Review: Holiday Garden Inn in Providence is surprisingly amazing

My wife and I spent Thanksgiving in Providence, Rhode Island visiting her relatives and due to a variety of factors we ended up sleeping at the Hilton Garden Inn located in Fox Point, across from India Point Park. We had booked the trip using points and got a great deal. At the time, each night would have been $144 + tax, giving us a less-than ideal valuation rate:

~$320 (for two nights) / 80,000 = $0.004/point (basically 0.4 cents per point)


Since The Points Guy currently values Hilton at 0.5 cents per point, we were a little below, but that was offset by the fact that we have Gold Status through the AMEX Hilton Surpass card I have. With that benefit, we got upgraded to a larger, nicer room (although without a bathtub – only a large shower), and two free breakfast vouchers to use at their in-hotel restaurant, Drift.

The room was spacious and had a wonderful view of the harbor (this was important since the other side was a loud highway). There were some nice amenities inside including a refrigerator, microwave, and Keurig coffee/tea machine. The TV screen was also enormous (must have been at least 50″) and the bed was large and comfortable (with lights on both sides, but not power ports). Overall, a solidly good room.

img_7327 img_7328 img_7329 img_7330 img_7331

The restaurant is where our experience really shined, though. Of course we used our two vouchers because it was easy and convenient to get a variety of foods in the morning. What we didn’t realize going into the experience was that our experience would be incredible, our food would be amazingly tasty, and we would befriend the breakfast manager, Steven.

When you enter the breakfast area it looks similar to other hotel breakfasts you experience: there are some cold trays filled with yogurt, juices, and fruit; there are some pastries, bagels, and assorted extras; and there is a small kitchen. We found out from the server that we had some simple cook-to-order options: eggs/omelettes, french toast, roasted potatoes, and pancakes. And the drink station had a wide variety to offer, including a layered-lemon-lime water.

Put simply: the food was astonishingly tasty!

We had all the fixings at some point during our two-night stay: the pancakes were fluffy and abosrbed the (real) maple syrup well; the french toast had an amazing cinnamon-y flavoring to it; the omelettes were fluffy and made-to-order with real eggs (not from a carton), and the potatoes were out-of-this-world (paprika can do wonders!).

img_7341 img_7342 img_7343 img_7344 img_7345

Steven, the breakfast manager, was so kind and fun to chat with – we shmoozed for around 20 minutes each morning as he was in and out serving and retrieving orders. It all started because he overheard my wife and I commenting on how lovely and tasty the water was, so he responded and started a conversation. We learned that he takes his business very seriously and plays within whatever limitations he is given by Hilton to make sure the food is scrumptious and real. He also told us about his chef who, while young, has some amazing skill that benefited from immensely.

img_7347 img_7371 img_7372

There are some restaurants out there that really get what it’s like to provide a nice experience for their customers and Steven’s is one of them. The food was so tasty that despite him giving us a recommendation for another place he is connected to in Providence (Milk Money) we decided to stick around for another meal.

Overall it was an awesome experience in the hotel and the breakfast made it even more so. Thank you to Steven, the hotel staff, and Hilton for allowing us to use our points for this stay!

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