Road Trip Post #5

I am writing this from hot, hot Texas! I spent about five hours driving today to get through the various swamps of Lousiana. Man, so much water everywhere and so many bridges. I-10 is basically a straight line from New Orleans into Texas. Take it some time.

Anyway, New Orleans was awesome! I spent so much time walking around and checking out stores, listening to random music on the sidewalks, and eating such good food. It was a bit rainy at times – apparently June/July are the worst weather months to visit because of that. But, it was still fun. Shoutout to all those who sent recommendations. Here is a little summary of what I did:

I haven’t been to New Orleans in 13 years and I will make it a point to return sooner than that. It was super fun and awesome and tasty and musical. Strongly recommended to ANYONE.

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