Review Delta First Class Service from JFK SEA: What to Expect?

Traveling can be a stressful experience when a person chooses to fly in economy, but flying in first-class can alleviate at least some of the stress. It is well worth considering flying in the first-class service provided by Delta Airlines. In this post, I will review Delta’s first-class service from John F. Kennedy (JFK) International Airport to Seattle-Tacoma (Sea-Tac) International Airport to provide insight into how Delta’s first-class service differs from its economy seat service. We will discuss the seat comfort, amenities, meals and beverages, entertainment, staff, and the cost for flight tickets. We will address the advantages and disadvantages of booking a first-class seat. I will conclude with common questions about the experience.

Overview of Delta’s First-Class Service from JFK to SEA

Traveling from JFK to SEA with Delta first-class provides an enjoyable and rewarding experience every time. Delta offers an array of services and amenities that make the trip so much more pleasant than economy class.

Type of Aircraft

Delta utilizes their Boeing 767-300ER on the JFK to SEA route. This aircraft features up to 32 Delta First Class seats, along with an additional 210 in Main Cabin. Passengers are sure to appreciate the extra space, the modern interior, and other exclusive features available to travelers in Delta’s first-class.

Seating Arrangements

Delta First Class seating on the Boeing 767-300ER offers several seating options for travelers. Each seat includes two to three inches of additional legroom over Main Cabin seating and offers comfortable leather seating, as well as adjustable headrests. Every seat also has an easily adjustable footrest, adding to the traveler’s comfort. Additionally, select seats in the Delta One section of First Class are equipped with u-shaped couches for even more comfort and relaxation.


In addition to a comfortable seat, Delta’s first-class features a selection of entertainment options. While traveling, passengers can choose from a variety of movies, television shows, music, games, and other media. Each seat has its own personal monitor and headphones, ensuring that everyone can enjoy their own private entertainment.


Delta First Class amenities provide an enjoyable experience throughout the entirety of the flight. Passengers are provided a variety of snacks and drinks, such as pretzels, nuts, hot chocolate, coffee, tea, and soft drinks. Travelers can also find a selection of first-class amenities like amenity kits, pillows, blankets, and noise-canceling headphones in the seat-back pockets for extra convenience.


Delta’s friendly flight attendants make sure that customers receive the highest quality of service available on the JFK to SEA route. They are always available to answer any questions or concerns that passengers may have. Their pleasant demeanor and warm hospitality often leave travelers feeling even more relaxed and satisfied with their flight.

Example Story

On a recent trip from JFK to SEA, I flew first-class with Delta and had an amazing experience. From the moment I stepped on the plane, I realized my seat was much more comfortable than a regular economy seat. I felt like I could really relax and enjoy my trip. The spacious leather seating along with the adjustable headrest, footrest, and u-shaped couch in select seats really made the flight feel much more luxurious.

Once I settled into my seat, I started to check out the array of entertainment options. I loved the fact that every seat had its own monitor and pair of headphones so I could watch what I wanted without disturbing my neighbor. I watched several movies and a few episodes of my new favorite television show during the flight and forgot I was on an airplane.

The amenities aboard the flight were also outstanding. Delta provided a nice selection of snacks, drinks, amenity kits, pillows, and blankets. The flight attendants exceeded my expectations with their friendly and hospitable service. It was clear that they went above and beyond to ensure the comfort and satisfaction of every customer.

Overall, I was completely satisfied with my first-class experience from JFK to SEA. Delta has a lot to offer when it comes to luxury and customer service, and I will definitely be choosing them for my future flights.

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Seat Comfort & Space for First-Class Passengers

Delta offers a comfortable, luxurious experience for first-class passengers. On my recent flight from JFK to Seattle, I found adjustable seat cushions, wide armrests, and large legroom spaces, as well as plush decorations and furnishings. All together, these amenities create a relaxed atmosphere and encourage a peaceful sleep during long flights.

Innovative Approach to Comfort & Space

Delta has taken an innovative approach to providing even more space and comfort for first-class passengers. In addition to the adjustable seat cushions and ample legroom, they offer reclining seat-beds. These provide an additional layer of comfort during the flight, allowing passengers to sleep in complete relaxation. Large-screen TV’s with on-demand entertainment are also available and each passenger is provided with a pair of noise-canceling headsets immersive sound.

Flyer’s Experience

I recently flew Delta First Class from Los Angeles to JFK. From the moment I entered the plane, I knew I was going to have a pleasant experience. The seats were roomy and comfortable and the staff were friendly and helpful. The large-screen TV provided countless hours of entertainment without the inconvenience of having to use my own device. Even more impressive was the reclining seat-bed feature which offered further comfort and allowed me to sleep in a relaxed position.

Overall, I was pleased with my experience flying Delta First-Class. The amenities offered provided enhanced comfort and relaxation during my flight, making the experience more enjoyable and stress free. Despite being a long flight, I arrived feeling refreshed and relaxed, ready to take on the day.

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In-Flight Amenities Offered by Delta for First-Class Travelers

Delta offers passengers flying in their first class cabin an unparalleled in-flight experience, from luxurious amenities and seating to a full array of entertainment options and meal choices. After boarding a flight from JFK to SEA, I had the opportunity to experience the sophistication of Delta’s First Class offerings firsthand.

Seat Comfort

The first thing I noticed on my comfortable flight was the superior seating, complete with generous legroom, adjustable headrests, and lumbar support. The seats are plush and inviting, making it easy to relax and enjoy the flight. Combine the luxurious seating with a glass of bubbly, and you have one of the most relaxing in-air experiences around.

In-Flight Entertainment

Delta realizes that travelling can also be an opportunity to entertain ourselves, and as such, they offer an impressive selection of in-flight entertainment options. Customers can choose from a library of on-demand movies to watch on their personal devices, as well as streaming entertainment with complimentary noise-canceling headphones. There’s something for everyone — kids, adults, and everyone in between.

Meals & Drinks

Delta also offers a wide selection of meal and drink options to cater to passengers’ dietary preferences. Whether you’re looking for a light snack or something a bit more substantial, Delta has something to offer. Moreover, the First Class cabin service makes it easy to customize your experience — from the courses to the wine pairings.

Amenity Kits

Not to be forgotten, Delta also offers complimentary amenities to its First Class customers. Items in my kit included cozy slippers, an eye mask for a good night’s sleep, skin care products, and a special gift as a little “bon voyage” surprise.


Delta is well-known for their commitment to service excellence and provides dedicated flight attendants to ensure passengers have a personalized travel experience. The warm and professional staff made sure I had everything I needed throughout my flight, from meals to extra blankets — nothing was too much trouble. I particularly appreciated the thoughtful touches and extra care they took to make the passengers feel at home.

In summary, flying with Delta First Class is guaranteed to be a luxurious and comfortable experience, complete with attentive service and a generous selection of amenities. It’s no wonder Delta is one of the top airlines in the industry today.

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Meals & Beverages Included in Your Flight Ticket

If you’ve booked a business/first class ticket with Delta from JFK to SEA, you have access to a variety of delicious meals, snacks and drinks. Onboard, Delta serves up a wide range of options for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for both domestic and international flights. Whether you’re in the mood for a salad, a sandwich, a hot entree or a full-service bar, Delta ensures that you’ll find something that fits your diet and taste buds.

Salads, Sandwiches and Hot Entrees

Delta serves up some of the freshest salads, sandwiches and hot entrees available in the sky. From their signature quinoa-crusted chicken to their classic fresh salads, you can enjoy your meal with a variety of different ingredients and toppings. As an added bonus, Delta offers a number of vegetarian and vegan friendly dishes, such as the roasted veggie wrap and the plant-based Buddha bowl. Plus, many of these dishes are also available on-demand for free in the full-service bar.


Delta also offers a wide selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to accompany your meal. From sparkling wines to specialty cocktails, you can enjoy a variety of drinks to compliment your in-flight meal. The in-flight bar also offers a range of beers and wines, including local and international brands. Non-alcoholic options include a variety of juices, sodas, and health drinks.


Delta also offers unique specialties created especially for their First Class passengers, such as their exclusive artisan cheese and cracker plate. This specialty includes a selection of 5 imported cheeses and four specialty crackers. Other options include inspired appetizers, such as smoked salmon with cream cheese and roasted red pepper paté.

Snack Bar

For those in need of a snack before or after the meal, Delta offers a mini-snack bar. This snack bar includes a variety of items, such as chocolates and granola bars. You can also purchase other snacks, such as potato chips, pretzels and cookies, from the in-flight bar.

Customers Speak

Customers often rave about the quality of both the food and the customer service that Delta provides in-flight. Many passengers have said that the food onboard is of the highest quality and tastes great. They also note that the customer service is top-notch, with the attendants always willing to provide assistance or advice. Overall, customers rate Delta highly for its food and customer service on flights from JFK to SEA.

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Entertainment Options Available During Your Flight

Delta First Class service provides a unique range of entertainment options to make your flight more enjoyable. As a passenger on a Delta First Class flight from JFK to SEA, you will have access to a host of exciting entertainment options to make your journey more enjoyable.

Movies, Television Shows, and More

At your seat, you will be able to access a wide range of movies, television shows, albums, games, and other apps on your personal screen. This enables you to watch the latest movies and TV shows that would otherwise not be available during your flight. Delta has partnered with leading entertainment companies to ensure that their passengers are provided with the latest and best entertainment options on the market.

Stay Connected with Wi-Fi

You can also stay connected during your flight with Wi-Fi access. Using your own device, you will be able to stream TV shows and movies, check the news, and surf the web while in-flight. With Wi-Fi access, you can ensure that your time spent flying is not filled with boredom but rather with entertaining and stimulating content.

Charge Your Devices

In addition to entertainment, Delta also provides power outlets, located right at your seat, so you can keep your electronic devices charged. This ensures that you have enough charge to make the most of your time on the plane. Whether you’re playing a new game, watching a movie, or surfing the web, you will know that your device won’t run out of power anytime soon.

Reading Materials

Aside from entertainment, Delta also provides reading materials, such as Delta Sky magazine, with a range of interesting articles to read during your flight. This has proven to be very useful for passengers who want to keep up to date with the latest news and culture from all over the world.


The entertainment options provided by Delta for their First Class passengers make for a more enjoyable experience during their flight. With access to a wide range of movies, television shows, albums, games, and even Wi-Fi access, passengers are able to make the most of their time in-flight. Not only this, but Delta also provides power outlets and reading materials to keep passengers entertained and informed on their journey.

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Delta Staff & Customer Service Quality

Flying Delta First Class from JFK (John F. Kennedy International Airport) to SEA (Seattle-Tacoma International Airport) was an amazing experience. Starting with the quality and professionalism of Delta staff – the conversations were pleasant with very well composed questions. The Delta personnel showed immense respect for the customers and their inquiries.

The competency of Delta staff was impressive – from the minute details of the Delta flight schedule to the various questions related to the customer’s itinerary. Upon arriving at the port, the staff was organized and well-versed to answer customer queries with ease.

Accommodations Aboard

The amenities onboard were similarly remarkable. The breakfast was mouthwatering, the seating was comfortable and spacious. The flight also provided complimentary Wi-Fi access, making the experience all the more enjoyable!

Delta also offers special services and accommodations to meet the needs of customers with disabilities or special requirements. This attention to detail and a customer-oriented approach truly speaks high of their service.

In-Air Entertainment

Delta’s in-air entertainment options, made the flight all the more exciting. The movies, music, and other entertainment choices were varied and of excellent quality. There were also interactive games, apps, contests, and virtual reality experiences available, which kept the passengers engaged throughout the flight.

Examples of Phenomenal Customer Service

To share an example of customer service that topped all expectations, my seat-mate during the flight, who had recently suffered a medical emergency, was treated with utmost respect and care by the Delta staff. This showed their attention to individual customer needs and their commitment to superior service.

During the flight, Delta attendants were constantly engaging with the customers in conversations – taking note of their dietary requirements and customized meals for children, making sure the passengers were comfortable and extending any other courtesies. This personal approach to customer service shows their dedication to making customers feel at home aboard the flight!

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Comparing Prices Between Economy & First Class Seats

As a traveler, I understand how important it is to compare prices between economy and first class tickets. And while the difference in price can be quite substantial, the value of investing in a more comfortable flight may be worth the added cost.


When considering an economy ticket, the price range can differ greatly depending on the time of year, seat type, and various other factors. Recently, I saw a one way ticket from JFK to SEA during peak travel season for around $300. This was the base economy ticket with no additional services included.

However, there can be additional charges fi sneaking in baggage, seating upgrades, priority boarding, etc. Depending on the airline and the services selected, the cost of an economy ticket can jump up quickly.

First Class

First class tickets tend to be more expensive but offer more in-flight services and luxury. Recently, I saw a one way ticket from JFK to SEA for around $800 for a first class ticket. Although expensive, the ticket included early boarding, priority check-in, access to airport and in-flight lounges, meal and drink service, and quality seating.

Additionally, many first class tickets allow for free or inexpensive ticket changes and travel between classes of service with no additional fee. This level of comfort and flexibility can be worth the extra cost, depending on what is most important to the individual traveler.


When comparing economy and first class tickets, each traveler must decide what their priorities are and what is most important to them for making their choice. Some may want more comfort, which can be found in first class. While others may be more concerned about costs, which may mean selecting economy.

It is important to consider the different costs associated with each type of ticket, such as the base ticket price and any add-on fees. Additionally, take into account the services and other amenities that the carrier has to offer.

Ultimately, it is up to the individual traveler to decide which ticket class fits their needs. Hopefully, this review of Delta first class services from JFK to SEA has given some insight into what to expect when selecting between economy and first class tickets.

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Advantages & Disadvantages of Booking a First-Class Seat

First-class tickets are the most sought-after ticket for travel. From more spacious seating to added conveniences like advanced check-in privileges, first-class tickets come with a variety of benefits. But there are also disadvantages associated with purchasing a first-class ticket. It is important to weigh out the pros and cons of booking a first-class seat before making a purchase. That way, the traveler knows exactly what they are getting and can make an informed decision regarding the purchase of their airline ticket.

Advantages of Booking First-Class Seat

When planning air travel, many people opt for first-class seating, since it offers more room and comfort than a standard seat. First-class seating also comes with additional legroom, allowing passengers to stretch out and relax during their flight. Additionally, passengers who purchase a first-class ticket are often granted access to exclusive business-class lounges and a variety of special meal services.

Passengers who purchase a first-class ticket are also granted advanced check-in privileges. This means that passengers can bypass the often long, tedious check-in process and instead proceed directly to the airport gates. These conveniences allow passengers to enjoy their travel experience with less stress and hassle.

Disadvantages of Using First-Class Service

One of the biggest disadvantages of purchasing a first-class ticket is the additional cost associated with the ticket. First-class tickets can be significantly more expensive than purchasing a regular ticket. Additionally, the availability of first-class tickets is often limited, so purchasing a ticket in advance is recommended.

Example of Delta Services

When traveling on a Delta flight, passengers can enjoy the luxury of first-class seating. Delta’s seats feature reclining capabilities with in-flight entertainment, with optional headphone rentals. Complimentary drinks and snacks make for a comfortable and enjoyable flight experience. Passengers are also provided with a blanket and a pillow for added comfort and relaxation. Additionally, every passenger is provided with assigned seating.


Purchasing a first-class ticket is a great way to experience improved amenities and advancements in services when traveling by air. Although it can be cost effective, travelers should carefully weigh the cost of a first-class ticket against the conveniences it provides. With Delta’s premium services, those fortunate enough to experience the luxury of first-class seating can enjoy a cost effective and much more enjoyable travel experience.

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Conclusion – Is Delta’s First-Class Service Worth It?

At the end of the day, whether or not Delta’s first-class service is worth the extra cost depends on what kind of value each individual flyer places on their travel experience. Since higher fares come with perks like lounge access, increased flexibility in seating, and even a vastly improved customer experience, those who are willing to spend more to get more out of their travel experience are likely to find that Delta’s first-class offerings give them an enjoyable and worthwile journey.

For those who are looking for an optimised flight experience and would like to be pampered for the duration of the flight, Delta’s first-class service offers several benefits that simply cannot be matched by a regular or economy fare.

However, those who are purely looking for the most cost-effective way to travel may not find enough of a reward in the marginally improved service and amenities to justify paying extra.

In the end, anyone debating the choice between regular and first-class should consider the value of having the extra benefits and amenities that come with the higher fare. For some, these extra perks may be just the thing to make an already-expensive trip that much more special and worth the expenditure.

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FAQs – Common Questions About Delta’s First-Class Experience

What Amenities Are Offered in Delta First Class?

Delta First Class offers a luxurious and personalized experience from the very beginning, starting with dedicated check-in desks in many cities. Passengers also enjoy priority boarding and extra legroom, as well as complimentary drinks, snacks and meals. Wi-Fi is included on most flights, although the coverage and speed depends on the aircraft type and location.

How Comfortable Are the Seats in Delta First Class?

Delta First Class seating is extremely comfortable and passengers can expect plush, memory foam cushions and seats that recline even further than standard seating. Some of the most popular models include the Airbus A350, Boeing 767-300 and Boeing 777-300ER. All of these models offer exceptional comfort and support to help passengers relax and enjoy the journey.

Is There Any Chance of Upgrading to Delta First Class?

There are a few different ways to upgrade to Delta First Class. Passengers who earn enough miles with the airline can receive an ‘elite’ or ‘medallion’ status, which entitles them to benefit from upgrades. Alternatively, upgrades can be purchased at check-in or during flight with Delta SkyMiles.

Are There Any Restrictions I Should Know About?

Delta First Class is only offered on select routes and aircrafts – so be sure to check on the Delta website before booking to ensure that First Class is available to passengers. Additionally, infants are not allowed in the cabin and must be checked in with a designated attendant.

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After reviewing our experience with Delta’s First-Class service from JFK to SEA, we can conclude that the flight was worth it. Delta provides passengers with comfortable seats, plenty of in-flight amenities, and excellent customer service. The price for the First-Class ticket is higher than Economy, but the benefits of a higher quality flight more than compensate for the extra expense.

Overall, Delta’s First-class service from JFK to SEA earned a positive rating from this reviewer. Although it is always cheaper to fly economy, those seeking a more comfortable experience should consider the First-Class option. Delta provides a reliable and enjoyable flight, and customers won’t be disappointed.

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