How to win at Thanksgiving travel

I have always been a firm believer that advanced planning and research make your life easier. Still, sometimes mother nature gets in the way and makes your life difficult.

This year, my fiancee and I had planned to travel from New York to Providence to spend Thanksgiving with her family, and instead of renting a car in Brooklyn and driving through NYC traffic for hours, we decided to get a train to New Haven and then get a car from there using Zipcar. I did multitudes of research on this and discovered that not only would it increase our speed immensely due to avoiding the expressways in “heat” but it would also be cheaper to get a car in New Haven than from New York.

The plan worked perfectly with the exception that instead of leaving on Wednesday afternoon like we had planned, we left early on Thursday morning. Due to extreme weather conditions we postponed things. In the end, I’m not sure if it mattered so much but we were not rushing in the morning and we got seats on the train (even if we were separated).

Thanksgiving can be a major headache of travel if you do not plan yet also have some flexibility. I am happy we were only traveling by land – flight were cancelled at various airports around New York City and I can only imagine what they looked like in terms of angry passengers. Make sure your plans are not fully set in stone and that you have a good attitude when breaking them in these situations.

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