Avis: status that is well worth the cost

I have had the US Airways Mastercard for many years now and while I used to not understand its benefits, I have learned quite a bit and now think it is a great card to have for a variety of reasons. The cost is its $89 annual fee but the benefits are quite substantial: a $99 companion ticket for domestic air travel, the new combination of the AAdvantage program gives access to a wide variety of new flights as well, and it gives status on a few rental car companies like Avis.

I didn’t totally understand this until I started renting cars recently but it is well worth it. Not only are there discounts and special deals on rental cars across the globe, but there is also the benefit of not having to wait in line ever.

The most recent example I have is my trip to Pittsburgh last weekend during which I bypassed the Avis check-in desk and walked directly to the Avis Preferred booth in the parking lot. I’m sure others were waiting in line to check in and order their vehicles when it took me about 45 seconds to walk up, show my driver’s license, and get the keys to my car.

A previous example is probably even more start: my fiancée and I went to a wedding in Los Angeles in August and due to our status with Avis we were dropped off at a different area of the Avis rental car parking lot. In this area, my name was listed on a screen with the location of a car that all I needed to do was walk up, take the key from the ignition, and drive away. If I wanted to change the type of car I reserved, I could do so simply by walking up to it and taking it. This has saved me time and money already probably to the tune of $89 already.

I recommend signing up ASAP.

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