Review: Four Points by Sheraton and our time in a Singapore hospital

Once we arrived in Singapore we debated whether or not to go directly to the hospital or try to rest a little at the hotel. I insisted on the latter since I felt somewhat better and wanted desperately to sleep. So, we took a taxi from the airport to the Four Points by Sheraton (formerly the Riverview Hotel). We had booked on points but had to pay for two extra nights because we arrived early. Not a big deal: we just checked in and saw that the room was the first standard hotel room we had stayed in quite some time. It was unfortunate that we would no longer get beach resorts but it was nice to have elevators, restaurants nearby, and a concierge to helps us out.

IMG_6361 IMG_6362 IMG_6363 IMG_6364 IMG_6365 IMG_6366

We eventually decided to stay in on our arrival date and visit the hospital the next day. We had asked for advice from several people and my Mom and sister connected with people we knew in Singapore just in case of any needs we had. We decided on visiting Mount Elizabeth Hospital, which turned out to be an amazing provider of healthcare.

After a brief ER visit of only about 2 hours (yes, I know this is almost unheard of in the US) with highly capable doctors and nurses I was referred to an infection disease specialist. He looked at my test results from the ER, ask me a number of questions, and then we decided that I would be admitted to the hospital for at least one night, probably two. This was my first hospitalization so I was probably internally freaking out (I know my wife was, but she was so calm and supportive to me – I really appreciate all she did).

I received some of the best care I’ve ever had while staying there. The infection disease specialist didn’t just refer me to an attending physician – he actually visited me every day. The nurses were kind and helpful; the food was not that bad; I even received an amenity kit of sorts (and slippers!). As you can see from the photos, I also ordered my food on an iPad. Granted, I didn’t want to be there (despite the smile), but they did everything they could to make my stay as comfortable as possible. I was even allowed out for 4 hours with my wife to go see Star Trek: Beyond – with my IV still in!

IMG_6374 IMG_6376 IMG_6377

In the end I spent two full days at the hospital. My wife stayed over with me for one of them and I slept solo the other (I asked her to go to the hotel to get some rest). The travel health insurance we purchased from GeoBlue was imperative for saving us literally thousands of dollars. As I write this I am awaiting claims that I filed to be processed and reimbursed for other doctor/hospital visits during the trip as well. I was very happy when the doctor finally discharged me. I didn’t have anything longterm of super severe – just some bug that knocked me out for three days.

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