A new card in my wallet: The AMEX Business Gold

My wife and I average a new credit card every 1-2 months because we can usually make the spending requirements in that time and we don’t want to go overboard with potential of annual fees. Last month it was the Citi / AAdvantage Platinum World Select Mastercard that we earned 50,000 miles on for spending $3,000. We plan on banking those for now and can use them in the near future.

This month I wanted to dive into the AMEX Membership Rewards points because they are transferable to a variety of airline and hotel partners. I found the American Express Business Gold charge card.

Because I wanted to maximize my benefit I was excited to see an increase from the regular 25,000 points to a whopping 50,000 points for the card. The last enticement was that the annual fee of $175 is waived the first year you have the card.


Then I started looking around for targeted deals. Sometimes if you go on CardMatch from creditcards.com you can find increased offers for the same card. While that tool didn’t work for me, when I clicked a few links I did find an increased offer of 75k points for $10,000 of spending in three months.


Since my wife and I can pay our rent on a credit card this is doable (it’s sometimes a benefit to live in NYC with high rent). So, I applied and was immediately accepted. I can’t wait to get the card and earn extra points on certain categories (including flights booked directly with an airline).

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