It pays to talk to a person (3000 free ThankYou points-worth)

I called CitiBank today because I wanted to transfer some of my ThankYou points of an old checking account over to a Hilton account that I have (I am planning a trip to Nashville and want to stay at a hotel with points). Before I tell you about the call, let me explain my situation. My Citi Prestige account currently has 4,389 ThankYou points whereas my Checking account has 7,550 points. I wanted to transfer 7,000 points over to Hilton to get the necessary amount for the hotel booking but the Checking account doesn’t have that option. Enter, a phone call.

When I spoke to the agent over the phone she was very gracious and helped me combine the two accounts that I have (one is with my Citi Prestige card) so that I could transfer the points necessary. Unfortunately, once the two accounts were combined, I was only allowed to transfer up to 4,000 of them!

The agent did a bit of research and discovered that the system was having trouble recognizing the full combination due to something involving tax effects of the Checking account points. So, she gave me 3,000 points to cover the difference!

Granted, this is not an enormous amount and is equivalent to make $45, but it was an amazing thing to do! I really appreciate her help in getting me this hotel at an amazing rate (i.e. FREE!)

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