My new Serve Card

Ever since the Target RedCard met its demise back in October 2015 when it was announced only cash could be used to load the card I have been remiss in finding another method of manufactured spending. Instead, my wife and I have been relying on paying our rent with a credit card in order to meet bonuses for new credit cards.

Then, in December, a few folks reported success in purchasing a new Serve card and loading it at Rite Aid. Until now this could only be done at Family Dollar and Walmart, two stores that are the opposite of ubiquitous in the New York area. But, today, I proved it could be done.

At first I thought CVS would be a valid place to load onto the card since I was able to purchase a Serve card at my local CVS and use a gift card to load it up with funds. But, when I went to reload it today, I was told that it had to be cash.

I went down the street to the local Rite Aid and successfully added the visa gift card’s balance as a debit card (using the last 4 digits of the card as its PIN). I just got my personalized Serve card in the mail and paid off my credit card balance immediately. I plan not to make it a regular occurrence to load and transfer the same amount over and over again as that may look suspicious.

That being said, apparently today there was a lot of hub-bub about loading and unloading gift cards onto Serve accounts. If you read the comments section of this DansDeals post, lots of folks have had their accounts suspended. We’ll see if this lasts for me.

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