Road Trip Post #4

The flat tire has been dealt with and it didn’t even inconvenience me too much. I had AAA tow me to a local Toyota dealership and had a wonderful conversation with the driver and technician. I even convinced the technician to get a book called Grit to learn a bit more about persistence and growth mindset (he wants to finish his college degree at some point). 

So they dropped me and my car off at the dealership and they fixed the issue. Unfortunately, a nail had somehow cut into the side of the tire so I had to replace it entirely, but according to them the rest of the wheels are in tip top shape and don’t need to be replaced. I am going to trust their judgement and move on with my day.

I did take Lyft to/from the Delta Flight Museum, though, which was quite fun. It was smaller than I had hoped, but I guess having a museum in an old hangar at an airport means it can’t be too big. They had some old planes to view, including an example crop duster which was the foundation of Delta before it was Delta back in the early 1900s. I got a chance to walk through a 767 and a 747 on site and viewed some of the tiny spaces they put flight attendants and pilots for rest on long flights. 

While I was gone I got a call from a representative at the dealership who offered to buy my car as some sort of program. I thought about it but decided not to go through with it because I NEED THE CAR FOR THE ROAD TRIP. I guess that’s a bit on the nose, but it seems like a valid point. 

Anyway, I look forward to a couple of fun days in New Orleans, despite some rain that will be making it a bit wet. 

Road Trip Post #3

It had to happen sometime and I’m glad it happened when I was at an airport hotel in Atlanta: I got a flat tire. I’m not sure exactly what happened, but the hub cap is missing and the tire pressure light turned on while i was driving here yesterday. I didn’t know what it was until I looked it up this morning and lo and behold – flat. So, I await my AAA tow to the local Toyota dealership to fix it. It’s only annoying insomuch as I wanted to be at the Delta Flight Museum by now and I will have less time to spend there.

Yesterday was pretty spectacular, though. Instead of leaving Asheville to explore some local parks or go for a hike, I hung out and explored the city with a friend who happened to be in town! We went to the Western North Carolina Farmer’s Market, got a recommendation to have a drink at the Grove Park Inn, and then ate some lunch by the French Broad River at a cool taco spot. It was an awesome exploration day! Then, I took leave of her and drove to Atlanta. I will say that the drive was an interesting urban contrast to my drive through West Virginia. There was just so much more stuff – not necessarily tall buildings, but enough strip malls along the way to make me not feel like I was in the middle of nowhere, which has been helpful in this flat tire experience.

Anyway, I hope to get this sorted out so I can continue my visit to Atlanta because I need to leave tonight to head down to New Orleans!

Oh, and I will also be trying to share my odometer with you on a regular basis so you can see how far I’ve driven! I started the road trip with something like 116,000 miles on the car.