Road Trip Post #10

Denver is a great place, everyone. I know I’ve been there before a few times but I think I didn’t walk around enough.

I spent a lot of time hanging out with family and friends during my time there and we did some great things I hadn’t done before and I also had solo time to explore for a day. It has been great.

I stayed with family in a neighborhood about 20 minutes drive to the downtown area and it was wonderful. I had some great conversations with my cousins, played with the <5 year olds a whole bunch, and went out to various meals with them. While driving around on my own has been great I think I am looking forward to being a bit more sedentary again soon. This was a nice reminder that I can live that life just fine, too, while also exploring an area close to where I am.

Speaking of which, I spent a good amount of time in downtown Denver. I walked around the 16th Street Mall, explored the History Colorado Center for 3 hours (such a good museum), and walked along some river fronts near Union Station (where people were swimming in rivers my cousin said is somewhat polluted….). It was really cool to be in and near the station – there is a lot of history there with railroads going through it for decades. While it was a bit more decrepit for a while it has been amazingly redone and is still an active train station. There is also a hotel there that one day I want to go stay at (maybe when I have more money/time).

Food-wise, I went to Sam’s No.3 Downtown. I had some great pancakes and tried something my cousin-in-law suggested: green chili. It was a tasty, quick, diner meal. They didn’t have real maple syrup which aggravated me a bit, but it was still tasty and fluffy. For lunch I had some various bites at Union Station and ended with some amazing ice cream from a place called Milkbox. I thought it was funny that a ‘double’ school meant three actual scoops. A lot of ice cream was eaten 🙂

I also spent a day going on a hike with a friend from grad school and her husband. I’m glad it was a cloudy day because I forgot my sunscreen back at my cousin’s house. Oy. It was great to get out and go for a hike – we had some great conversation and I saw some great views of the Rockies from the plateau we were on. And there were horses on the trail! That was pretty cool (and I was able to not step on their poop piles….).

It was a great time and I’ll be glad to get back on the road for my last week.

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