Target Prepaid Redcard update

Last month I was so busy I did not get a chance to try out more Target branches to see if they would reload my Target Prepaid Redcard. On Tuesday when my fiancée and I went to visit our wedding site, I stopped by the branch in Hackensack, NJ to see how it would go there. When I arrived, i asked to load both cards that I have (my own and my fiancées) with no luck – the customer service rep said that I could only load $1000 on one card per day. I pushed back a bit and said that at some point I had had a rep who loaded $2500 with one swipe (by inputting $1000, then another $1000, then $500 into the system). She asked one of her coworkers who said this used to be possible but no longer.

So, in the end, I only loaded $1000 on one card and promptly used it to pay off the credit card bill.

Then, yesterday, I was at the Target in Atlantic Terminal and thought I would try again for myself to see if their policies had changed (my friend had gone there two months ago and found out they only load with debit cards now). It turns out my friend was still accurate because that branch has its own special policy with these things. Shame.

So, now I need to either visit the Target in South Brooklyn where there are reports of letting $1000 per day on each account or continue finding other branches to visit worldwide.

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