My Global Entry “Interview”

A few months back I realized that my Global Entry and TSA Precheck status was expiring. Since I wasn’t planning any big travel I was a bit lax in renewing it but finally got around to organizing it. Since I am in New York I have the luxury of not being required to go to an airport to do it on the way back from somewhere – I could go the US Customs House in Bowling Green! There are some folks doing these interviews via Zoom but I decided this was easier for me to organize (and I think at the time the zoom sessions weren’t available until September and I wanted this sooner rather than later).

Just like last time it wasn’t so much of an interview – just more of a formality. The major difference was that it was so much quicker than four years ago and I believe that took about 15 minutes!

This time I walked into the building, went through the metal detector, and an official approached me asking my name. He took my passport and escorted another gentleman and me upstairs to the office. We were asked to wait in a small waiting room and we both took out magazines. Not two minutes later his name was called and 30 seconds after that mine was, too. I stood in front of a customs agent who asked me to press my fingers on a plate in various patterns. He asked me to remove my mask temporarily for a picture and then said I was good to go. He returned my passport to me and the other gentleman and I were told to take the elevator down together.

I’d say the best advice I could give if you end up renewing at this location: bring some cash for the baked goods at the farmer’s market. Not only was it extensive in general but also there was a HUGE table filled with gluten-free foods.

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