The MTA proposes fare increases

Travel comes in all shapes and sizes but one of the biggest issues for New Yorkers is commute time to and from work. I have been extremely lucky to both live and work in Brooklyn (in nearby neighborhoods, no less) so my commute is usually a 12-minute bike ride. Unfortunately, the average commute time in the city is 48 minutes, according to the New York Daily News – 13 minutes above the national average. In my former city of Philadelphia I remember being miffed if I have to spend  more than 30 minutes to get somewhere. In New York, it is commonplace to go out to dinner somewhere and spend an hour or more in transit to and from.

It is understandable, then, that the Metropolitan Transit Authority is getting much flak from their proposed fare increases for the near future. A variety of plans have been put on the table, including simply eliminating purchase bonuses, increasing the fares to $2.75, and more. At meetings in the Bronx and Manhattan, residents expressed their thoughts in colorful and firm language.

The nice thought is that the MTA is not increasing the fares more than the standard rate of inflation – 2%.

Perhaps with this additional revenue they will continue improving service like they did with the G train this past year. Maybe they will rid the N train of the unfortunate bedbugs that seem to roam from place to place.

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