Chase Freedom signup bonus ends tomorrow

If you are like me in the credit card game you are on the lookout for increased benefits to cards you know you want to sign up for. The Chase Freedom card is one of those cards. Not only does it gain valuable Ultimate Rewards points that can transfer to a variety of airline, hotel, and train partners (by transferring to other Chase cards), but this particular card has no annual fee and gets quarterly bonuses of 5x the usual point accumulation.

Right now if you sign up for Chase Freedom you will get 20,000 bonus points (advertised as $200 cash back, but don’t use it for that!), normally only 10,000 bonus points. You only need to spend $500 over the first three months you have the card.

The quarterly bonuses have also come out already and highlight that grocery stores will earn you 5x bonus points from January – March.

If you want a referral, let me know – the deal ends December 17th!

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