Review: Eurostar on the Chunnel

From London we traveled to Paris via the Eurostar train under what is called the Chunnel (the English Channel Tunnel). I had done some research ahead of time and discovered that there are two different types of trains that go underneath on that route and I wanted to make sure we were in the most up-to-date, the e320. So, after some searching on CaptainTrain (now called Trainline), I found what I was looking for – and they were in Premier class!

We took a taxicab to London Pancras Station and got some food after which we crossed the road to King’s Cross Station, home of the famed Platform 9 3/4 from Harry Potter. There was an enormous line of people waiting to hold onto a baggage cart half-stuck into the wall. We decided not to wait in the line and instead board the train.

It took a little while to get through their security (similar to airport security) and we also went through customs in the train station (a cool novelty). They stamped our passports with little train cars to signify the method of transport we used to exit the country and we were on our way!

The train was long and our seats were pretty comfortable (although not as wide or squishy as Amtrak’s regular coach-class seats, ironically). The exit from London was smooth and soon enough we were flying through the English countryside.


There were some really cool displays on the overhead screens about the train and its destination. Everything was shown in English as well as French. It showed the destination of the train, what car we were in, our speed, and sometimes even our location.

img_6624 img_6627

img_6629 img_6630 img_6632img_6631

As you can see there were times when we were flying through the countryside quite quickly. It was honestly such a cool ride I was sorry to see it end.

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