What Can You Expect from Plaza Premium Temporary Lounge in Toronto?

As a traveler, I am always on the lookout for more convenient and comfortable ways to make my trips more enjoyable. Having recently visited Toronto, I decided to check out the Plaza Premium Temporary Lounge to see if it would meet my criteria. In this blog post, I will share my observations on the overall design and experience, food and beverage options, amenities, and staff and service quality of the Plaza Premium Temporary Lounge. I also evaluate the overall cost/value and offer my honest assessment of the pros and cons of visiting the lounge in Toronto. Before I share my verdict, I’d like to provide you with an overview of the lounge so you can make an informed judgment for yourself.

Design Elements of the Lounge and Overall Experience

As I walked into Plaza Premium Temporary Lounge in Toronto, modern design elements and bold, vibrant colors immediately caught my eye. The opulent furnishings and adjustable lighting left me in awe and I couldn’t wait to explore more.

The Lounge offered comfortable seating options that could accommodate individual travelers, couples and even groups. It had private cubicles, luxurious armchairs and relaxing recliners, all of which offered plush cushions and inflight-style blankets. I sat in a private cubicle and was warmly welcomed by a staff member, who kindly offered to adjust the lighting and air conditioning to my comfort levels.

Interactive Station and Other Unique Elements

Among other unique elements that I found at the Lounge were interactive stations, which allowed me to connect to the internet, and complimentary snacks and drinks, which were constantly being replenished by the helpful Lounge staff. To make the experience even more enjoyable, the Lounge also had a walk-in humidor, with quality cigars and accessories available for purchase.

An exclusive feature of this Lounge was an impressive fully-equipped bar that served handcrafted cocktails, beers and wines. The bartenders were professionally trained and promised a premium-level experience. With an extensive menu of classic and signature drinks, I felt spoiled for choice.

Utilizing the Features of the Lounge

Overall, this Plaza Premium Temporary Lounge in Toronto was a great space to relax, unwind and enjoy a range of amenities. Between the modern design, seating options, complimentary snacks and drinks, unique elements and a fully-stocked bar, there was something for everyone. It was the perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the airport and indulge in some luxury.

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Food and Beverage Options Available

Travelling through Toronto? With Plaza Premium Temporary Lounge, you will be left wanting for nothing. Experience a wide selection of snack and meal options from all around the world, and have them tailored to your specific needs.

From light snacks such as chips, popcorn, and nuts to restaurant-style meals, you won’t be disappointed. Make sure to try out a few of the lounge’s signatures, like the infamous croque monsieur.

Complimentary Beverage

What’s a leisurely meal without a cup of coffee or tea? Plaza Premium Temporary Lounge serves up hot and cold drinks, like coffee, tea, and juices, for all its guests.

If you want something sweeter, the temporary lounge also offers its own special tea and coffee menus. Enjoy the likes of French vanilla macchiato and chai latte – all complimentary!

Exquisite A La Carte Menu

A great deal of the food served at Plaza Premium Temporary Lounge comes from regional specialties like Mexican, Korean, and Italian cuisine.

The chefs at the lounge can also prepare unique dishes based on their own specialties. With an array of ingredients, they can create any type of cuisine, from Bengali-style chicken to Japanese-style sushi rolls.

Specialty Dining Experiences

Step up your dining experience at the lounge with one of its specialty dining experiences. Each program offers a different experience, from the famed Chef’s Table night to the exclusive Fine Dining evening.

The Chef’s Table night allows guests to dine with the lounge’s own culinary team, tasting a variety of dishes crafted by a celebrated chef from around the world. Every bite of the evening is sure to delight.

The Fine Dining experience is also top-notch. Indulge in a multi-course meal with an award-winning chef and savor each bite under light of the evening stars. No evening at the Plaza Premium Temporary Lounge will be forgotten.

Private Dining Rooms

If you desire a relaxed, intimate atmosphere, the lounge also offers private and semi-private dining rooms with exquisite food and service.

The private rooms are perfect for special occasions with family and friends. Enjoy the evening meal in complete privacy, with the friendly staff providing assistance and guidance.

Special VIP Access

For those looking for something a bit more exclusive, the lounge also offers upgrade options, like the Executive Chef’s Table.

This VIP experience includes a custom-designed meal from the Executive Chef and the ability to enjoy it from a private balcony. Enjoy the evening meal with gorgeous views of the city and a one-of-a-kind gastronomic experience.

Outstanding Customer Service

Throughout your experience, the staff at the Plaza Premium Temporary Lounge will be sure to assist you and make your evening enjoyable. From the helpful advice of the bartender to the special attention of the wait staff, the team at the lounge will go above and beyond to ensure all needs are met.

So if you’re ready to take your travels up a notch, book a reservation at Plaza Premium Temporary Lounge in Toronto. With an array of food and beverage options, upgraded VIP access, private dining rooms, and exceptional customer service, your visit is sure to exceed expectations.

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Additional Amenities Offered by the Lounge

At Plaza Premium Temporary Lounge in Toronto, customers can expect more than just snacks and refreshments for their needs. They offer a variety of unique amenities that are sure to make any stay memorable.

Variety of meals and beverages

Customers of the Plaza Premium Temporary Lounge in Toronto have access to a variety of fresh meals and delicious beverages served daily. The menu changes weekly, allowing customers to try something new each time they visit.

Private Meeting and Conference Rooms

For business travelers, meetings and conferences, the lounge provides dedicated private rooms equipped with audio-visual equipment. This allows customers to enjoy ultimate privacy and convenience when conducting business activities. Additionally, equipped with high speed Wi-Fi and complimentary newspapers, these rooms make for optimal working spaces.

Multimedia Entertainment

Families and friends traveling together can enjoy a myriad of multimedia entertainment during their stay. The Plaza Premium Lounge features large-screen TVs, gaming consoles, and art displays, allowing customers to have plenty of fun. Additionally, there is a convenience store available for last minute purchases.

Relaxation Therapies

In addition to providing entertainment and meals, the lounge also offers relaxation therapies such as massage and meditation. Customers can take advantage of the showers in the lounge, which are stocked with amenities such as towels and toiletries.


A recent customer, Jasmin, was very impressed with the selection of snacks, drinks, and meals at Plaza Premium Temporary Lounge. She was particularly excited about the high-speed Wi-Fi and multimedia entertainment system, which allowed her to catch up on her favorite shows after a long day of travel.

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Staff and Service Quality Assessment

Entering the Toronto Plaza Premium Temporary Lounge, I am immediately impressed with the luxurious decor and serene atmosphere. The staff’s warm welcome and attentive care make me feel right at home. I can ask special requests with no hesitation, and the staff always take the time to provide detailed responses.

Before I know it, I’m tucked away into a comfortable workspace. The amenities are superb – free Wi-Fi, complimentary drinks, artfully-presented snack platters, and relaxing spa services. I’ve never felt so pampered on my travels.

Superior Service

Everyone knows first impressions are the most important, and the Toronto Plaza Premium is no exception. My experience begans with a friendly and professional welcome and continues with personalized, attentive care throughout the duration of my stay.

An example of the service I experienced was one time when I needed to take an early-morning flight – I approached a staff member and asked if I could have an espresso for the road, and she quickly obliged without a second thought. Moments later, I was out the door with a caffeine boost and a smile.

Detailed Amenities

While I’m here, I enjoy all the amenities that the Plaza Premium has to offer. From the comfortable work area to delicious snacks and spa services, the amenities here leave nothing to be desired.

The lounge offers free Wi-Fi so that I can stay connected during my travels. In addition, cozy seating, natural lighting, and carefully-placed plants give it a welcoming atmosphere. For added comfort, I can indulge in complimentary drinks, international snacks, and delicious doughnuts. Every detail has been thoughtfully considered to give customers the perfect escape.

Awards and Recognition

Plaza Premium is one of the highest-rated lounges in the industry, and it has gained recognition for its superior service and amenities. The company has won awards for Best Airport Lounge in the World, Best Airport Lounge in North America, Best Airport Lounge in the Middle East and Best Airport Lounge in Vietnam.


My experience in the Plaza Premium doesn’t leave me disappointed. This luxury lounge has everything I need in one place – from complimentary services to relaxed atmosphere – and it’s all wrapped in Toronto’s famed hospitality. It stands out above other lounges for its attentive service and detailed amenities, making it a must-visit spot for anyone travelling through the airport.

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Overall Cost/Value Analysis of the Lounge

Plaza Premium Temporary Lounge located at Toronto International Airport offers travelers a chance to relax with essential services and amenities. For $45 customers can book up to 3 hours at the lounge, with additional a la carte services available if required. Compared to the expensive restaurants or regular airport lounges, this lounge provides greater value for money, with excellent customer feedback reinforcing their commitment to providing quality services.

Customer Feedback

Customers consistently report a high level of satisfaction with the services offered at Plaza Premium Temporary Lounge. On social media and review sites, many have spoken about the helpful staff, good quality of food and drinks, and overall experience. Some customers have gone on to say that the lounge is comfortable, luxurious, and worth every penny spent. These factors, combined with the convenience and lack of membership fee, have made the lounge a popular choice.

Factors to Consider When Using the Lounge

Plaza Premium Temporary Lounge is a solid option for travelers looking to take a break in the airport without spending too much. With added benefits such as free WiFi and a comprehensive selection of services and amenities, it can definitely be the right choice in some situations.

That being said, there are some potential negatives. For example, the lounge can get quite crowded at times and space can be limited. It’s also important to note that drinks and food are an additional cost, so this can add up quickly if you plan to avail of them.

Pros/Cons of Using the Lounge

On the plus side, using the Plaza Premium Temporary Lounge is a great way to take a break from the airport hustle without breaking the bank. It’s a cost-effective option for those looking for basic services such as comfortable seating and free WiFi.

On the other hand, it has some potential drawbacks. These include limited space and potential crowds, as well as the fact that drinks and food are additional costs. It’s also worth noting that while its amenities and services are comparable to the regular airport lounges, customers may not receive the same level of luxury and comfort.

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Summary of Pros and Cons of Visiting the Lounge

Visiting the Plaza Premium Lounge in Toronto can be a great experience full of amenities and perks, but also has some drawbacks that every traveler should be aware of. The biggest pro of visiting the Plaza Premium Lounge is its host of complementary amenities and services, including complimentary drinks and snacks, double beds, concierge services, showers, and 24-hour access. Additionally, the lounge provides free Wi-Fi, business center, conference rooms, and currency exchange services, making it a great way to get ready to travel whether for business or pleasure.

That said, one of the cons of visiting the Plaza Premium Lounge is its price compared to other lounges in the area. Additionally, there may be limited seating and other space-related constraints that may make it difficult to get the most use out of the lounge. These issues aside, the lounge does offer several child-friendly amenities such as special play areas and children’s meals, and has various features like art exhibitions and free yoga classes which add to the overall experience.

Popular Features

The Plaza Premium Lounge in Toronto offers various features that make it a great spot to hang out while traveling. One of the greatest conveniences at the lounge is complimentary drinks and snacks, which allows travelers to save money while making their journey more comfortable. The lounge also offers double beds for those who need short-term rest and relaxation, as well as concierge services for assistance with anything from flight bookings to travel guidance. For ultimate convenience, the lounge even provides showers and mobile charging points, allowing guests to freshen up and fuel up their devices. Business travelers can also make use of the lounge’s business facilities, including conference rooms and private workstations – all of which are open 24-hours a day.

Index of Services

Guests who come to the Plaza Premium Lounge in Toronto will also find convenient services to help them make the most of their visit. The lounge provides free Wi-Fi, allowing guests to quickly get connected inside the lounge or while waiting for flights. Other tech-friendly options are also available at the business center, where guests can find private workstations as well as complimentary printing. Conference rooms are available for those who need a more private space for work presentations or other gatherings. Finally, the lounge offers currency exchange services, making it easier for travelers to prepare for their next destination.

Reviews from Previous Customers

Travelers who have visited the Plaza Premium Lounge seem to have generally positive experiences when it comes to their stay. One traveler said, “The great part about the Plaza Premium Lounge is it feels like home away from home. Clean facilities, a wide selection of snacks and drinks, complimentary Wi-Fi, and accessible charging points have made it an ideal spot for my travels.” Another customer remarked, “I love visiting the Plaza Premium Lounge for its comfortable amenities and variety of services. I can get my work done and catch up on some rest in between flights.”

Price Comparison

The cost to visit the Plaza Premium Lounge in Toronto varies depending on the type of service and the length of stay. However, a daily rate is typically around $50 CAD, compared to the $75 CAD per day cost of other lounges in the area. This is great for travelers on a budget or those who only need short-term access to the lounge.

Extra Perks

Aside from the great amenities and services offered at the Plaza Premium Lounge, the lounge also hosts periodic events and attractions for visitors to enjoy. The lounge occasionally hosts free yoga classes for travelers looking for some peace of mind and relaxation, as well as art exhibitions or cultural exhibitions that give travelers a unique insight into the history of Toronto.

Equipment Availability

The Lounge is furnished with comfortable seating such as armchairs, coffee tables, and sofas, as well as complimentary newspapers and magazines that guests can take away with them. Guests may also find other amenities like TVs with access to various satellite channels and charging points for phones and other devices.

Child-Friendly Amenities

The Plaza Premium Lounge also offers child-friendly amenities that can make traveling with children much less stressful. Parents can find special play areas with toys and games, as well as children’s meals. There are also showers that are designed with children in mind and provide a safe, comfortable environment for them.

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Final Verdict – Does The Plaza Premium Temporary Lounge Leave Something To Be Desired?

After a thorough review of the Plaza Premium Temporary Lounge in Toronto and its customer reviews, my conclusion is that it leaves something to be desired. Yes, the convenience and the luxury of lounging away from the airport hustle and bustle is great and can be a lifesaver for travelers, but there are some issues that need to be addressed.

The one factor that can’t be ignored is the cost, although it is subsidised. While the temporary lounge is significantly cheaper than its original counterparts, it can still be quite expensive for some travelers. This could be improved by introducing alternative pricing options, such as hourly rates or discounted rates for long-haul flights.

The quality of the lounge also needs to be improved. There are only a handful of amenities and services offered, with basic refreshments, toilets and showers being the most notable. There is a lack of privacy and dedicated seating, which makes it uncomfortable at times. Furthermore, the temporary lounge is only open during certain times, which can be inconvenient for international travelers.

Overall, the Plaza Premium Temporary Lounge leaves something to be desired. It is convenient, luxurious and not as expensive as other airport lounges, but some improvements can be made to enhance the overall experience. The introduction of different pricing options and improved services and amenities would be welcome additions and could be beneficial to all travelers looking for a more comfortable airport experience.

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Conclusion and Additional Resources

Since its launch in December 2019, Plaza Premium Temporary Lounge in Toronto has become a popular destination for time-sensitive travellers. Its convenient location and quality amenities have kept customers coming back time and time again. However, despite providing a seemingly complete service that includes complimentary snacks and beverages, attentive staff, and a wide range of additional amenities, plaza premium temporary lounge in Toronto still leaves something to be desired. In order to ensure that the customer experience is improved and amenities are up to standard, Plaza Premium needs to make sure that customers are provided with a unique and seamless experience of VIP services.

Fortunately, if you are looking for alternative travel lounges, services, and amenities in Toronto, there are various resources available online. Canadian Airport Lounges by Holiday Extras provides a comprehensive guide to all the travel lounges in Canada. Flight Network also provides up-to-date travel and lounge information for travellers in Toronto. Additionally, Smile Lounges offers exclusive loyalty and rewards programs for customers who frequent their lounges multiple times.

Ultimately, when it comes to selecting the most appropriate lounge for your travel needs, it is important to do some research before booking your stay. Although Plaza Premium Temporary Lounge in Toronto generally provides a satisfactory, quality service and diverse amenities, you should compare it with other lounges to make sure you are getting the best value for your money.

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Questions and Comments

Having heard about the Plaza Premium Temporary Lounge in Toronto many travelers ask, “What can I expect when I visit Plaza Premium?” and “Is it worth the visit?”. With feedback from previous visits, the lounge appears to leave something to be desired yet, when researched more thoroughly, the comfortable environment, quality services and the convenience the lounge provides makes it the perfect place to enjoy a quick stay before or after your flight.

Comfort and Convenience

The convenience Plaza Premium offers is unbeatable; with over 159 locations all over the world, the lounge is easily accessible and provides the highest comfort, wherever you decide to visit. Even though Toronto is one of the few locations that currently provide a

Temporary Lounge
, the experience doesn’t feel any less effective than the above mentioned locations. Plaza Premium offers guests a relaxed atmosphere with access to all the amenities needed to make their stay more enjoyable.

High-quality Facilities

The Temporary Lounge in Toronto provides guests with access to private lounge areas as well as a variety of amenities like Wireless Internet Access, a comfortable Working Area, a Refreshment Bar and other facilities. Moreover, all guests can benefit from a welcoming and helpful staff who is always willing to offer their assistance and make your stay in the lounge more enjoyable.

Quality Services

Furthermore, Plaza Premium provides access to quality services like internet access, TV, printing and a selection of newspapers, magazines and beverages; all of which are included in the standard lounge access fee. These services ensure that the visitor is well informed, can stay connected and can relax and enjoy a refreshing drink before their departure.

How to Book a Visit

Those wanting to visit the Plaza Premium Temporary Lounge in Toronto can take advantage of their convenient online reservation system, which allows guests to book their visit in advance. In addition, a hotline is available for guests who require more assistance.

Stories of Satisfied Customers

Stories of guests enjoying their stay in the Plaza Premium Lounge can be found everywhere; from

families of four visiting Toronto for a holiday
, to
professionals traveling for business
, all are pleased with the experience and the comfort.

Summary of Overall Experience

To sum it up, the Plaza Premium Lounge offers travelers a stress-free and comfortable atmosphere with access to ample amenities to make their visit enjoyable. The lounge has a total sense of privacy and security and the staff is always welcoming and helpful. Therefore, by taking advantage of the comfortable environment and its quality services, visitors can benefit from an unforgettable experience.

plaza premium temporary lounge in toronto leaves something to be desired


After visiting the Plaza Premium Temporary Lounge in Toronto, I can definitively say that some aspects of the lounge left something to be desired. I appreciated the design elements of the lounge and thought the amenities, including the spa, were a nice bonus. However, I found the food and beverage options to be lacking, and even though the staff and service were attentive, they did not seem to be as professional as one would expect. Despite the somewhat lackluster food and beverages, the cost/value of the lounge remains competitive and does offer decent value for the price.

If you are looking for a temporary lounge to visit, especially if you are traveling to Toronto, the Plaza Premium Temporary Lounge is worth considering. With some improvements to the food and beverage selection, the lounge could become a true standout. For further resources, additional questions and comments, please refer to the additional resources, questions and comments section of the post.

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