Communication Nightmare on United (part 2)

Continuing from my previous post on our issues with United to fly to Florida for my winter break, there was another major complaint that we had leading up to the flight.

We arrived at the gate at around 7:30pm, with the set departure time of 8:30pm (now that it was delayed). We heard and saw on the screen by the gate that they were offering travel vouchers and overnight accommodation for anyone willing to be bumped to another flight.

I had done some research earlier that day and discovered that the plane we were supposed to take at 7:14pm was coming from New Orleans and was super delayed (hence the previous messages that our flight would not leave until 10:30pm). When United decided to push the flight time forward again it was because they had grabbed another plane from somewhere else to use for our flight. This plane was smaller than the originally scheduled one and so not all the passengers would physically fit anymore.

My wife and I spoke and decided that if they offered us at least $300 each, we would accept the voucher and fly the next day.

When I found out that they were offering $700 each – I jumped on it! I waited by the gate for the representative to call me over and held the vouchers in my hand while the rest of the passengers were boarding. The rep at first offered me tickets on the flight that left December 24 at 7:11am, which would have been fine. Then she offered tickets for the flight leaving December 23 at 8:58 pm (45 minutes hence) that would have been awesome! My wife and I got so excited!

Then, she told us that one of the seats was taken on the 8:58pm and she would book us on the 7:11am flight. After 2 minutes and all the passengers had boarded, they realized they actually did not need our seats and took back the vouchers and put us back on the plane. It seemed very unprofessional to me and was a bit let-down.

We are going to follow up all this with an official complaint to United because of the heartstring tug-of-war that made us rush, get all wet, and then we were almost changing plans while being rebooked. It was annoying but we did finally arrive (late) in Fort Lauderdale and went to sleep for the night.

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