Ekster Wallets Reviewed: Is it Worth It?

When it comes to keeping your money secure and organized, an Ekster wallet is an excellent choice. In this article, we will discuss the features of the Ekster wallet, the pros and cons of using it, alternative options and frequently asked questions about it. We will also provide a final verdict and a conclusion to our Ekster wallet review. Finally, we’ll explain why you should trust our review and where you can buy the Ekster wallet. If you are looking for a safe and convenient way to carry your money, the Ekster wallet is definitely worth considering.

Features of the Ekster Wallet

The Ekster wallet is an amazing accessory that provides convenient ways to store credit cards and cash securely. With features such as RFID-blocking, auto-popup cards, phone tracking capability, a range of sizes and high-quality leather construction, the Ekster wallet helps users enjoy a simplified experience when it comes to storage and transportation of those items.

Secure Payment Chip

When it comes to paying for goods and services, the Ekster wallet has you covered. It is equipped with an RFID-blocking chip which hides your credit card details from would-be electronic thieves. The wallet also features an algorithmically-generated one-time code which provides an enhanced layer of security when making payments.

Auto-Popup Card Feature

One of the most impressive features of the Ekster wallet is the auto-popup card feature. This feature allows cards to be accessed with the simple push of a button. A circuit-board trigger in the wallet causes cards to spring out automatically, making it easier and faster to get to them. What’s more, a nifty two-way lock helps ensure that cards are securely stored inside the wallet when not in use.

Phone Tracking Feature

The Ekster wallet can also be paired with a smartphone via Bluetooth to create a radius between the two. If the wallet is left behind, the user will receive a locational alert on their phone. This helps reduces the chances of misplacing the wallet and, in turn, assists in keeping all of your items secure.

One- to Three-Card Capacity

The Ekster wallet is offered in multiple sizes, ranging from one- to three-card capacities. This allows users to select the one that best meets their needs. The slim design allows it to fit in pockets and purses of all sizes with ease.

Leather Construction

The Ekster wallet is designed to be ultra-premium, with a leather exterior that is both stylish and durable. The titanium hardware provides an added layer of protection while ensuring a long-lasting life.

Compact Design

The Ekster wallet is also designed to be ultra-compact, with its slim profile fitting easily into pockets and bags. This allows for greater convenience when it comes to carrying and storing your cards and cash.

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Pros of the Ekster Wallet

The Ekster wallet offers many advantages to its users, making it a great choice when considering a new wallet. Here are some of the features that set the Ekster wallet apart:

Ease of Access

The Ekster wallet allows users to quickly and easily access their cards without having to search through their purses or wallets. The wallet’s design slides effortlessly into any pocket or bag, making it convenient and easy to find. With one click, the wallet opens and your cards are secure and accessible.


The Ekster wallet has a built-in combination lock and RFID shielding technology to protect against electronic fraud. This wallet has an extra layer of security for those who may be worried about losing or having their cards stolen.

Convenient Features

The Ekster wallet has a tracking feature so that users can locate their wallet if it is ever lost or stolen. The rechargeable battery ensures the wallet is always full of power, so you don’t have to worry about losing it. This is a great convenience that other wallets don’t offer.


The Ekster wallet comes in a variety of colors, textures and styles to suit any taste. From modern and sleek to vibrant and playful, there is an option for everyone. The wallet looks classy and professional and is sure to impress anyone who sees it.

Final Thoughts

The Ekster wallet is an excellent choice for those who want an easy to access, secure and aesthetically pleasing wallet. The combination lock, RFID shielding technology, tracking feature and rechargeable battery make this wallet a great choice for those who are looking for a secure and convenient wallet. The Ekster wallet is sure to please anyone who is looking for a wallet that is stylish, secure and easy to access.

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Cons of the Ekster Wallet

At the onset, it’s important to consider the negatives associated with the Ekster wallet.

High Cost

The most notable disadvantage of the Ekster wallet is the cost. Ekster wallets tend to be expensive when compared to other wallets, making them inaccessible to those who may be on a tighter budget.

Limited Style and Color Choices

Another disadvantage of the Ekster wallet is the style and color selection. The look of an Ekster wallet is quite basic and they only come in a few neutral colors. For those who may want their wallet to look flashy or unique, Ekster wallets will not make the cut.

Card Scanning

Ekster wallets might appear to be useful for scanning cards, as holding multiple cards at once is easy. However, the process of scanning cards does have its downsides. For example, the card holder of the Ekster wallet has to be replaced often due to the amount of wear it endures.


The size and shape of the Ekster wallet can make it difficult to slip into pockets. This is especially true for those who have smaller pockets. Additionally, its sheer size can make using it a bit harder, as there is less flexibility for easy access.

Lack of Overall Personality

The overall look and feel of the Ekster wallet is quite dull and uninspiring. There aren’t many design or style options, meaning it lacks a personal touch that comes with other wallets.

Non-Leather Durability

Rounding off the list of negatives is the lack of durability. The wallet is made from non-leather material, which may not last as long as traditional wallets made out of leather. This can be a significant downside for those who are looking for a longer-lasting wallet.

RFID Technology

Finally, the wallet does come with RFID shielding technology; however, its effectiveness is still up for debate. Ultimately, it’s best to use one’s own discretion when it comes to personal security.


Finally, pricing is another disadvantage of the Ekster wallet. These wallets may be more expensive than other wallets on the market with similar specs.

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Final Verdict on the Ekster Wallet

As an everyday wallet, the Ekster Wallet proves to be a great choice. With a stylish, slim design, RFID blocking and convenient access to cards, this wallet offers everything a regular user needs in a secure, convenient package. Apart from that, the quality of the materials used – from vegan leather to the strong clasp, to the shockproof shell – are all well-thought out, providing a wallet that is made to last. On top of that, at a price that sits within the range of other leather wallets, it provides modern convenience at an affordable price.

The customer reviews back this up: with an average rating of 4.5 stars or above, customers find the Ekster Wallet to be secure and convenient to use. People have been particularly impressed with the leather material and design, finding it to be lightweight, yet hard wearing. The tracking chip holds up its side of the bargain, conveniently allowing users to locate their wallet should it ever become lost.

Overall, the Ekster Wallet has all the bells and whistles one could want from an everyday wallet: a sleek, lightweight design that is secure and up to date with the latest technology, all wrapped up in a package of quality materials and an affordable price. As such, it makes a great choice for any user looking for a new wallet that offers security and convenience.

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Alternative Options to the Ekster Wallet

While digital wallets can offer convenience, some people still love the feel of a traditional wallet. Traditional wallets do not require charging, and generally do not leverage technology like an Ekster wallet or a similar product.

However, traditional wallets also bring some downsides. Traditional wallets tend to be bulky, making it difficult to officially store them in a pocket and making them uncomfortable. Additionally, due to their lack of compartments and lack of organization, finding items in a traditional wallet can be a challenge. Additionally, the bulkiness and extra pockets in the wallet tends to add extra weight to the wallet.

Examining Smart Wallets Like the Ekster

The Ekster offers some features that are not available with traditional wallets. Most notable is their Smart-Tilt technology which, with a click of a button, allows the wallet to automatically pop open. This makes it possible to quickly access cards and other items stored in the wallet. Ekster also offers RFID-blocking material which provides extra security, blocking hackers from snagging credit card information.

The Ekster wallet is designed to stay durable, no matter the circumstances. Ekster has demonstrated its product’s resilience by testing it in everyday scenarios.In one test, they demonstrated the wallet’s waterproof capabilities by submerging the wallet in water. In another test, they dropped it multiple times to show its durability.

Making An Informed Decision

The Ekster offers numerous benefits such as its smart-tilt technology and RFID-blocking material. Furthermore, it goes through rigorous testing to ensure it will be durable in everyday use. As with any purchase, reading customer reviews and examining product features can be extremely beneficial for finding the right product for a specific lifestyle. The Ekster wallet is just one of many options on the market, making it easy for buyers to find the perfect wallet for fulfilling their needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions About the Ekster Wallet

What is the Ekster Wallet?

The Ekster Wallet is a sleek, intelligent card and cash holder designed to make managing all your IDs, cards, and cash as easy as possible. Its RFID and Bluetooth-connected cards make sure that you have access to all your cards in one place.

What does the Ekster Wallet do?

The Ekster Wallet is designed to help you stay organized and make accessing your cards easy. It features an integrated trackable cardholder which allows you to locate your wallet via the companion app in case it gets lost or stolen. You can store up to 10 cards and 2 banknotes in it. It also features RFID and Bluetooth-connected cards so you can quickly activate, deactivate, and use them with a single click.

Does the Ekster Wallet require special software to be installed?

No, the Ekster Wallet does not require any special software to be installed.

Are there any cards not compatible with the Ekster Wallet?

The Ekster Wallet is compatible with all cards using the RFID or NFC technology; however, we cannot guarantee compatibility with all chip cards.

How easy is it to set-up an Ekster Wallet?

Setting up the Ekster Wallet is very easy and only takes a few minutes. Simply download the companion app from the Apple App Store or Google Play to pair your Ekster Wallet with your smartphone. Once you have paired the wallet and downloaded the app, you can start adding your cards.

Are there any security risks with using the Ekster Wallet?

No, the Ekster Wallet uses advanced encryption technology that ensures the utmost security of your cards and cash. It is also equipped with an anti-theft feature that triggers an alarm if your wallet is misplaced or removed from your smartphone’s connection range.

How much does the Ekster Wallet cost?

The Ekster Wallet retail price is $99.99 USD and it comes with a 3-year guarantee.

Does the Ekster Wallet come with any guarantees?

Yes, the Ekster Wallet comes with a 3-year guarantee against faults, defects, and manufacture.

What type of customer service does the Ekster Wallet provide?

The Ekster Wallet provides both email and live chat support. The customer service team is available 24×7 to respond to all queries and provide assistance to customers.

How is the Ekster Wallet better than other wallets?

The Ekster Wallet is the world’s thinnest, smartest cardholder wallet that comes with an integrated trackable cardholder, a Bluetooth-connected card service, and an easy-to-use companion app. It is slim, sleek, and stylish, making it a perfect choice for those who are looking for a durable, lightweight, and stylish wallet. It is also equipped with an anti-theft feature that let you track your wallet in real time.

Can I use the Ekster Wallet on multiple devices?

Yes, you can use your Ekster Wallet on multiple devices as long as they are compatible with the companion app.

Do any other companies offer similar products to the Ekster Wallet?

Yes, there are many other companies that offer similar products; however, Ekster stands out among them for their sleek and stylish design and advanced features.

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Conclusion on the Ekster Wallet

After a thorough review, I can confidently say that the Ekster Wallet is an ideal choice for anyone who needs an efficient and organized way of managing their personal or business finances. It is sleek and lightweight, making it easy to carry around, as well as shockproof and waterproof, making it a great travel companion. It also offers unbeatable security and can store multiple cards in a secure way. For a decent price of around $60 to $70, the Ekster Wallet provides excellet value for your money and is a smart investment for those looking for a quality and safe way to store their cards.

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Why You Should Trust Our Ekster Wallet Review

When it comes to finding a wallet, it can be both time-consuming and confusing to decide which one is the best. We understand this struggle and that’s why we’ve gathered knowledgeable professionals and extensive research to provide you a comprehensive review of the Ekster wallets. Our reviewers have conducted extensive testing and research to assess the security features, usability, accessibility, and cost of the wallets. They have considered the variety of color options and the durability of the wallets to give you the most comprehensive review.

Expertise of the Reviewers

Our team of experienced reviewers each have extensive knowledge and experience around wallets, financial security and personal safety. They spent hours researching and testing the Ekster wallets for a variety of conditions. Taking into account the safety features of each wallet, team members tested each model under various conditions to come to concrete evaluations on the ease of use, accessibility and cost of the Ekster wallets.

Security Features

Ekster wallets boast some of the latest security features designed to protect your data from malicious threats. Every Ekster wallet features RFID-blocking layers, meaning you can feel safe knowing your information is secure. Some models also offer an additional layer of protection thanks to the integrated fingerprint scanner. This feature makes accessing your wallet more secure and convenient than ever before. Thanks to these features, you can be sure your data is safe and secure when you’re on the go.


When Ekster wallets were crafted, convenience and usability was at the forefront of the design. Engrossed in sleek casing, Ekster wallets can fit in every pocket with ease.The wallets are designed to slip in with an effortless gentleness, making them comfortable to wear in any situation. With its near perfect fit, the wallet takes up minimal space for maximum convenience. The wallets are also lightweight and thin, making them the perfect companion to everyday essentials.

Aesthetic Appeal

The variety of color options and styles that Ekster wallets come in allows you to choose a design that suits your personality without sacrificing security. From vintage to modern, classic to minimalist, there is an Ekster wallet that looks and feels as unique as you. For those who appreciate aesthetics in their wallet, the collection of Ekster wallets have something for everyone.


Price is always a factor when deciding on a good wallet and Ekster wallets offer excellent value for money in comparison to its competition. The wallet ranges differ in terms of designs and features, so there is a wide selection of wallets to suit different budgets. That being said, for those who are looking for a wallet with high-end features, then a higher priced Ekster wallet can be an investment that offers assurance of quality and durability.

In conclusion, our comprehensive review of Ekster wallets assesses all aspects of the wallets in terms of security, accessibility, and cost. With so many options available in terms of style, safety and price, Ekster wallets make a great choice for those looking for a secure, convenient and aesthetic wallet.

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Where to Buy the Ekster Wallet

Are you considering buying an Ekster wallet? If so, you’ve likely noticed the number of options available to you. From online websites like Ekster’s official website, to offline retailers like Walmart, you can easily find an Ekster wallet that fits your needs and budget.

Online Sellers

Buying your Ekster wallet online is easy. You can purchase from Ekster’s official website and take advantage of free shipping and satisfaction guarantee. Before clicking Buy Now, it’s wise to review the Amazon ratings to make sure the wallet is a good quality product. You may also want to look into other online websites for competitive prices.

Offline Retailers

In addition to buying online, you can also find retailers that partner with Ekster. Most of these retailers are based in the US and Canada. To easily find your nearest store, use the search engine on Ekster’s store locator. Walmart, for example, offers an Annual Smart Wallet in both grey and navy colors.

Bonuses of Buying an Ekster Wallet

If you decide to buy an Ekster wallet, you’ll enjoy great bonuses. The wallet comes with a 12-month warranty, a 15-day satisfaction guarantee, and free shipping in the US. You’ll also benefit from the wallet’s RFID-blocking feature to protect your personal information. Plus, each wallet comes with a one-time-use NFC-controlled trigger to open the wallet.

Ultimately, an Ekster wallet offers the perfect combination of practicality, security, and convenience. Whether you choose to shop online or offline for your Ekster wallet, you’re sure to find the perfect option for your needs.

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Overall, the Ekster Wallet is a great choice if you’re looking for something lightweight and secure. With its RFID and NFC protection, it is one of the most secure options available. The built-in tracking system helps you keep an eye on your wallet wherever it goes and its slim profile makes it easy to carry around. Additionally, it comes in a variety of colour options, leather textures, and sizes, so you’re sure to find one that meets your needs. And its unbeatable price makes it a great wallet for anyone.

Although the Ekster Wallet is a good choice, there are several other options available. The alternative wallets come in a variety of styles and offer varying levels of security and convenience. One of the most popular alternatives is the SlimFold wallet, which offers a pragmatic design for minimalist users. Other alternatives include carrying a money clip instead of a wallet, or a secure travel wallet or RFID-blocking wallet for added peace of mind.

We hope that our Ekster Wallet review has been helpful in your search for the perfect wallet. If you have any further questions about the Ekster Wallet or alternative options, please feel free to reach out and ask. Happy wallet hunting!

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