A new version of the travel ban?

I read this morning that a rogue tweet from Royal Jordanian airlines let spill the beans of a potential new version of a travel ban on Muslim nations. After only a few hours other media was also reporting on this and it spread like wildfire.

Apparently, what is happening is much bigger than one airline changing its policies. According to The Points Guy, the TSA has sent a circular to airlines from 13 nations requiring them to disallow any electronic devices outside of cell phones and health-related necessities. It seems that the days of doing work on a laptop or watching a movie on an iPad are over for people coming to the US from these locations (as of yet not released, of course).

This all comes on the heels of 45’s new travel ban being blocked by multiple judges, including one from Hawaii. Perhaps this is the next step in a method of reducing the likelihood that folks will want to come in from other countries?

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