Experience an Unforgettable Stay at Cocotinos Beach Resort

Are you thinking of visiting the Cocotinos Beach Resort? If so, great news – you’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, we’ll be looking at everything you need to know about this incredible beach resort, from the luxurious accommodation options and dining experiences to the nearby attractions, spa services and activities offered. We’ll cover the environmental practices of Cocotinos Beach Resort, tips for making the most out of your stay and even the rates and special deals available. Read on to learn more about Cocotinos Beach Resort and start planning your dream vacation today!

Accommodation Options at Cocotinos Beach Resort

Cocotinos Beach Resort is a premier destination for travelers seeking luxurious and comfortable accommodations. The resort offers a range of accommodation options, including oceanfront suites, private villas, family rooms, and pet-friendly services.

Luxurious Oceanfront Suites

The resort’s oceanfront suites are designed to provide guests with a five-star experience. The suites feature separate living and sleeping areas, private terraces, and modern finishes, providing guests with a peaceful retreat away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. To make guests feel truly pampered, the suites are stocked with luxury amenities, such as a minibar, complimentary toiletries, and 24-hour room service.

Private Villas

If you want added privacy, the resort’s private villas are the perfect option. These villas offer spacious interiors, lush surroundings, and comfort-focused design that makes them ideal for families or groups. One family who visited the resort and stayed in one of the villas had a great experience, praising the villas for their modern amenities and relaxed atmosphere.

Family Rooms

For families traveling together, Cocotinos Beach Resort offers a range of family rooms that are designed to accommodate large groups. The rooms feature thoughtfully-designed seating areas, sofas, kitchenettes, and other amenities. The resort also has a selection of activities specifically designed for family groups, such as pool games and family theater nights.

Wellness Options

To help guests relax, the resort offers an array of wellness options, such as a fitness circuit and yoga classes upon request. There are also steam and sauna rooms available, as well as a selection of spa treatments to help guests feel revitalized and refreshed. One guest who stayed at the resort recently highlighted the benefits of the wellness offerings, claiming they felt truly pampered after booking a treatment session.

Pet-Friendly Services

Traveling with pets can be stressful. Fortunately, Cocotinos Beach Resort offers a range of pet-friendly services to make their guests feel comfortable. Facilities include a dog-friendly beach lounge, food bowls, and toys. One customer who stayed at the resort with their pet commented on how well the staff accommodated them, stating that it was one of the best pet-friendly experiences they had ever had.

Whether you’re looking for a luxurious experience, privacy, great amenities for families, pampering, or a pet-friendly escape, Cocotinos Beach Resort has the perfect accommodation for you.

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Dining Experiences at Cocotinos Beach Resort

At Cocotinos Beach Resort, you will find a range of cuisines and experiences to tantalize your taste buds or simply relax and unwind. From beachfront café’s, to chic bars and elegant restaurants, the resort has something to offer all guests.

The Cocotinos Table

The Cocotinos Table is the resort’s signature culinary experience, ensuring that your dining experience is unique and exclusive. Here, you can indulge yourself in the flavors of traditional local cuisine, utilizing the freshest ingredients while supporting the local community.

Fresh and Delicious Ingredients

Cocotinos takes huge pride in sourcing the finest ingredients and produce for its restaurants. The top-rated restaurant at the resort serves only the freshest seafood that has been caught daily from the nearby fishing village. As well as seafood, the resort also has a large variety of fresh fruit and veg from local suppliers, creating a fantastic range of dishes with classic flavors and textures.

Live Entertainment and Dinner Specials

At Cocotinos Beach Resort, the restaurant staff are dedicated to making your experience extraordinary and enjoyable. On certain nights the resort puts on dinner specials, often accompanied by live music and entertainment. This serves as the perfect combination of flavors, music and local atmosphere, creating lasting memories.

Learn Traditional Seafood Cooking

If you’re a fan of seafood and are looking for something truly unique, then why not enroll in Cocotinos’ traditional seafood cooking class? Here, you can learn the intricacies of preparing seafood the traditional way and cooking it in utilizing local flavors and spices. Guests have praised the classes for their personal touch and vibrant atmosphere.


Cocotinos Beach Resort offers guests a broad selection of eateries, a memorable experience with the Cocotinos Table and the freshest local ingredients. Furthermore, the resort provides warm, friendly service, live music and entertainment to ensure guests have a remarkable and enjoyable dining experience. Finally, guests can even learn to cook delicious seafood dishes the traditional way with the resort’s cooking classes.

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Spa Services Available at Cocotinos Beach Resort

At Cocotinos Beach Resort, guests can find truly rejuvenating spa services that will leave them feeling relaxed and invigorated. The resort offers an expansive range of massage treatments and other relaxation therapies, from traditional Balinese massage to reflexology, body wraps, and even hot stone massage.

Primitive Care Program

The resort also boasts a unique “Primitive Care” program, which allows guests to take part in traditional healing rituals using herbs found in the region. Visitors can thus experience the wonders of ancient natural healing methodologies.


The perfect accompaniment to the wide array of therapies is the luxurious setting. All massage treatments are done in traditional huts on a private beachfront cabana. The cabana overlooks the turquoise waters of Menjangan Bay, giving visitors the perfect backdrop for a good massage.

Special Treatments

Those looking for something a little bit different might want to try the Javanese flower bath. This ritual surrounds the guest with an aromatic collection of fresh flowers pulled from the resort’s own gardens. The scent of the flowers keeps the guest relaxed as the massage treatment is performed.

Price Range

The resort offers an array of services at various price points. Basic treatments begin at $75, and prices go up to $350 for longer and more intensive sessions. The resort also offers discounts to guests, allowing them to experience all of its services while staying within their budget.

Other Facilities

In addition to spa and massage treatments, the resort also features a variety of other facilities related to relaxation. There’s a fitness center, yoga studio, and a common sauna and steam room. Guests can thus complement their spa treatments with additional activities to enhance their experience.

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Activities Offered at Cocotinos Beach Resort

Exploring the wonders of nature with exciting water sports

Cocotinos Beach Resort offers some of the most exhilarating water sports activities available to guests. From surfing the waves or paddling out on a stand-up paddleboard, to exploring the underwater world with kayaking and snorkeling, there is plenty of fun to be had in the crystal blue waters of the resort.

These activities are made even more enjoyable with the help of the resort’s rental equipment, guided tours and expert lessons. Guests can rent surfboards and other necessary equipment for the activity of their choice, learn how to ride the waves with helpful pointers from an experienced instructor, or take an unforgettable tour of the region’s coral reefs and shipwreck sites with an experienced guide. Many guests have experienced unforgettable moments in the water, and it’s an experience that won’t be forgotten.

Making a splash on Cocotinos Beach

The resort’s white sandy beach is the perfect spot for an activity-filled day. From playing beach volleyball and beach soccer, to building sandcastles with the kids, there’s no shortage of beach-based fun at Cocotinos Beach Resort. Numerous services are available on the beach, such as horseback riding, tour guides, and equipment rentals. Guests can experience the thrill of a horse ride on the beach, explore nearby villages with knowledgeable guides, or rent out a beach soccer ball and have a match on the beach. Many guests have left the resort with stories of mastering the waves, trotting around with horses, and playing a competitive match in the sea.

An Eye-opening Cultural Experience

For a truly unique experience, Cocotinos offers an amazing opportunity to explore the local culture. A variety of cultural tours are available that take guests to nearby villages to learn more about the traditional lifestyles of the locals. Guests can also experience a cooking class, learning how to create traditional Indonesian dishes using fresh local ingredients. With these two experiences, guests can make the most out of their journey and leave the resort with newfound knowledge about the area.

Additionally, the resort offers many amenities for families, such as a pool area, children’s playground and game rooms. These spaces provide a great way to relax and pass the time, even without having to venture out of the resort. Families can also enjoy shared meals and other activities in the pool area. With it’s well-rounded and exciting activities, Cocotinos Beach Resort is an unforgettable destination for the whole family.

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Nearby Attractions to Explore From Cocotinos Beach Resort

Coctinos Beach Resort is widely regarded as a top destination for travelers looking for a relaxing holiday. If you’re staying there, you’ll want to make sure you take advantage of all the attractions it has to offer.

Goto Safari

The Goto Safari offers an exciting excursion for bird and animal lovers alike. Offering a range of environments to explore, from forest to river, lagoon and more, you’ll have the opportunity to spot some rare and endangered species of the region.

Secret Summit Mountain

Secret Summit Mountain offers a delightful combination of challenge and reward. This family-friendly hike promises beautiful vistas from the top, as well as a tranquil picnic spot to relax and take in the scenery.

Glistening Rock Trail

The perfect spot for a one-mile trek, the Glistening Rock Trail features caves, tunnels, waterfalls and beach views. It’s an unforgettable experience for anyone looking for a real adventure.

Sandy Pines Handicraft Market

Souvenir hunters will feel right at home at the Sandy Pines Handicraft Market. Here, you’ll find locally made trinkets, artworks and more to take back home with you.

Historical Pier Ruins

Visit the Historical Pier Ruins and explore the grandeur of the area’s century-old ruins. Additionally, the nearby beach offers its own unique appeal, surrounded by ruins and enclosed by rocky cliffs.

Fisherman’s Village

The nearby fishing village promises a laidback but enjoyable atmosphere. You’ll find small-scale restaurants offering fresh seafood caught right there on the day, providing the perfect spot to sample the region’s catch.

Water Park

Enjoy a classic family-friendly getaway at the nearby Water Park. Here, you’ll find a range of thrilling water activities, like slides, kayaking, swimming and more, to ensure you make the most of your stay.

Indulging Spa Experiences

Make sure to treat yourself to the undoubted luxuries of the resort’s very own spa. Relax with an invigorating massage or soothing facial treatment to make your stay as restful and rejuvenating as possible.

From the Goto Safari to the Historical Pier Ruins, there’s plenty to keep you entertained during your stay at Cocotinos Beach Resort. Take the time to visit each attraction and explore the nearby surroundings.


Tips For Making The Most Out Of Your Stay at Cocotinos Beach Resort

When you’re visiting the stunning Cocotinos Beach Resort in Indonesia, it’s important to make sure you have the perfect vacation. Here are some tips for making the most out of your stay:

Bring Water and Sunscreen

The beaches of Cocotinos are known for their strong sunlight and high temperatures. That’s why it’s essential to pack plenty of water and sunscreen to make sure your body temperature is regulated. Doing so will help you enjoy the beautiful beaches of Cocotinos without worrying about sunburns and dehydration.

Get There Early

As a popular destination, Cocotinos Beach Resort has a limited number of rooms. That’s why it’s important to book a room as soon as you can. Make sure to arrive at the resort early to guarantee you get the best experience possible.

Explore the Local Culture

Cocotinos Beach Resort is located in a vibrant local community with artisanal shops, markets, and delicious food. Take some time to explore the local culture and cuisine. You’re sure to find something unique and tasty.

Relax and Enjoy the Beach

Cocotinos Beach Resort is close to vibrant cities, but its prime location also makes it an ideal place to spend time for yourself. Take some time out of your schedule to relax and enjoy the beach. You’ll be glad you did.

Take Pictures

Cocotinos Beach Resort is particularly picturesque. That’s why it’s important to bring a camera or phone to capture some special memories. With the stunning beaches, there’s no better way to remember your stay at Cocotinos!

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Environmental Practices of Cocotinos Beach Resort

When looking for a vacation spot, I always make sure to look for resorts that demonstrate eco-consciousness. I wanted to know more about Cocotinos Beach Resort and, I must say, I was pleasantly surprised. This luxury beachfront resort, located on the Indonesian island of Lombok, is a beacon of eco-friendly practice, providing an enjoyable and sustainable experience for travelers.

At Cocotinos Beach Resort, they have invested into the environmentally friendly practices and have implemented them on a daily basis. Their policies regarding the collection and treatment of wastewater, as well as their guidelines for minimizing the impact of human activities, are just a few examples of their commitment to sustainable development. The resort also has renewable energy sources, as well as a reuse and recycling system for solid waste.

Cocotinos Beach Resort believes in keeping the environment safe and clean. Guests are encouraged to partake in various eco-friendly activities such as coral reef conservation, extensive beach clean-ups, and trips to nearby rain forests. Additionally, the resort has a “Go Green” Team which organizes events to create awareness about environmental issues and provides helpful tips on how to reduce waste and energy consumption during your stay.

I had the chance to meet some of the guests of Cocotinos Beach Resort and to hear stories of their personal experiences while they stayed there. It amazed me to know that they had made a positive impact on the environment, experienced enjoyable eco-friendly activities, and saw the positive results of the resort’s environmental practices.

Cocotinos Beach Resort is proof that it is possible to reduce your carbon footprint and invest in the conservation of local wildlife while still providing outstanding services to the guests. Their commitment to reducing their negative impact on the environment and educating their staff and visitors is both admirable and inspiring.

I highly recommend visiting this beautiful resort and experiencing the wonders of nature alongside others who also recognize the importance of eco-friendly practices.

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Rates and Special Deals at Cocotinos Beach Resort

Are you planning a special holiday and worried about breaking the bank? You don’t need to worry about Cocotinos Beach Resort! Cocotinos offers amazing discounts and competitive prices perfect for budget travelers and luxury seekers alike.

The resort is located in the gorgeous South Coast of Puri, next to one of the most beautiful beaches around. It has plenty of amenities and services to offer including a well-equipped gym, a spacious outdoor pool, a private beach with sun decks, a spa and massage salon, a pool bar and several restaurants.

Cocotinos offer its guests different types of accommodation. Prices vary depending on the types of rooms. Average prices are at around US$500 per night for a double room, US$1000 per night for a suite and US$300 per night for a bungalow.

Cocotinos offers various discounts and special deals for various occasions. They have special rates for holiday travelers, honeymooners, and weekend getaways. They also offer group packages, safari adventure packages, and other family packages.

Some holiday travelers have already taken advantage of these great discounts and packages. It is not uncommon to find individual travelers saving up to US$100 on a single stay while groups can save up to US$500 if they take advantage of Cocotinos’s special holiday packages.

Since Cocotinos is located right next to the beach, guests can enjoy activities such as swimming, surfing, wind-surfing, and beach volleyball for free. They also offer at an additional charge, activities such as horse riding, banana boating, deep sea fishing, and snorkeling.

It is not uncommon to find honeymooners opting for special romantic packages that include romantic dinners on the beach and candlelit bubble baths. Depending on the type of room and special services included, couples can save up to US$700 on their stay at Cocotinos.

Some guests also opted for a safari adventure package and had an unforgettable experience. They did a road trip to the nearby national parks, safari 6x6s with experienced drivers and trackers. They had the opportunity to watch wildlife in its natural habitat and really enjoyed their stay thanks to the special packages offered at Cocotinos.

Cocotinos Beach Resort offers great discounts and competitive prices perfect for holiday travelers, family vacationers, and luxury seekers alike. Whether you are looking for a romantic dinner on the beach or a safari adventure package, Cocotinos has plenty of options to suit different needs and budgets.

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After exploring all of the amazing features and offerings of Cocotinos Beach Resort, I can definitively say that it is well worth the visit. From its exceptional accommodations, delicious dining experiences, and calming spa services, to its array of activities, nearby attractions, and environmental practices, it is truly a wonderful resort. What’s more, the rates and special deals at Cocotinos Beach Resort are very reasonable. With such a reasonable price tag, there is no doubt that Cocotinos Beach Resort is the perfect destination to make the most out of your dreams of a tropical beach getaway.

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