Ask and ye shall receive

I had two experiences in recent past that makes me want to emphasize the importance of “ask and ye shall receive.” They are not miles related but still relevant.

Experience #1: for my wife’s birthday I ordered an ice cream cake from Haagen Dazs (a tradition of hers) and had it delivered to our apartment. When I ordered it I asked for a middle filling of chocolate sprinkles instead of chocolate “crunchies,” which are most definitely not gluten-free like she is. When it arrived, it was full of crunchies. So, I called back and told them what happened and was promptly offered two compensatory items – one free pint for my wife at any time and a free cake (albeit a smaller one) whenever we want. The total value didn’t add up to the cost of the original cake but it makes me feel heard as a customer.

Experience #2: we bought a wonderful air mattress back in February 2014 called the Insta-Bed Neverflat Queen that had amazing reviews and wasn’t ridiculously expensive. It lasted until May 2016 when our friends who stayed over told us it started to flatten in the middle of the night. I guess the “neverflat” moniker finally failed. So, I emailed the company and explained our situation – the mattress is out of warranty and probably failed due to regular wear-and-tear. Their response was amazing!

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 9.34.58 PM

So I just sent them photos of me cutting out the logo and look forward to receiving a new one in the near future.

Put yourself out there and you never know what you can get in return!

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