What it takes to make a business

I am finding it difficult to make time for blog posting due to a lot of important events in my life but I am going to try to get back into it now. It can be a catharsis to spend time on something you find enjoyable even in the saddest of times so I am making time for this.

Over the past several weeks I have been hatching a plan to make GateB3 into a small consulting business for friends, family, and maybe others if and when it grows. I am taking a lead from moguls like Gary Leff of the View From the Wing blog who also runs a service called Book Your Award – in it, he and his colleagues work to maximize whatever award you can get for a fee of $150, usually for premium services like business- or first-class tickets. I’m not trying to be as big as him (yet…) but I want to start somewhere.

To that end, I have begun consulting with friends in one-on-one and small group settings to see what people want. I spent some time with a friend looking at her summer travels and showed her that she could book her six flights for less than 35,000 Chase Ultimate Rewards points and around $250 of actual dollars spent. She was flexible and mostly she booked flights like these:

BA Avios on American Airlines

A flight from Cleveland to New York using British Airways Avios while flying Oneworld partner American Airlines. Total cost: 4,500 Avios + $5.60.


Southwest Airlines

A flight from New York to Chicago on Southwest airlines. Total cost is point values below + $5.60.


A flight on United Airlines  from Los Angeles to Cleveland for 12,500 miles + $5.60

A flight on United Airlines from Los Angeles to Cleveland for 12,500 miles + $5.60

I also sat down with a couple who is interested in travel in general and wanted to know more about their credit card maximization options. We discussed such deals as the Chase Sapphire Preferred (of which I’ve written before here) as a card to start with and later on building to more lucrative deals. Right now, in fact, there is an incredible deal for the Citi AA Executive Card with 75,000 bonus miles (the usual is 50,000). The Points Guy answered the question: should I get the card?

Right now I am in the market to experiment. If you are willing to be a testimonial on my future consulting website, then I’ll offer you a free hour consult to see what flights you want to book or what credit cards you want to sign up for. Additionally, I will likely be hosting a small group study session soon where I offer a class on the basics of credit card sign-ups and how to keep your credit score high.

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