Coveted first class tickets

At the moment I am putting a lot of effort into finding first class award tickets on a variety of airlines for a trip we are taking over Winter Break. While I recognize that we could get to where we are going on economy I have desires that are anything but. I’ve found a lot of amazing options for more miles than we have on various airlines that I would love to take. All of these options are available on the new-ish Airbus A380 (an amazing double-decker plane).

The first airline I’ve seen on my searches is Malaysia Airlines – one I did not expect to find with such a nice-looking malaysia air first class a380interior. The first class seats are all aisle access (a requisite for a nice experience) and have a pod-like atmosphere, isolating yourself from the people around you. The in-flight entertainment (IFE) looks large and the seats are quite wide (26.1 inches) with plenty of length on their bed (87 inches).

I didn’t realize Malaysia Airlines had A380 planes but when I was searching I found that they fly from London->Kuala Lumpur twice daily on flights MH001 and MH003, returning on flights MH002 and MH004. Check out their timetable for yourself here.


Korean-Air-A380-first-class-pic-470Korean Air has also been a fascination of mine ever since I discovered they were a transfer partner for Chase Ultimate Rewards points. You can take 1,000 point chunks from your account and directly input them into your Korean Airlines account. While the redemptions can be exorbitant (142,500 for a one-way first class ticket from JFK->Bali) they have a lot of availability.

Their first class product is also in pod-styles with all aisle access with a divided that can go up or down in the middle two seats. Their seats are wider than on Malaysia Airlines at 26.5 inches but their bed is shorter at 79 inches long. They fly twice daily between JFK and Seoul on flights KE082 and KE 086 and return on KE081 and KE 085.

singapore air first class seatsThe créme-dela-créme to me, however, is the Singapore Airlines first class product. They are also designed in all aisle access fashion as small cubicles with doors that close on either side. The two seats in the middle can be purchased together and then share space as can be seen in this photo. The seats are very comfortable and have 35 inches of width with 81 inches of bed-length when closed. As you can see from the photo it does not feel like you are on a plane – it looks more like a fancy resting area in a lounge.

To top it all off, when it is converted to a bed for two in the middle, it looks like Singapore-Airlines-Airbus-A380-First-Class-Suite doublethe photo on the right. It looks quite cushy, although you are warned not to take advantage of the situation too much, especially since there is no roof to the cubicle and the flight attendants can easily see inside.


I recognize that there are other major airlines out there with incredible first-class products but these are the ones I currently have access to and am pondering for various trips. I can’t wait to take advantage of the situation soon and flight on one of these bad boys!

2 thoughts on “Coveted first class tickets

  1. Grab some AA miles and fly Etihad A380 First Apartments before it becomes much more expensive! Only 40K one way London – Abu Dhabi. 60K one way Abu Dhabi – Sydney. New York to Abu Dhabi is 90K one way but there seems to be little to no availability.

    I’m checking it out from London-Abu Dhabi in March!


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