How I keep up with all this

Many people ask me how much time it takes me to keep track of all my credit cards, my miles/points activity, and just to know about deals that are currently out there. The unfortunate answer is that I don’t quantify it but that it takes take a significant amount of time to do what I do. That being said, the adage “time flies when you’re having fun” is accurate: I enjoy what I do so it seemingly takes less time.

In order to learn more about what’s out there, I read a lot of blogs to see what the experts are saying and what I could be doing. I will list a few of them here:

View From the Wing – Gary Leff writes about his experience using and analyzing frequent flyer issues. He is the Chief Financial Officer for the Mercatus Center and Institute for Humane Studies at George Mason University. Due to his amazing amounts of travel experience, he is viewed as one of the best experts in the field. He writes daily on credit card deals, answers readings questions about how to maximize what they can get out of their cards, how to leverage points and miles, etc. This is a great site with a lot of newbie tips as well as expert information.

The Points Guy – Founded by Brian Kelly, the original “Points Guy,” this site now has many contributors who write about their experience earning and using miles/points to get the best flights and hotels out there. It has a lot of detail and specific pieces of advice for anyone to use.

The Flight Deal – This site focuses on what are the best deals out there on flights you can pay for outright (not with points). It can really be useful since you would not want to book a flight with 25,000 points when it could be had for $100. Sometimes there are some amazing deals in there (like right now, there are some between NYC and Chicago, for $80 roundtrip!).

Those are my Big Three that I read daily but other people read One Mile at a Time, Mommy Points, and more. Keep up with whatever blogs you want – just make sure to read regularly so you can learn.

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