like to fly first class? From individualized seating to premium services and extra luggage allowance, this article will outline some of the benefits of flying first class with Qantas on the A380, as well as provide a few tips for getting the most out of the experience.


When it comes to flying first class, there are no compromises. Passengers are provided with the best in comfort, luxury, and amenities. Each seat has ample space and is set up like a personal cocoon, with cozy bedding and privacy dividers. You also have access to wide array of food and drink options, and access to the Qantas International lounges.

The fares come with some unique extras, too. Those flying with Qantas First have access to upgraded meal service on board, expedited baggage allowances and additional in-flight entertainment options. Premium service, like priority boarding and disembarkation, is also included.

In-Flight Services

From the moment you board, the attentive staff make sure you have everything you need for an enjoyable journey. Onboard entertainment is top-notch: movies, TV shows, and complimentary bottled water are all standard on any flight, and you can access the in-flight internet for a fee. Specialty meals, alcoholic beverages, and snacks are available on request.

However, the food and drink offerings do vary by flight, so it’s worth checking in advance to see what is available. Passengers traveling with small children also have access to special assistant devices, like babysitting services and high chairs.


Flying First Class with Qantas isn’t cheap – it can cost several times more than Economy Class. The exact cost varies depending on the route and class you book, but it’s usually anywhere from double to triple the Economy Class fare.

While it’s the most expensive option, First Class does offer a great value for your money. The upgraded amenities are well worth the extra cost, and the exclusive access to the Qantas lounges makes the experience even more special.


The experience of flying First Class with Qantas really varies depending on the route and aircraft. However, you can usually expect the same level of premium service, luxurious furnishings and attentive staff.

For example, passengers flying first class on the Boeing 747-400 journey can expect the full suite of amenities, including personal cocoons, ample seating, and upgraded meal service. There are also USB and power outlets in each seat, so you can stay connected while in flight.

For those taking an A380, you’ll get to experience the carrier’s most advanced aircraft with the latest sky décor, lighting, and furnishings. You can also have access to the fully-equipped on-board lounge.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that the best way to get the most out of flying First Class with Qantas is to research the route and aircraft you’ll be taking. Check the seat map and price of each ticket, as well as any special offers, and make sure to book early to secure the best possible fare.

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Overall, flying First Class with Qantas on their A380 aircraft is a truly luxurious and comfortable experience. From the delicious onboard cuisine and outstanding entertainment system, to features such as plenty of legroom and comfortable seats, the airline certainly goes above and beyond to make sure their customers are safe and well taken care of. The privacy offered by the seats and aisles also leaves travelers feeling secure and relaxed during the flight. After taking a look at all the amenities and features, it’s no surprise that Qantas has earned itself a stellar reputation for its First Class service on the A380 aircraft.

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