4 hour travel and 15 hours in Frankfurt

For the last stop on our honeymoon journey we took one more train ride to Frankfurt and a plane home from there. While Frankfurt was surprisingly amazing the real reason we travelled there was for the flight home: Singapore Airlines A380 (I’ll write a post soon). We only spent 15 hours so we could explore a bit, stay overnight at a local Hilton Hotel, and fly out the next morning.

The train over was amazingly fast, as most European trains tend to be. We opted to take it for more comfort and because a plane would have been a bit more time due to security and waiting at the gate. It traveled incredibly fast, breaching 300 kmh (somewhere around 185 mph) while still being a smooth ride. We watched as the fields passed by.

img_6729 img_6734 img_6737img_6742

Upon arrival we had our first unexpected fun interaction: our cab driver spoke Russian! We were planning to depend on Google Translate using a SIM card that we purchased in Paris but instead my wife talked about finding a good woman for him and how we would enjoy our stay! Sufficed to say it was a fun cab ride.

We arrived at the Hilton Hotel City Centre Frankfurt and were immediately upgraded due to my status provided by my Hilton Surpass Amex Card. It would have been convenient to have access to the lounge and for free breakfast there but since we had such little time it was almost inconsequential. We opted to drop our stuff off and go explore.

We walked around quite a bit and window-shopped until we ended up at the Frankfurt Archeology Museum, which just so happened to have a special exhibit on where Lego pieces were used to depict the local history. My wife got an English audio guide but I relied on Google Translate to take photos of blocks of text and translate it for me on the fly. It was interesting to learn about the local history that way.

Our walk from the museum brought us back through to a part of Frankfurt called Old Town that models what it looked like in the 1800s. It was definitely touristy but so worth it to explore, souvenir shop, and have some tea and and cakes at a local coffee shop. It was such a funny little place.

img_6767 img_6768 img_6770

On our walk back to the hotel before dinner we stopped off at a local square celebrating something called Apfelwein, a distinct alcoholic drink from cider. It tends to be drier than cider and there was a whole festival to its exploration. We purchased some at a local shop but had a true taste when a local started explaining the history of apfelwein and his dream of opening a museum to it in Frankfurt. He had his own home-brewed that he provided us and it really was tasty!

img_6784 img_6785

Our last stop before bed and the flight was for dinner. We listened to our hotel and ate at a local eatery that had steak for me and fish for my wife. It also had some great beer! I ordered a local brew (can’t remember the name) which tasted divine and it turned out to be a great conversation starter with the locals sitting next to us. We had a wonderful chat with them about their travels, the end of our honeymoon, and our desire to return to Europe in the future. They were so kind and it was a great way to end our trip.

Our way home was really exciting but I’ll have to wait on that until the next post!

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