Review: Faircity Quatermain Hotel

It’s taken a while to catch up on these posts – I hope I can do better from here on in but there are no promises! Life gets in the way. Anyway, I’ll continue with some reviews of our most recent South Africa trip!

While in Johannesburg my wife and I stayed at the Faircity Quatermain Hotel in Sandton. We chose that location because it was nearby to my family and some of the sites we wanted to see, as well as Sandton City – a mall – in case we needed to purchase anything (which we eventually did – you will find out about that in the next post on our delayed luggage).

The hotel itself was secluded behind large walls and a security entrance, as many accommodations in Johannesburg are. The grounds were beautiful, although we didn’t get a chance to use them much as we were traveling to see friends and family so much of the 2.5 days we were visiting. The room we had was comfortable with a lot of seating and amenities. It had both a shower and a bathtub – something my wife loves to partake in – with lots of lighting. The bed was moderately comfortable and there were plenty of places to put our clothing and suitcase (even though we didn’t have it).

The breakfast we ate was quite tasty – a wide array of fish, egg, bread, fruit, and cereal options, as well as various cold and hot drinks. The staff were quite considerate and tried their best to call the airport frequently for us to get our bags shipped over (which ended up not happening, anyway). There was also a lovely lounge area in the front that could be sat in for relaxation but we were moving so much we didn’t take advantage of it.

Overall, it was a lovely place to stay and a good value. We highly recommend it!

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