Largest Currency Exchange Ever

I have accumulated so much foreign currency over the years. I always say that “I’ll use it when I go back,” which is sometimes true. But, more often than not the bills and coins just sit in my desk drawer for years. So, instead of leaving the money there I decided to finally convert it to US dollars.

I chose a branch of Currency Exchange International instead of going all the way to an airport or finding a tourist location. I don’t know if this was much better than those but at the very least they guaranteed 90 currencies for transactions.

Overall, it worked out very well. While they only took coins from the UK, Euro, Canadian, and Mexican currencies, almost all the rest of the bills were taken from the countries I brought (14 in all, including places like Singapore, South Africa, Cambodia, and Honduras). I was pleased to take away over $350 in US currency that I will no longer let sit around.

I also think I am going to change my general methodology with currency and try to get rid of as many coins and bills as possible before I fly away. I think it will work out well.

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