ICYMI: Singapore Airlines has a very different devaluation scheduled for March 23

On March 1 I received an email entitled, “Important Changes to Flight Redemption.” In brief, it explained that Singapore Airlines will be changing their award chart for their own flights in some very important ways:

  • They are removing the 15% discount on flight redemptions.
  • They are reducing/removing many fuel and insurance charges from flight redemptions.

This is one of the more interesting devaluations as it actually might help some people get better deals at times. This has been reviewed several times already but is still worth noting. They even give an example of how this will affect long-haul flights in business- and economy-class:

This could be very major except there is a pretty big method of getting around it: use their Star Alliance award chart that hasn’t actually changed at all. Essentially, you can still use Singapore Airlines miles to book tickets that include both their own planes and others within the Alliance, at which point you will be using the other award chart that can be more lucrative at times.

It just means a bit more thought needs to go into using SA miles, but since they already have great redemption value, it’s not a huge change in my opinion.

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