Persistence begets free stuff from Delta

My wife and I recently took a trip to San Francisco for a wedding and unfortunately our flight out on Friday night was delayed by about 2.5 hours. We booked the flight using points in a wonderfully convoluted way that I am very proud of. That being said, it was very annoying to be on a Delta flight, sitting at the gate for 2.5 hours as thundershowers passed overhead. Yes, we had an in-flight entertainment system (Delta Studio – lots of free movies to watch) with some good options, but we were not fed anything and I was getting hungry.

Once we reached San Francisco and I had a good night’s sleep, I sent an email through Delta’s complaint system detailing the unfortunate events of the flight, as well as the fact that when we arrived, half of my wife’s clothes were wet and we had to pay ourselves to dry them at the hotel.

To their credit, the Delta representative who gave feedback, sent this letter:

I understand how upsetting it was to be delayed. We know your eager to get where you are going, and it’s difficult when you have to wait. This is definitely not what we want our passengers to experience. On-time performance is one of our top priorities, but clearly you didn’t get to your destinations on time.

I recognize that the wait would have been more comfortable if snacks and beverages had been provided on Flight 0431. Please understand that when the aircraft is on an active taxiway, or even at the gate, beverage and snack service may be limited or discontinued due to aircraft movement or imminent movement for safety reasons. This decision is made by the pilot in command. Our number one priority is the safety and security of our passengers and crew.

To make matters worse your wife’s clothing that she was going to wear for the weeding celebrations were wet.   This is not the experience we want our passengers to go through. If I was in your shoes I would be upset too.

I’ve passed your comments directly to the Airport Customer Service and Reservations Sales teams, so they can consider your experience when making needed changes to improve our service.

Delta Choice Gifts
As a goodwill gesture, I’m sending two $50.00 Delta Choice gifts. You will receive two Delta Choice gift codes, from in separate emails within three business days and can select the gift cards of your choice within 60 days of receipt. Included in the gift option are several merchants that you will be familiar with as well as our new Delta gift cards. Once redeemed, the gift cards have no expiration and may be used by anyone you wish. You will want to add this email address to your list of accepted addresses. Our Delta Choice gift code emails will include a customer ID and instructions on how to redeem each gift. Please check your spam folder if you don’t see the emails in your inbox. Most certainly, this gesture is not intended to place a value on this unsatisfactory experience. Rather, this is meant as a heartfelt apology for not meeting your customer service expectations.

I hope your return flight on October 12th was more pleasant. We look forward to seeing you on another Delta flight soon – hopefully one without a delay.

So now my wife and I have two $50 gift cards to spend on a variety of options – things like, the Gap, Macy’s, Barnes and Noble, and more. I am impressed that Delta handled this so quickly (3 day turnaround including the weekend) and the response is definitely adequate for our frustration.

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