Road Trip Post #1

If you know me you will probably be unsurprised that I have favorite rest stops along the Northeast Corridor between Washington, DC and New York City. In fact, I’ve rated one that was not up to par in my opinion (spoiler: I like Thomas Edison the most on the NJ Turnpike and have always been partial to Chesapeake House when driving further south).

It took me about four hours to drive down (more than I wanted, but not so b ad) and I arrived at my first destination (Baltimore, MD) with much glee (and not just because I got to sign a bit of Hairspray!). I’m here for a few days, checking out the sites and visiting people. This morning I went for a lovely walk around a bit of the waterfront.

Most importantly, however, the milkshake game of BMore Licks is totally up to snuff. I had a chocolate PB cup one that had hints of coffee (unexpected but still tasty). And there were some awesome murals on the side of the building. I imagine it doesn’t rival Philly’s Mural Arts Program but it was nice to see.

I’ll have more to write about in the next several days as I explore more. For now, enjoy this photo of me drinking a wonderful milkshake!

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