Got declined from a new card? No problem – just give them a call!

When you are as deep into the credit card points + miles game as I am you will inevitably run into an issue where a bank will deny you a new credit card. Sometimes it’s because you have too much credit from the bank already with not enough income or sometimes it’s because you have received too many “hard” inquiries in the recent past.

Something like that happened to me recently when I applied for the new Chase Marriott Rewards Premier Card. I received a letter in the mail a week ago explaining that the bank had denied my new application for a variety of reasons. I neglected to keep the letter but I still called their customer service line and spoke to a “Reconsideration Specialist” who asked me a few questions about my recent credit history in order to reevaluate whether or not I should get this card.

He asked two main things:

  1. What’s up with all the credit inquiries? Basically, he wanted to know why I was applying for all these credit cards. He listed not just the Chase applications but also the US Bank and CBNA cards I have as well. I was honest with him and said that I wanted to reward points in order to get to/from various weddings and trips over the next few months.
  2. How come all the credit? He wanted to know how much money I wanted to spend on the card and I told him the truth: not that much. I only really want to spend a few hundred (up to the threshold of $3,000 for the 80,000 points) and didn’t need to do a lot with it afterward.

In the end, he approved my application and just asked to shift over some credit from my other accounts to this new one. In 1-2 weeks I’ll be receiving a letter to this effect and my new shiny card!

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