Road Trip Post #0

The day before any trip I take has some measure of excitement and trepidation. This time it’s a bit more intense as I haven’t really traveled that much over the past 15 months due to the pandemic that is still affecting the globe (my friends in Australia seem to have it pretty bad right now). But, I am lucky enough to be able to take a road trip this summer, starting tomorrow. My bags are (mostly) packed and I’m (pretty) ready to go.

If you are curious to check my general route, here it is in a shiny app/website called Roadtrippers. I hadn’t used them before planning this trip and I can say so far that it’s pretty awesome. There are good estimates of travel time, gas consumption, and if you zoom in there are places that pop up that might be interesting for you to go. I look forward to using it as a tool for the trip.

I am also using GasBuddy, a tool for finding and paying for gas that can save you money. I can’t speak for its efficacy yet but there is a $9.99/month premium subscription I just signed up for that said I could save 25 cents/gallon so I’m going to try it out. More reports on that soon.

My first stop is Baltimore to see some friends, check out some cool neighborhoods/museums, and generally hang around. I’ll keep you updated here. Subscribe if you want email updates!

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