Keep checking for good deals

I’ve been continually checking for a flight from San Francisco, CA to New York, NY to return from a conference on February 25 and finally booked it yesterday. When I originally checked out the flight two months ago it was listed for around $200. For some reason I decided to wait on the flight purchase and when looking at it a week later the cheapest tickets I could find for the same time were in the $300s.

I didn’t fully despair – I know that while there is no certain cheapest time/date to buy a plane ticket there are deals that pop up from time to time to bring expenses down. So when I saw the perfect flight for me yesterday for $228, I jumped on it. While it is a little more expensive than I had hoped, it still provides what I needed for a reasonable price.

Moral of the story here: don’t wait too long and keep checking in on what you want.

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