Save money at Coinstar kiosks

I decided to use part of my Spring Break to get rid of a bunch of change that has accumulated in the coin pot on my desk. Instead of rolling it up and bringing it to my bank (since they do not take loose change) I decided to look into other options. I realized that the Key Food on 5th Avenue near my house actually has a Coinstar Kiosk so I looked into the costs and discovered they charge a 10.9% fee! Since I didn’t want to lose $1.09 for every $10 I could make, I did some more research.

It turns out that Coinstar partners with several online and in-store retailers to offer a no-fee transaction in exchange for eGift cards to those locations. It just so happened that I also wanted to go see Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice today, so I exchanged my coins for a Regal Entertainment Group eGift card and paid no fee for it! Then, I simply brought my paper slip to the movie theater and enjoyed my free film!

You could do the same!

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 3.26.04 PM

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