Climate Change is real and creating a mess in New York City

Since I am a teacher I did not have the luxury, per se, of taking the day off work today and since the snow didn’t start in earnest until 8:15am my commute into work was fine. Now I am sitting in the computer lab of my building waiting for students to finish their New York State Regents exam and brave the weather-related difficulties on the way home. School has already been cancelled tomorrow for the NYC Department of Education and subway service is going to be very limited after 8pm. Cities across the East Coast are urging their residents to simply “stay home” so that the plows can do their work and we will hopefully have fewer worries of health concerns. Mayor de Blasio has announced a travel ban after 11pm tonight.

Apparently, the National Weather Service has even raised the predicted amount of of snowfall to between 2-3 feet for Brooklyn!

I hope everyone in the New York and elsewhere can stay safe, stay indoors, and stay warm.

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