Free screening of Jurassic World sequel from a credit card? Weird.

After arriving home from a weekend trip to Toronto, I was greeted by a mailer from my Korean Airlines SkyPass Visa card. It was interesting because I don’t normally get anything from them since I don’t use it ever(I got the card for the special 45k miles bonus). This one, however, had a special invitation to view the upcoming Jurassic Park sequel for free! And in 3D, no less!

I love how these companies sometimes do random things for their members. AMEX has its offers section (which can be very lucrative on purchases at chain stores); airlines have shopping portals (also useful); and more.

While this doesn’t rival the time I went to do a test drive at a Chevrolet dealership for 7,500 AAdvantage miles, it’s still a good story.

I HAVE to tell you about my mattress tale

It was over four years ago, specifically August 28, 2013, when my wife and I made our first major >$1,000 joint purchase: a new mattress. It was a Simmons Beautyrest Comforpedic and boy was it an incredible buy. For 99% of the time we have had the mattress we just sink into it and feel like we are on a bed flying in the clouds. It was easy to sleep on, we didn’t affect each other that much while moving around, and it was a pretty good deal, to boot.

Then, all of a sudden about 3 weeks ago both our backs began to hurt. There was also a slight pain in my neck. We were seriously concerned that our 10-year investment was going to be cut short and we would have to spend so much money on a new one.

Enter: my persistence. I spent overall probably an hour on the phone with Macy’s customer service, Simmons’ customer service, and then actually visiting a Macy’s only to discover that while we did not buy the “Worry no more” insurance from Macy’s, they were indeed liable to cover a defective mattress if….

…a “Mattress Inspector” deemed our mattress “abnormal.” Did you know there was such a job? My wife was at home and saw him use a ruler, some string, and some other tools as he did, indeed, state that our mattress should be replaced. I was happily greeted by this email the next day:

The next bit was the only concerning part: they said that I would be issued a refund to my store credit card. Since I didn’t want to have that money hanging in limbo for a long time (I was not about to go on a shopping spree at Macy’s) I called and found out that I could, indeed, get the money credited directly to my bank account. Apparently, there is some policy that if the transaction is over three years old you can give them your debit card number for refunds. Amazing!

So, in the end, we had four years of an amazing mattress with about a month of super-crappy-sleeping nights. We’re going to be buying a new mattress shortly and can’t wait to try it out!

Ask and ye shall receive

I had two experiences in recent past that makes me want to emphasize the importance of “ask and ye shall receive.” They are not miles related but still relevant.

Experience #1: for my wife’s birthday I ordered an ice cream cake from Haagen Dazs (a tradition of hers) and had it delivered to our apartment. When I ordered it I asked for a middle filling of chocolate sprinkles instead of chocolate “crunchies,” which are most definitely not gluten-free like she is. When it arrived, it was full of crunchies. So, I called back and told them what happened and was promptly offered two compensatory items – one free pint for my wife at any time and a free cake (albeit a smaller one) whenever we want. The total value didn’t add up to the cost of the original cake but it makes me feel heard as a customer.

Experience #2: we bought a wonderful air mattress back in February 2014 called the Insta-Bed Neverflat Queen that had amazing reviews and wasn’t ridiculously expensive. It lasted until May 2016 when our friends who stayed over told us it started to flatten in the middle of the night. I guess the “neverflat” moniker finally failed. So, I emailed the company and explained our situation – the mattress is out of warranty and probably failed due to regular wear-and-tear. Their response was amazing!

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 9.34.58 PM

So I just sent them photos of me cutting out the logo and look forward to receiving a new one in the near future.

Put yourself out there and you never know what you can get in return!

IHG Promotion to get 47,000 points for ~$50

As I am an avid reader of various blogs I was excited to find out about a promotion with Intercontinental Hotel Group (IHG) and Mastercard that could earn an entrant tens of thousands of IHG points for some time and effort on their part. So, I read the instructions at DeaslWeLike and followed suit. Apparently, each entry is sure to receive SOME kind of prize, with the lowest being 500 IHG points, so I became determined!

I spent time making 10 notecards with specific information about me on them and then mailed them away to get a prize. Hopefully within the next week I will receive emails allowing me to play their game and see what I have won.

I’ll keep you up-to-date.IMG_4920